1957 Ford 300 Custom 2-Door Sedan - $59,900
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The 312 cubic inch V8 was fully rebuilt to stock specs and the dual quad setup, complete with unique Holley “teapot” carburetors, was reinstalled on top.

The man who walked into a Ford dealership in 1957 and ordered this sinister 1957 Ford 300 Custom 2-door sedan knew exactly what he wanted. There wasn’t a name for it in 1957, but just a few years later they would be ubiquitous on the streets of Detroit: muscle car. Big engine, mid-sized chassis, minimal frills. Packing Ford’s E-code 312 cubic inch “Thunderbird Special” V8 topped by dual four-barrel carburetors, it was a predator in a time when nobody felt the need to look over their shoulders on the street. That changed quickly in the years that would follow. Today, this incredible car has been treated to a no-expenses-spared restoration to turn it into a #1 quality show vehicle that has already won some of the top awards in the hobby. It is not only fast, it is also beautifully finished. If you are a collector who only owns the best of the best, who seeks out the unusual, and who just loves driving, this incredible Ford will deliver on every level.

This car wasn’t sitting on some dealer’s lot, it was special-ordered, including the code A Raven Black paint. We’re guessing that no car coming out of a Ford factory in the 1950s ever looked this good, and the show-quality restoration has transformed this plain-Jane Ford into something extraordinary. There are no ripples, no waves, no irregularities in the bodywork, and you can’t get sheetmetal this straight by doing it half-heartedly. There’s big money here and it shows. The 2-door sedan was not only the least-expensive body style, it was also the lightest and stiffest, suggesting once again that the guy who filled out the order form knew what he was doing. You will also note that the chrome and stainless trim has been restored to show standards and the beautiful sweep-spear gives it a dramatic look. Ford’s styling in 1957 was a big hit with the buying public, and it looks long, low, and sleek compared to its bowtie competition. Today, it’s rare to see one, ensuring that this car will stand out everywhere it goes.

The interior is simple, as you’d expect, and done exactly as Ford did it. Ford called the fabric “Woodsmoke” and it has an appealing pattern combined with gray trim. The interior is brand new and quite correct, complete with new padding underneath, so the seats are firm and comfortable. Simple door panels wear matching materials and a streak of silver, perhaps to tie it together with the exterior brightwork. There are no extras beyond an AM radio, more proof that the original owner was serious about performance. Rubber floor mats were part of the Custom 300 line, easy to maintain (most Customs were fleet service cars), and the dash is the same as all ’57 Fords, so it should look familiar. Gauges and warning lights are all fully operational, although the clock is not. You will also note that it is set up for overdrive, although the transmission is a standard 3-speed manual (the restorer intended to add overdrive, but a proper transmission could not be sourced). It also includes a custom-made vinyl slipcover for the front bench so you can drive it without worrying about soiling the beautiful upholstery. The trunk is dressed for show with a correct plaid mat, matching spare tire assembly, and a factory jack.

Looking at the trim tag, you’ll see that this was a V8 car from the start, not some 6-cylinder that was cloned into something else. Ford built the dual quad E-code engines in two runs and limited numbers because the Big Three pulled out of racing at the end of 1957. Most of the dual-quad engines went to NASCAR race teams but a few were delivered to dealers where they were sold and installed in new ’57 Fords. That’s why this one has a “D” instead of an “E” as the first digit in its serial number. There are no definitive numbers on how many dual-quad engines were built, but most estimates put it around 600, including those factory installed in the Thunderbirds. Additionally, there were two cams available, one making 270 horsepower and one making 285 that was designed for the track—this car has the 270 horsepower version with a hydraulic cam that’s quite streetable.

The 312 cubic inch V8 was fully rebuilt to stock specs and the dual quad setup, complete with unique Holley “teapot” carburetors, was reinstalled on top. It’s highly detailed for show, including the unique air cleaner assembly with two round dishes on top to cover the tops of the carburetors. “Thunderbird Special” valve covers add some sparkle and the little things that make a car a show-winner are all there: assembly stamps, decals, tags, and correct hardware throughout. It starts easily and idles well, although it’s a little grumpy when it’s cold—that’s probably understandable. There’s power everywhere and in every gear, and you can feel a significant detent in the throttle travel when you’re about to open the second carburetor—push through that and things start to happen rather quickly. I can only imagine how much fun this car was to drive on the streets of 1957.

The three-speed manual transmission shifts crisply but you’ll have to practice a bit to nail it with the column shifter. It’s backed by the heavy-duty 9-inch rear end from a station wagon that was suggested equipment with the E-code engine, and there are 3.50 gears inside to make it easy to drive today, although it probably had 4.11s back when it was new. Suspension and brakes were fully rebuilt, the chassis is as highly detailed as the engine bay, and factory inspection marks were replicated accurately. Red oxide primer on the floors provides a great background for the satin black frame and there are heavy-duty shocks at the corners. A reproduction gas tank, correct dual exhaust system, and fresh lines throughout make it 100% ready to drive or show. Painted 14-inch steel wheels with standard hubcaps are intimidating as well as correct, and they wear reproduction 8.00-14 Goodyear bias-ply tires that look exactly right.

Holy cow this is a cool car! It won’t appeal to the guys who like soft, fluffy ‘50s cars or the people who want a cushy ride with A/C, but if you want to see the genesis of the muscle car and V8 performance, this is a spectacular choice. The restoration has already won its AACA National Senior First Prize in 2018, so it remains extremely fresh and ready to compete at almost any level. A spectacular machine that has easily twice the asking price wrapped up in the restoration, making it quite a bargain if you seek the best. Call today!

Vehicle: 1957 Ford 300 Custom 2-Door Sedan
Price: $59,900
Stock Number: 116010
Mileage: 26,032
VIN: D7AG149444
Engine: 312 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.5
Wheelbase: 116 inches
Wheels: 14-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 8.00-14 Goodyear blackwall
Exterior Color: Raven Black
Interior Color: Gray cloth
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