1929 Ford Model A Deluxe Phaeton - $44,900
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It appears to be a one-off, as we can’t find it in anyone’s product catalog today, and the workmanship is extremely good.

Hot rods are all about individuality, dating back to the very earliest days when guys would dream up new and innovative ways to get more power and more speed out of their old jalopies. No two were alike, and it gave us the wonderful diversity that we see throughout the hot-rodding world. So why is it that when you go to a show, you see row after row of black 1932 Ford roadsters and bright red 3-window coupes? Where’s the vision? Where’s the innovation? Where’s the desire to stand out and be different?

Don’t worry, it still lives on in the hearts of the guys who built this awesome little 1931 Ford Deluxe phaeton. There’s a lot going on here that you’ll miss at first glance, but you can instantly see that the color and style not only take it back to the days of traditional hot rodding, but also take a different path, making this a rod that stands out in a big way. The body is a custom fiberglass Deluxe 2-door phaeton, which, if you’re a Ford fan, you know is one of the rarest of all body styles. It appears to be a one-off, as we can’t find it in anyone’s product catalog today, and the workmanship is extremely good. The car was professionally built by the crew of a former race car team owner, so you know they know what they’re doing and you know they’re familiar with going fast. Finish quality is exceptional, with glossy, smooth surfaces that show clear, crisp reflections, all a product of taking the time to get it right. Door fit is better than anything Henry Ford was building in 1931 and we love the simplicity of the look with no extraneous chrome, no door handles, nothing that will get in the way of going fast. Isn’t that the point?

We know that the brown paint will be polarizing, but the car looks fantastic in the flesh and, like I said, if you’re man enough to want to stand out, this car will do it without resorting to over-the-top garishness. Look at the detailing and you’ll see professionals at work: a ’32 grille shell with a billet insert, a fantastic custom hood ornament that suggests speed (we don’t know what kind of car donated it), and those cool vintage Guide headlights with marker lights built right in. For pure style points, we love the custom leather belts holding the hood in place, and the simplicity of the 2-door phaeton body style. The belt moldings are gloss black, matching the matching black frame, which uses ’32 frame rails. Out back, there’s a pair of LED taillights recessed into the body and a gas tank hanging underneath, old-school style. Chrome spreader bars, original-looking reinforcement ribs in the rear wheel housings (this is a ‘glass car, it doesn’t need them, so that’s pure style, too), and the slightly clipped windshield all give it the look of a car that was built a long time ago.

The custom-stitched interior takes this tub a few steps above the average old-school rod, using black and tan leather for a first-rate experience. The diamond-tufted inserts have an elegant look and the contrasting light stitching and French seams make this car look highly polished. That front seat is also adjustable, so anyone can get comfortable behind the wheel, especially with a modern tilt column to assist. The wheel is a billet piece that looks like a vintage banjo and the lovely cream-faced gauges were custom-made to match by Classic Instruments. Neat storage pockets in the doors will turn out to be handier than you expect and there’s plenty of space in the back seat for real-sized people. There’s no top, no heater, no radio, so if you’re hurting for those things, maybe this isn’t the right car for you. This is about the experience.

Some of you older hot rodders will glance at the engine and think “Oldsmobile” but it’s actually a tried-and-true 350 cubic inch Chevy V8 wearing some way cool valve covers that look a lot like a set of vintage Rocket V8 parts. The air cleaner is a familiar ‘50s Cadillac piece and both it and the valve covers have been painted to match the bodywork. The rest of the engine is about form following function, so the alternator was hidden down low, the wiring is tucked out of sight, and anything that had to live out in the open was treated to a thorough polish. The engine itself is a ZZ3 Chevy crate motor with aluminum heads and topped by a big Holley double-pumper and a Weiand intake manifold. An electric water pump keeps the nose of the engine looking clean and it’s often a better solution, because it can circulate coolant even in traffic. Working in conjunction with an electric fan, big aluminum radiator, and a transmission cooler, this little cruiser never gets fussy, regardless of conditions. It’s also beautifully tuned, starting instantly, idling well even when it’s cold, and you can imagine that with so little weight to pull around, its 330 horsepower makes it alarmingly fast. The ceramic-coated headers look aggressive, but they have baffles built in to control sound, so it’s easy on the ears and you’ll find that it burbles along happily without being obnoxious.

Underneath it’s a fresh frame with ’32 side rails, all painted gloss black. The front suspension is a traditional 4-bar with a dropped I-beam axle and transverse leaf spring, and there’s a disc brake perched on each end. A Ford 9-inch rear is complete overkill on a lightweight car like this, and it, too, hangs on a 4-link setup with adjustable coil-over shocks. The transmission is a TH350 3-speed automatic to make it exceptionally easy to drive and with 3.50 gears out back, it’s a comfortable high-speed cruiser that feels punchy around town. New steel wheels and reproduction V8 hubcaps with trim rings give it a vintage look and carry staggered 185/65/15 front and 235/70/15 rear performance rubber.

Simple and elemental, this is where hot rodding started. But with a dash of 21st century finish quality, it becomes a show-quality car that’s ready to go anywhere. With just test and tune miles on it, it’s totally fresh and unmarked. If you’re the kind of guy who dares to be (just a little) different, this cool little Ford is calling your name. Call today!

Vehicle: 1929 Ford Model A Deluxe Phaeton
Price: $44,900
Stock Number: 114077
Mileage: 13
VIN: A275566800
Engine: 350 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.5
Wheelbase: 103.5 inches
Wheels: 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: Front: 185/65/15, Rear: 235/70/15 blackwall radial
Exterior Color: Brown
Interior Color: Brown and Tan leather
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