1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV - SOLD
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12,353 original miles. That’s really all you need to know about this amazing 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV.

12,353 original miles. That’s really all you need to know about this amazing 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. One family ownership and it’s so original and well-preserved that it’s still sitting on its original (and irreplaceable) Michelin white stripe radials. There’s simply nothing like a mammoth American luxury car when you need to eat up pavement with effortless ease and cars like this will never again roam the landscape. Right now, ‘70s luxury cars are red hot and you can get a lot of car for not a lot of money, and we’d wager that this is the world’s finest Mark IV. When you can buy the world’s finest anything for less than $18 grand, never mind something with a giant V8 and every available option, you should probably jump at the opportunity. Well, here it is.

That mileage claim is no typo, no mistake no guess. Look at the beautiful silver paint, which is 100% factory-applied, and you can see that there are no dings, no touch-ups, no botched repairs underneath, and certainly no rust. Factory paint offers the kind of reassurance of quality that you can’t get even in the finest restorations. Thanks to exemplary care over the years, it shines up beautifully with the soft look that only vintage enamel can deliver. All the panels are exactly where they were installed on the assembly line more than 40 years ago and despite what you may think about ‘70s vehicle construction, this one is pretty darned nice. The gaps are even, everything closes with a gentle push rather than a hard slam, and all the trim lines up neatly from panel to panel. Check out the ornate rub strips that frame the wheel wells, the contrasting burgundy pinstripes, and the beautifully preserved silver landau roof that remains in almost new condition. The only notable non-OEM feature is that the headlight doors and filler panels were chrome plated to match the grille, a detail apparently done by the original selling dealer back in 1975 (they could easily be repainted to be 100% stock). This is one of the most immaculately preserved original cars we’ve ever seen.

The burgundy velour interior is pure 1970s Americana, with seats that are so plush that you feel like you’re wrapped up in them rather than sitting on them. It’s an experience. Everything inside the car is in new condition, from the carpets to the headliner and everything works except the clock. You’ll note that this car includes virtually every available option, including a power moon roof, automatic climate control, and even an AM/FM/8-track stereo that sounds pretty good in the tomb-like interior. Faux burled walnut appliques on the dash are bright and crisp, the dash pad hasn’t been faded or warped by the sun, and all the chrome knobs and trim sparkles like new. The back seat has probably never been used and for such a mammoth car, it’s surprisingly intimate, which was probably the point—a wealthy person wouldn’t care about efficiency of space. Even the trunk is filled with deep pile red carpet, including the spare tire cover on the original spare, which doesn’t appear to have ever been used. For preservation, few cars can rival this Lincoln.

Ford’s biggest-ever V8 lives under that 7-foot-long hood, a 460 cubic inch monster that moves all that luxury coupe without seeming to work very hard. It isn’t built to smoke the tires but rather to eat up miles of highway blasting from LA to Vegas at 100 MPH, and it’ll do that with shocking ease. Obviously it remains completely stock and still uses its original belts and hoses that show factory Ford stampings. Ford Blue engine enamel is bright and shiny, the original air cleaner still has the cold air hose attached, and all the warning decals are still intact. Only the battery has been changed. Turn the key and it fires easily, idles smoothly, and works the way a top-of-the-line luxury car should. No noises, no smoke, no asterisks. This car is legit.

Look underneath and you’ll see more evidence of the car’s ultra-low mileage. The C6 3-speed automatic shifts cleanly at any speed, although with all that torque on tap, shifting seems largely superfluous. 2.73 gears in the 9-inch rear end mean that the engine just loafs along at highway speeds and you’ll never hear the engine working. Floors are uncoated and in exceptional condition with no issues and the only “rust” you’ll find anywhere is on the heavy metal parts like the suspension, axle, and driveshaft, all of which were “pickled” at the factory (which means pre-rusted to protect them from additional rust). Even the dual exhaust system is 100% original, right down to the ground straps and protective mesh over the catalytic converter, and no, I don’t know why there’s only one on the left side. It’s even still riding on its original shocks and those are surely original pads on the 4-wheel disc brakes. Lincoln’s polished aluminum wheels are arguably the most attractive of the era, and as I mentioned, those are definitely 1975-vintage Michelin 230R15 white-stripe radials with plenty of tread left on them (we would recommend replacing the tires if you’re going to drive the car regularly).

Survivors are special—no matter how good your restoration shop might be, they aren’t as good as the factory. This car reminds us that new cars, even in the 1970s, were worthy machines. You can look long and hard and you will never find a finer example of Lincoln’s flagship Mark IV, and perhaps no finer survivor of any kind. For preservation-class judging, this car is unbeatable, and will draw a crowd at almost any event. This is a special car and at this price, it’s truly an extraordinary find. Call today!

Vehicle: 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 116008
Mileage: 12,353
VIN: 5Y89A862582
Engine: 460 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 2.73
Wheelbase: 120 inches
Wheels: 15-inch polished aluminum
Tires: 230R15 Michelin radial
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Burgundy velour
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