1962 Chevrolet Impala - SOLD
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Look at it in profile—there’s not a single line out of place or wasted inch of sheetmetal.

There aren’t many cars that do as many things as well as the Chevrolet Impala. Top-of-the-line luxury car, muscular heavy-hitter, practical family car, and bare bones transportation, the Impala can do it all. Perhaps that’s why it remains among the most popular collector cars of all: there’s an Impala that will suit you perfectly. Obviously hardtops and coupes appeal to collectors, and with their stylish lines and eminent user-friendliness, not to mention powerful V8 engines, they’re as smart a choice today as they were when they were new. GM worked hard to keep the Impala fresh, so styling changed almost every year, creating so many niche markets that it’s hard to keep score: there are guys who only like ’64 and guys who only like ‘62s. And they’re both right—they’re awesome cars!

This 1962 Chevrolet Impala hardtop illustrates what clean styling, classic colors, and a splash of V8 performance can do. This is a flat-out gorgeous car. Look at it in profile—there’s not a single line out of place or wasted inch of sheetmetal. The white paint is a few years old but shines up beautifully and code 936 Ermine White is indeed this car’s original color. It spent most of its life in the warm, dry south and not in the harsh winters of the northeast, so it’s extremely clean and you won’t find the usual signs of rust repair (good or bad) on those giant quarter panels. Everything lines up extremely well, which is critical on a white car, and the doors close with that precise-feeling mechanical click that no modern car can replicate. The Impalas were neatly dressed with just enough chrome to make them look special, but the 1950s chrome bender was well and truly over by the time this car was built. There’s the dramatic spear along the sides, which has a red insert to match the interior, as well as those slender little ornaments atop the front fenders, so it looks upscale, but not over-done. The chrome bumpers are in excellent condition and, of course, you get six taillights out back, a familiar Impala trademark since 1958. And it sure is nice to see one that hasn’t been dressed up like a fake SS. Just clean, simple, and 100% gorgeous.

The beautiful red interior is almost completely stock and very nicely restored. Those striped seat covers with the button-tufted inserts are just how the factory was doing it in 1962 and it provides a bit of upscale elegance in a car that most people could afford (and that’s still true today!). The deep-dish steering wheel is absolutely gorgeous with that chrome insert and the engine-turned dash panel whispers performance, just as it has for decades. The original gauges cover only the basics, so a period-correct tachometer was strapped to the steering column to keep an eye on the quick-revving small block up front. Things like the “COLD” and “HOT” warning lights on the dash are fully operational, so it tells you when it’s properly warmed up, and the fuel gauge seems to work as it should. This is a very correct car in most ways, so the heater controls were restored, not replaced, the original AM radio is still in the center of the dash (it works!), and the shifter moves crisply through the detents. All the windows crank up and down smoothly, a sure sign of a good car, and the original-style red and black carpets are protected by fresh red rubber mats. Seat belts have been added for safety, since they wouldn’t be standard equipment on any GM car for a few years. There’s some light stretching on the front seat, but no damage or split seams, and the back seat appears to be as-new in every way. The spotless trunk is big enough for a two-week road trip and includes a full-sized spare tire and a correct mat set.

We have every reason to believe that the 283 cubic inch V8 under the hood is original to the car, although Chevy wasn’t doing “matching numbers” across the line as they would in later years. However, the stamping pad numbers add up correctly and it is an engine destined for an automatic-equipped Impala. It has been rebuilt and detailed nicely with Chevy Orange paint on the block and heads, and a few shiny chrome bits that aren’t quite authentic but sure look good. Reproduction decals on the air cleaner housing give it an authentic look and they used GM-stamped hoses to keep it OEM. There’s still a generator making electricity, but you’ll find a dual reservoir master cylinder for the brakes, which is a smart safety upgrade, and it does have power steering, so it’s a pleasure to drive. Like most small block Chevys, it starts quickly and easily without a lot of coaxing, even when it’s been sitting for a while, and it idles well hot or cold. Once it’s warmed up, it’s surprisingly enthusiastic out on the road, moving the big Imp with ease and feeling very muscular at cruising speeds. It doesn’t seem to have any bad habits at all save for a little stumble when it’s still on the choke, but as I said, that goes away as soon as it’s warmed up. Twin ram’s horn exhaust manifolds not only look correct but also help control noise and heat, making this a relaxed cruiser at any speed.

The 2-speed PowerGlide automatic transmission also appears to be original to the car and it’s working correctly. Like all PowerGlides, it shifts a little later than expected, but don’t worry, it’s just fine. Out back, the original rear end feels like it’s full of 3.23 gears, which are comfortable under almost any circumstances. The familiar Chevy X-frame is in excellent condition with no notable rust or structural issues and the floors are absolutely spotless. There’s a light dusting of undercoating, but nothing is hidden, just more proof that this car has led an easy life in a warm climate. There’s a new Flowmaster dual exhaust system with those awesome megaphone side pipes, but that seems to be the only notable mechanical upgrade and we love it. There are new bushings and shocks on the suspension, so it glides down the road extremely well and tracks straight at speed. It rolls on a set of color-matched Rally-style wheels with traditional trim rings and hubcaps, a look we like a great deal, as well as a set of recent 215/70/15 blackwall radials that are exactly the right choice.

If you like the look of the Impala, you’re already in love with this car. It gets everything right when it comes to hobby cars: great to look at, fun to drive, reliable to own, and easy to service. Add in that undeniable extra something that you get from an Impala, and this becomes a favorite car that you will enjoy for years. Call today!

Vehicle: 1962 Chevrolet Impala
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 114079
Mileage: 74,397
VIN: 21847S209209
Engine: 283 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 2-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.23
Wheelbase: 119 inches
Wheels: 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 215/70/15 blackwall radial
Exterior Color: Ermine White
Interior Color: Red vinyl
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