1946 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe - SOLD
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Thanks to the myriad improvements made during the war, these Cadillacs are superb road cars capable of modern performance and comfort with bulletproof reliability.

In the vast world of collector cars, and particularly the top-of-the-line Full Classics, it’s hard to argue that Cadillac wasn’t delivering some of the best hardware on the planet in the 1930s and ‘40s. GM was the biggest company with the most money, the smartest engineers, and a management team that wanted to simply build the best car possible, and after World War II, the result was this 1946 Cadillac. Smooth, powerful, gorgeous, and every bit the Cadillac that the legends suggest, it was unquestionably the finest car you could buy. By necessity, the ’46 models were little more than facelifted ‘42s, but fortunately, the ‘42s were all-new and the styling was still fresh and appealing. With a factory list price of $2556 (a staggering 45% more expensive than the 1942 models!), the Series 62 convertible coupe was one of the most expensive cars on the market in 1946, which might be why only 1342 were built. Only the Series 75 limousines were more expensive and exclusive.

This particular 1946 Cadillac Series 62 convertible coupe is just spectacular in person, featuring a comprehensive frame-off restoration that was done to a very high standard. Interestingly enough, the restoration was finished a decade ago, but the car was part of a very large collection and has seen very little road time, so it remains quite fresh throughout. It has been recently and comprehensively serviced by Harwood Motors, including the entire fuel system and the hydraulics for the power windows and seats, so it is ready for touring. And we can scarcely think of a better tour partner than this, a fact that many CCCA members have recently discovered. Thanks to the myriad improvements made during the war, these Cadillacs are superb road cars capable of modern performance and comfort with bulletproof reliability.

The color is a close approximation to Madeira Maroon, although it seems that its original color was code 5 Ivy Green. Regardless, it looks substantial and very expensive in person, with a spectacular finish that only comes from using modern materials and a lot of time. The proportions neatly conceal the size of the car, but this is simply a massive machine, particularly for a 2-door convertible coupe, and the dark red metallic paint only serves to emphasize the graceful lines. We’ve scarcely seen a straighter, cleaner car (just look at the underside!). The paint work on this car was obviously extremely expensive, as there’s not a ripple or wave anywhere on the entire car and the gaps are excellent throughout. The gloss is deep and rich and the metallic, while eye-catching, is not inappropriate for 1946, so the car glows without looking too modern. Every visitor to the showroom takes a moment to admire this beautiful Cadillac ragtop—it really is eye-catching.

Of course, no discussion of a car like this is complete without addressing the chrome and stainless trim, all of which was restored to show condition with the rest of the car. The massive bumpers are exceptionally straight and clear, again without any waves in the plating, and even the rounded bumper guards look as fresh as they must have in 1946. The grille, which is easily the most expensive piece to restore, is excellent with no signs of the usual pitting and cracking, more evidence that this was a fine original car to begin with. Details like the hood ornament, headlight rings, and taillight housings show nothing more than very, very minor signs of age and polishing, but nothing that is evident from even two feet away. The only notable flaws might be one or two small chips on the cloisonné emblems on the hood and trunk, which might very well be original.

The handsome interior is lined in burgundy leather and tan Bedford cord and looks very much as it would have in 1946. There are a few comfort marks in the leather, but no perforation or damage and the Bedford cord provides a fantastic contrast, particularly in the sun. The big off-white steering wheel was restored and shows one or two hairline cracks that are probably all but inevitable, while the rest of the plastic knobs appear to be original and in very good condition. It’s possible that the back seat should be flat leather rather than pleats, but it certainly looks good and the workmanship is excellent. All the gauges are operational save for the odometer and clock, although the oil pressure gauge is a bit of a pessimist (an external gauge we used to check shows a healthy 30 PSI at idle). The radio powers up but we have been unable to receive a station, although that might just be due to the metal cage that is our showroom. There’s an under-dash heater assembly that’s fully restored, making this a car that can stretch the driving season a bit, and the carpets are suitably plush for a Cadillac. We have recently rebuilt the entire hydraulic system, so the power windows and seat are working correctly and experts might note the switch that now controls the power top, as it has been converted to electric operation. The tan canvas top is in good shape with a few minor wrinkles from being stored in the lowered position for several years and the plastic rear window has the virtues of being larger and lighter than the original small glass frame. There are two boots included with the car, a matching burgundy vinyl one and a tan canvas one that might be original, as it appears quite old. The trunk is likewise beautifully finished with expertly bound carpets and includes a full-sized spare and jack assembly.

Cadillac’s 346 cubic inch flathead V8 is highly regarded as a rugged, smooth, and powerful traveling partner and even in the big convertible, it never seems to work very hard. Rebuilt when the car was restored, the neatly detailed engine runs quite well thanks to a freshly rebuilt carburetor, new fuel pump, and a remote electric pump mounted by the gas tank. Quite nicely detailed with Cadillac olive green engine enamel, beautiful porcelain exhaust manifolds, and correct hardware throughout, it looks fantastic when you open the hood. The wiring harness was replaced with a correct reproduction with cloth-covered wires and even the big oil-bath air cleaner was retained. There’s a small heat shield behind the carburetor that’s not correct but also not a bad idea and you’ll note all the hard-line tubing for the hydraulic system along the firewall. Again, not perfect, but a very high-grade driver car that isn’t far from the show field if that’s where you’d like to take it.

GM’s Hydra-Matic transmission was used in tanks during WWII, and Cadillac was quick to point out that many of the battlefield-tested improvements made it into the post-war cars, so it shifts better and should be even more durable than the already indestructible early units. There are four forward gears with a tall first that combines with the torque converter to give this big car plenty of punch on the open road. Even better are the 3.36 gears out back, which permit effortless high-speed cruising at today’s highway speeds—surely a reason why these cars have become so popular for touring. Take a few moments to examine the undercarriage carefully—aside from some grease and a few splashes of dirty water that aren’t visible until the camera flash hits them, it’s exceptionally clean. There are no patches, no signs of rust repair, not even any pitting on the chassis itself, suggesting that this car lived its entire life in a dry climate. We’ve seldom seen a 70-year-old car this clean, regardless of restoration history. We also just had the gas tank cleaned and restored with a lifetime guarantee. Experts might note that the hubcaps are from a slightly later model, but they look right and it sits on a set of recent 235/75/15 wide whitewall radials that handle great.

We remain extremely impressed by this big Cadillac convertible. It’s just gorgeous to look at and thanks to a lot of recent service work, it’s ready to tour and enjoy. And if you seek trophies on the show field, it’s not too far from there either. It would be impossible to duplicate at this price and the restoration, despite being a few years old remains quite crisp. A stunning car at a reasonable price. Call today!

Vehicle: 1946 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115002
Mileage: 23
VIN: 84111777
Engine: 346 cubic inch flathead V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.36
Wheelbase: 129 inches
Wheels: 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 235/75/15 Dayton wide whitewall radial
Exterior Color: Madiera Maroon
Interior Color: Tan cloth and burgundy leather
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