1963 Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop - $29,900
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For adults who don’t need stripes and spoilers, the Fairlane represents an opportunity to enjoy Ford Motor Company at its best without attracting the wrong kind of attention.

If you’re a Ford guy looking for an entertaining ‘60s Blue Oval to drive that isn’t a Mustang, take a good, long look at this super clean 1963 Ford Fairlane 500 hardtop. It’s got plenty of style that stands out because you just don’t see many of them these days. There’s plenty of punch on tap thanks to a freshly rebuilt V8 under the hood. And it drives like a grown-up’s car, with a comfortable ride, great steering, and effective brakes. For adults who don’t need stripes and spoilers, the Fairlane represents an opportunity to enjoy Ford Motor Company at its best without attracting the wrong kind of attention. Try it—you’ll see at shows that people love the unusual and this Fairlane will stand out even among much more expensive cars.

The color is called Champagne, which was code I in 1963 and it appears that this is the car’s original color. Of course, the 1960s “iridescent” finishes didn’t have anywhere near the depth that today’s modern urethanes can render, so this super sharp Fairlane just glows in the sunlight. It’s not gold, it’s not silver, and there might be a hint of green to it, and we find that the combination quite appealing on the grown-up looking Fairlane. Add in details like the vestigial tail fins, the grille and headlights that look like they were borrowed from the Galaxie, and that spear of trim down its flanks, and this is a very attractive car. Fit and finish are quite good throughout, with a nice paint job that was color-sanded to shine brightly and good attention to detail so there are no masking marks or overspray where they don’t belong. It looks like the trim was removed for the repaint, so details are crisp, including the FORD block letters on the hood, and someone spent plenty of time buffing all that stainless trim on the sides. The hardtop was only available in upscale ‘Fairlane 500’ trim, so that includes the chrome at the base of the roof, which shows some light pitting, as does the trim on the A-pillar, but the rest is quite nice. And, of course, you get Ford’s awesome jet-inspired taillights that are so much cooler than the Mustang’s.

The interior has been completely restored using fresh materials that replicate the original patterns but use a bright two-tone combination that echoes the exterior of the car. The softer touch makes it bright and airy inside and the dark carpets suggest an artist’s touch—it’s extremely well done. The steering wheel and dash were painted to match the bodywork and the original gauges are in very good condition and fully operational, with auxiliary Auto Meter dials for oil pressure and coolant temperature underneath. A block-off plate lives where the original AM radio might have been installed, but someone has thoughtfully added an Alpine AM/FM/CD stereo head unit under the dash powering speakers on the rear package shelf. There’s plenty of room in the back seat for full-sized adults, so you can use this Fairlane as a real car with your friends, and the gigantic trunk is finished with a correct mat set and a full-sized spare.

The fifth digit of the VIN is an “F” which means there’s a 260 cubic inch V8 under the hood. Recently rebuilt, it has been upgraded with a Holley 4-barrel carburetor and HEI style electronic ignition system, so it runs superbly. It’s torquey but impeccably smooth and doesn’t ask for anything but regular gas to have some fun. It’s neatly detailed with lots of new components, including a giant aluminum radiator with electric fan, new alternator in place of the original generator, and some chrome dress-up to make it shine. Much of the wiring is new, too, and you can see by looking at the inner fenders that this car never had to suffer through harsh northern winters. It starts easily, idles well, and just goes about its business without a lot of fuss, which is what a grown-up wants from his grown-up car. It drives easily in modern traffic with light steering and good brakes, although since they’re manual you’ll need a little extra shove now and then—don’t sweat it, even women managed it in 1963.

Underneath, you can see that this car is wearing its original floors with no patches or other signs of distress. Even the rockers still show factory spot welds—nice! The transmission appears to be a C4 3-speed automatic, a nice upgrade from the original Ford-O-Matic 2-speed, and there are easy-cruising 3.50 gears out back that make it feel quick around town but cruise at 70 MPH on the highway. It is outfitted with new shocks for an appropriate big car ride and there are recent service items like new U-joints in a fresh driveshaft, a brand-new exhaust system, and a new gas tank hanging out back. It rides and handles beautifully. Those wheels are from a late-model Ford Crown Victoria and they look surprisingly right on the vintage Fairlane, and they’re equipped with a fresh set of 205/70/15 whitewall radials. Or, if you’re a bit of a traditionalist, this car is available with a set of 14-inch Cragar Keystone mag wheels with Goodyear white-letter tires (contact us for details).

An owner’s manual is included.

We’re fans of the unusual, and this Fairlane 500 hits just the right spot: unusual enough to stand out but not so strange that people will scratch their heads when they see it. It’s beautifully finished, great to drive, and ready to enjoy, all at a price that would buy you a garden-variety Mustang coupe in equivalent condition. If you like standing out without the need to make a lot of noise about it, this lovely Fairlane is the right choice. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1963 Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop
Price: $29,900
Stock Number: 116124
Mileage: 20,711
VIN: 3F43F164015
Engine: 260 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.5
Wheelbase: 115.5 inches
Wheels: 15-inch aluminum wheels
Tires: 205/70/15 whitewall radial
Exterior Color: Champagne
Interior Color: Gold cloth and vinyl
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