1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe - SOLD
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We’ve never seen another 1940 Ford with doors that fit so well and the hood drops into place and latches without any drama.

There’s a definite hierarchy within the early Ford V8 ranks. Everyone loves a ’34 Ford, the ‘32s are the quintessential V8 roadster, and the 1940 Fords speak to enthusiasts at every level. If you’re going to own a flathead Ford, you surely aspire to one of the great ones. Of the 1940 Fords, one of the most desirable body styles is the coupe, which offers tidy proportions, all-weather comfort, and enough space that it can be used as a real car. If you’re looking for one hobby car that does everything exceedingly well, it’s hard to argue against a 1940 Ford V8 coupe.

This particular 1940 Ford Deluxe Business Coupe is a very fresh restoration driven just over 300 miles since it was completed. It is completely by the book with none of the usual modifications or “upgrades” that many enthusiasts seem to think their old cars need, and you already know that basic black was Henry’s favorite color. It also looks spectacular on the handsome coupe, from the pointed grille and hood to the gently curving trunk lid, there’s simply no bad line anywhere on the car. Thanks to exceptional workmanship, the high-gloss black paint shows extremely well with no ripples or waves in the bodywork underneath, proof that this was a clean car when they started and that the workmanship was first rate. We’ve never seen another 1940 Ford with doors that fit so well and the hood drops into place and latches without any drama. You’ll note that the Deluxe models are covered in chrome, from the lovely teardrop-shaped headlight rings with built-in parking lights to the iconic V-shaped grille to the simple bade on the trunk calling out that this car has a V8 living inside. Of note, this car carries accessory bumper guards front and rear, plus rare bumper ends that really dress the car up in an appealing way. New rubber on the running boards, bright chevron-shaped taillights, and “Ford Deluxe” emblems ringed in red all make this car look exquisitely and exactingly detailed.

The handsome striped Bedford Cord interior is exactly how this car would have been when it was new, from the materials to the unique pattern with a single pleat running down the center of each seat. Fords still used rubber mats for the front seat, although the rest of the interior is surprisingly luxurious and plush. There’s wonderfully rich-looking woodgraining on the garnish moldings and the dashboard is a beautiful two-tone affair that looks like it belongs in a far more expensive vehicle than a Ford. The big two-spoke steering wheel has been restored, as have all the gauges, which remain fully operational. There’s an accessory AM radio up high on the dash and a heater unit underneath, which is how Ford was doing it in 1940. The plastic around the gauge faces is in excellent condition with no signs of UV or heat damage and the bright chrome grille in the center shines up nicely. There’s a discreet switch under the dash by the starter button, which is for the Columbia 2-speed rear end, and the 307 miles showing on the odometer are since the restoration was completed. This is a business coupe, so there is no back seat, but you do get a positively massive trunk that’s fully equipped with a rubber mat and full-sized spare tire.

The engine is technically a later block, but when rebuilding a flathead Ford, a 59AB is what you really want. With numerous upgrades, it’s more durable than the earlier castings and nobody but an expert will ever spot the change. This one still displaces 239 cubic inches and was rebuilt to stock specifications, so it runs like a flathead should: smooth and torquey. There’s a proper Stromberg 97 carburetor up top, a mechanical fuel pump, and an accessory oil filter mounted up high. Other accurate details include the Ford-stamped coolant hoses, correct hose clamps, a reproduction battery, and even the multi-colored ignition wires which are a really neat detail. It starts easily with a little choke and idles as smoothly as any flathead we’ve ever featured. The pleasing mechanical sound of the valves combined with the purring V8 exhaust note make the flathead Fords delightful to drive and this one seems to have been completely excised of any traces of flathead fever, because it runs ice cold. The generator puts out plenty of electricity, it never seems to falter, and the highly-detailed engine bay looks exactly right.

The chassis is equally clean and well-finished. The standard 3-speed manual transmission shifts neatly with a tight linkage and smooth clutch, and you’ll be pleased to see that Columbia 2-speed rear end hanging out back. We usually just leave it in high range all the time—it’s not quite as punchy as it should be around town, but it accelerates up to 60 or 65 MPH without much effort and will cruise there all day long. Ford’s standard leaf spring suspension is still in place, giving this coupe lively handling that feels energetic around town but comfortable on long stretches of highway. Hydraulic brakes were new for Ford in 1939 and they stop the car without drama. The exhaust system is correct, with a barrel-shaped mufflers and an accessory V8-emblem exhaust tip under the rear bumper and you won’t find any patches or questionable rust repairs under this car—it’s incredibly solid! Factory steel wheels carry trim rings and proper ‘Ford Deluxe’ hubcaps, plus a set of handsome 6.00-16 Firestone wide whitewall tires that are exactly right for 1940.

This is one of the most beautifully restored Ford V8s we’ve ever featured and there’s no arguing that the 1940 Ford isn’t an icon. It has not been shown or judged, so this is an opportunity to own a fresh, high-quality restoration for about half the cost of doing it yourself, and you can take it to the show field to earn yourself some trophies. And even if you’re not into showing and judging, this is a fully sorted flathead that’s ready to drive and enjoy, particularly with that Columbia rear end. A truly no-compromises vintage Ford, ready to go. Call today!

Vehicle: 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 114117
Mileage: 307
VIN: 18-5257206
Engine: 239 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: Columbia 2-speed
Wheelbase: 112 inches
Wheels: 16-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 6.00-16 Firestone wide whitewall
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Tan cloth
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