2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe - SOLD
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This is number 53 off the line, one of only 200 built in that first year of coupe production.

How do you update an icon? Dodge engineers had the unenviable task of taking the Viper and bringing it into the 21st century. They wanted to add some comfort without removing the car’s raw, visceral feel, and, of course, with the Z06 Corvette and the ZR1 on the horizon, they still needed some massive firepower. Oh, and make sure it still looks like a Viper, but not like the old Viper. Yeah, good luck with that…

In fact, it appears that they succeeded in every way that matters. The all-new Viper debuted in 2003 with a familiar look and, as with the first-generation cars, in roadster form only. It still had ten cylinders under the hood, a huge wallop of torque, and while it was a bit more polished, it was still a hairy-chested brute that demanded respect from its driver. And yes, it still looked like a Viper, now with sharper edges and a bit of a shrink-wrapped look, as if the skin had been shrunken tight over the mechanicals, leaving zero fat anywhere. In short, the Dodge Boys pulled off a miracle.

There was just one thing missing… a coupe.

It took three years for them to get the go-ahead to build a Viper coupe, mostly because the numbers just didn’t add up. Viper sales were in the four-digit range, and the expensive of tooling up the coupe was a tough business case to make to the accountants. On the other hand, there was a large contingent of Viper faithful who not only preferred the coupe, but NEEDED a coupe for track use. And as a halo car, didn’t the Viper deserve to be the best-looking car on the planet? I mean, come ON!

So in 2006, this gorgeous Viper RT/10 Coupe was built. This is number 53 off the line, one of only 200 built in that first year of coupe production. And yes, plenty of these cars went to the track and onto the streets to do combat with Corvettes and Ferraris, but #53 was special. Purchased new by a long-time Viper enthusiast, he was only interested in it because it was the first of a new generation of Vipers. As a result, it has just 788 original miles (not a misprint) and presents in as-new condition in every possible way. It has just about every feature and option you could get, including the First Edition Group, which was a Porsche-esque $4995 add-on that included color-keyed steering wheel and shifter, those gorgeous polished wheels, and, of course, the dual white stripes that have been a Viper hallmark since day one. If you want a first-edition second-gen Viper coupe, this may very well be the finest in the world.

I have to give credit to the Viper guys, because this car is truly spectacular to behold in the flesh. The body is instantly recognizable but there’s not a single panel that interchanges with the older cars. Bodywork is still composite, which emphasizes light weight, but it also has a beautiful finish and excellent gaps that suggest a lot of care went into its construction. And that iridescent Viper GTS Blue paint seems to glow in the sunlight. There’s not a mark anywhere on the car, not the chin spoiler, not the rockers, and not behind the massive rear tires. It has been ideally preserved since new in heated, protected storage, and the finish has probably been carefully cleaned and waxed a few times, but there’s just no way this car has ever seen rain or inclement weather. This car is every bit as nice as it was when it was sitting on the showroom floor nearly ten years ago.

The black leather interior is just as spectacular and here is where you see a lot of major upgrades complements of Team Viper. The seats are grippy and supportive, complete with ultrasuede inserts that hold you in place like Velcro and you’ll note that they provided some nice slots in the seat backs, slots that are ideal for, say, a 5-point racing harness—not that you’d be needing such a thing, right? Contrasting blue stitching and the aforementioned blue accents on the steering wheel, shifter, and brake handle all brighten up the monochromatic interior, which also features power windows, power locks, powerful A/C, and a killer AM/FM/CD stereo with speakers throughout the interior. The “simple is better” theme continues with the second-generation car’s gauges, which are still white-faced, and put the tach front-and-center, with the speedo off to the side and a smaller fuel gauge where you can keep an eye on it. Auxiliary gauges are arrayed along the side of the center stack and they are arranged in order of importance, with oil pressure at the top and voltage at the bottom. And you’ll note there’s an oil temperature gauge, which is probably critical if you’re on the track—not that you’d be needing such a thing, right?

This car is still new, so the seats are unmarked, the carpets are still protected by factory-applied plastic sheeting, and the original floor mats are in the trunk, having never been installed. The radio’s face is still protected by a peel-off sticker that prevents scratching, and the cup holder attachment is still in the center console, never installed. Once you’re inside, it’s a remarkably comfortable place to be, and power adjustable pedals make it easy for just about anyone to find the right driving position. Control relationships are excellent, with the shifter only inches away from the wheel, and unlike earlier cars, there’s a proper dead pedal down there to help in cornering. Heck, even the aluminum accelerator pedal is still protected by the factory sticker! The second-gen Viper coupe also got a good-sized trunk with a proper opening that makes loading and unloading easy, and in this car you’ll also find the front license plate bracket and installation hardware for the floor mats, both in completely unused condition. Oh, and there’s also a Viper car cover that’s never been out of its bag. Nice, right?

Revising the Viper also meant upping the ante in the horsepower wars, and the 8.3 liter V10 delivers. With 505 horsepower on tap, it was every bit a match for the Z06 Corvette that was on the horizon and provides the kind of visceral punch to the solar plexus that made the Viper famous. Thanks to fuel injection and modern electronics, it starts instantly, idles perfectly, and never gets cranky, no matter what you’re doing. The A/C is effective, the power steering just about right, and even clutch action is reasonable. The engine bay is completely original and beautifully preserved, and while the intake plenum isn’t as dramatic as the original Viper’s bright red “bed of snakes” setup, it’s integral to making those extra 55 horsepower. Vipers are, of course, insanely easy to modify and upgrade, but this one remains completely stock, right down to the hose clamps and air filters. It does have a new battery, because some things are just inevitable no matter how careful you are, but otherwise it sits, perfectly preserved, just as it did in 2006.

A 6-speed manual is the only option in a Viper and it spins a 3.07 gearset out back, because tall gears just aren’t needed with 535 pounds of torque on tap. The suspension is athletic, yes, but it’s not abusive and if you wanted to drive this car every day, you could do it without feeling like you’re sacrificing your kidneys. And the brakes are now massive 14-inch cross-drilled rotors with Brembo calipers that are so hardcore that the E-brake is an auxiliary caliper on the rear discs. They didn’t cut any corners in the hardware department knowing that the whole world would be gunning for the big Snake. The car is surprisingly easy to handle, even at its limits, so some of the Viper’s bad habits have been tamed but it’s nevertheless a blast to drive fast. Just bring your A-game, because the speeds this car generates do not forgive small mistakes. Fortunately, you’ve also got ABS to bail you out and those lovely polished alloys (totally unmarked) wear gigantic 275/35/18 front and 345/30/19 rear Michelin radials that are only a step or two removed from being racing slicks.

This car comes with the aforementioned car cover, floor mats, hardware, and original window sticker and manuals, so you can replicate the new car experience at home. Heck, it even smells new! Freshly serviced and ready to use or ideal for future appreciation, this is one of the very finest Vipers we’ve ever seen. Call today!

Vehicle: 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 112039
Mileage: 788
VIN: 1B3JZ69Z06V100286
Engine: 8.3 liter V10
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.07
Wheelbase: 98.8 inches
Wheels: Front: 18x10, Rear: 19x13 forged aluminum
Tires: Front: 275/35/18, Rear: 345/30/19 Michelin ZP
Exterior Color: Viper GTS Blue
Interior Color: Black leather
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