1932 Ford Roadster - $64,900
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Nobody will ever accuse this of being “just another ’32 roadster.”

Extremes. It’s what the hot rodding hobby is all about, right? Sure, there are plenty of mild rods out there that idle like Cadillacs and have smooth, cushy rides, but when the guys who started the whole thing were tinkering in the garage, there was only one thing on their mind: SPEED, and lots of it. Speed was tougher to come by in those days, so they not only focused on more power but also less weight, and to put it to good use, they added more rubber on the pavement. And since these guys were coming back from World War II, a little aircraft-inspired ingenuity certainly didn’t hurt. The result? This ’32 Ford’s spiritual ancestors.

Now this isn’t a vintage build, it’s brand new, based around a complete 1932 Ford Pro Street Roadster package from ScottRods in Monroeville, Ohio. It’s called HellRazor and you’ll see that it earns its name honestly in a moment. HellRazor was a cost-no-object built that takes everything to the extreme: power, looks, tires, and even the interior, which offers ultra-cool aircraft-style aluminum buckets. Some of it’s traditional and some of it is pure hardcore, including the Pat Musi 427 cubic inch Windsor small block living ahead of the firewall and making somewhere north of 550 horsepower. The body is extreme, too, paring the ’32 Ford roadster down to its barest essence: shaved, smoothed, and simple so that there’s nothing to add weight or drag. Hell, just check out the trick raked-back windshield that’s designed to cheat the wind. The ‘glass was expertly smoothed and sanded, and even though ScottRods puts out some pretty darned nice stuff, there’s nothing that’s perfect out of the box. There’s a lot of time invested in getting the doors to fit better than any production ’32 ever did, and the surfaces are impossibly smooth and straight. Why go to all this effort? Because that vivid orange paint costs $3500 a gallon, mostly because it has crushed diamonds in it. Yep, you read that right: diamonds. Our photos don’t do it justice—you need to see this rod in the sunlight to really appreciate the spectacular finish and it stops traffic wherever it goes. Nobody will ever accuse this of being “just another ’32 roadster.”

You’ll also note that the wheel arches have been tubbed, which is rather unusual on a hi-boy roadster like this, but it allows the use of some wide-by-huge tires without making it as wide as a dually pickup, so the proportions are exactly right. Up front, the frame horns are augmented with crude-looking HellRazor name plates that were stick-welded into place, as if it were done by a blacksmith or something. But look closer and you’ll see that this is art, not hack work, because it’s purely intentional. The welds are neatly outlined with a hand-painted black pinstripe and the bare metal has been clear-coated so it’ll look good practically forever. Nobody said extreme also had to be crude.

And yes, those ladder bars out back are probably a very good idea.

The interior was inspired by aircraft design and the centerpieces are those gorgeous aluminum chairs that actually are comfortable enough for cruising. The look is jaw-dropping and the workmanship is beyond impressive. Exposed rivets add to the aircraft vibe and is echoed in the fasteners for the hand-stitched leather door panels and body panels. More lightweight aircraft influence is found on the Tremec 5-speed transmission’s shifter, which is drilled for lightness and topped with a big, fat knob. It’s tall enough so it’s easy to reach, not some stubby unit that’s waaaay over there like in a lot of rods, so blasting through the gears is a joy. The fat banjo-style steering wheel has a vintage look but it’s easy to grab, because, honestly, you’re going to need both hands when you crack the throttle, and it sits on a polished tilt column so this ’32 is far more comfortable than many of its less extreme peers. And speaking of the throttle, you’ll note that even the pedals are drilled for lightness. Classic Stewart-Warner gauges are in the hand-hewn aluminum instrument panel, adding to the throwback look, and they all spring to life when you turn the key. There’s a switch between the seats that powers open the rumble seat lid, where you’ll find a finished trunk and remotely-mounted battery, which still leaves room for plenty of gear. There is no radio, no top, no windows, so don’t count on this to be your daily driver (it could be if you’re extreme enough, though), but what this car does offer is exceptionally well polished and beautifully finished.

The heart of any hot rod is the powerplant, and this Ford is 100% Ford thanks to a 427 cubic inch V8 built by the legendary Pat Musi. We have receipts totaling almost $18,000 for the engine alone and dyno sheets to prove the horsepower numbers, and you’d better believe that it makes this Ford entertaining to drive. Upgrades include a gorgeous Hogan sheetmetal intake ($2800) and dual quads ($1500), plus $400 worth of custom sheetmetal valve covers. Inside the Dart small block Ford block you’ll find a Scat crank and rods, Mahle aluminum pistons, Clevite bearings, and a nasty thumping cam. Up top there’s a pair of aluminum Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads, Harlan Sharp rocker arms, and those two gorgeous QuickFuel 850s feeding it. Most of the parts attached to the engine are shiny polished aluminum or chrome and those beautiful long-tube headers not only look cool but sound spectacular. Be sure to check out the custom polished stainless firewall, which uses the same button-head screws as the interior, continuing the aircraft theme.

The transmission is a Tremec TKO600 heavy-duty 5-speed manual that’s one of the sweetest-shifting heavy-duty transmissions in existence and it transforms the hi-boy roadster into a car that’s actually usable in today’s traffic. The tall overdrive works with the 3.73 gears in the 9-inch Ford rear end so it just loafs along at highway speeds but needs every square inch of those giant rear tires to hook it up in first and second. Those wheelie bars are no joke; this car launches like it’s attached to the steam catapult on the USS Nimitz and you’ll need all your wits about you to keep it aimed straight if you’re crazy enough to keep your foot on the floor. This is not a newbie’s car. Fortunately, the boxed chassis is robust and there’s a giant Wilwood vented and cross-drilled disc brake at each corner to reel it in on the big end. The front suspension is a Super-Bell dropped I-beam with a slider spring and hairpins, all chrome-plated of course. A Vega steering box provides surprising precision and it does ride pretty well for a high-powered flyweight. Out back, the narrowed Ford 9-inch sits on coil-overs and a 4-link with a modified Panhard rod to keep it centered under the car. Vintage-looking Cragar SS mags are the right choice and they measure 15x7 up front and 15x14 in back. Mickey Thompson provided the rubber, with 26x8.00R15s in front and giant 31x18.00R15s out back, all nice and street-legal.

This car comes with a huge file of build receipts, including dyno sheets and invoices from Pat Musi Racing, documenting the engine build. This car was outrageously expensive to build and was expertly finished by some very talented guys. It has just test and tune miles on it today and is ready to rock. Take it home for less than the cost of parts, never mind the labor to put it all together. Why build your own, this one is faster anyway!

Vehicle: 1932 Ford Roadster
Price: $64,900
Stock Number: 112048
Mileage: 18
VIN: 18200156
Engine: 427 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.73
Wheelbase: 112 inches
Wheels: 15-inch Cragar SS mags
Tires: Front: 26x8.00R15, Rear: 31x18.00R15 Mickey Thompson
Exterior Color: Diamond Orange
Interior Color: Black leather
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