1968 Buick Electra 225 Coupe - $15,900
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With a pavement-spanning 126-inch wheelbase for just two doors, it's a decadent use of space that was styled by guys who knew how to make big cars look their best.

It seems that we're not alone in our love for the big, heavy luxury cruisers of the '60s and '70s. They sell quickly and values are climbing faster than expected. Why, we can't say, but the fact is, Detroit is never going to build luxury cars like this 1968 Buick Electra 225 Custom ever again. With a pavement-spanning 126-inch wheelbase for just two doors, it's a decadent use of space that was styled by guys who knew how to make big cars look their best. Add in a monstrous torque factory of an engine, a sumptuous interior, and a classic triple black color combination, and you get a car that should be welcome everywhere it goes for all the right reasons.

We strongly suspect that this car is wearing original paint—it still looks great, but there are a few signs of age that can't be replicated or even restored into a car when it's refinished. The only clue that signals to us that perhaps it has been repainted is the cowl tag that says it was originally code P Tarpon Green. However, we can find no evidence for this beyond the tag itself. There is no overspray, no signs of green pain in the door jambs, in the engine compartment, or in the trunk. Even deep in the recesses of the quarter panels and around the cowl, it is only black. The black paint looks age-appropriate, so if it was repainted, it was done decades ago and done by completely disassembling the car, because there are zero tape lines, even around the original vinyl top. Regardless of the paint's status when the car was new, it's in great shape today with an honest patina and no signs of distress underneath. Check out how straight those massive quarters are, how well the doors fit, and the alignment of the hood. Those things don't exist on cars with rust or accident damage in their histories. Heck, if it was repainted, they even removed (and reinstalled!) the original selling dealer's badge on the trunk! Aside from a few light micro-blisters that could probably be color-sanded out of existence, the finish is in excellent condition and stands up to scrutiny from any angle. Please, come see the car and verify it for yourself—we promise you'll be impressed.

The all-black interior is likewise beautifully preserved, and here there are no question marks—it has always been code 638 Black Vinyl. Aside from some light pitting on the window controls on the driver's door, it remains in fantastic condition with original stitching, almost zero wear, and even though it spent its life in North Carolina, no UV damage to things like the dash pad and door panels. It's possible that the carpets have been replaced, since we've never seen 50-year-old black carpets look this good, but then again, it doesn't look like aftermarket stuff, either. There's a lengthy options list on this one, too, including A/C (needs to be serviced), tilt wheel, power windows, power seat, power antenna, dual remote mirrors, and Buick's familiar speed minder. The gauges and controls are in excellent condition, with bright markings and only a little yellowing on the letters for the secondary switches, and even that giant plastic steering wheel isn't cracked or damaged. Heck, just look at how supple and well-preserved the seat belts are! It's really impressive. There's a slightly more modern AM/FM radio in the dash, but it doesn't look like there was any cutting involved, so you could take it back to original, which might be a worthwhile endeavor on a car this authentic. The back seat looks almost new and completely unused and the headliner remains taut and unmarked. The cavernous trunk (again, look for signs of green paint—you'll find none even around the jack decal under the trunk lid) is outfitted with a carpet mat as well as a full-sized spare and jack assembly.

Buick V8s were always known for their prodigious torque output, and the 430 cubic inch mill under the hood of this Electra is no exception. Introduced in 1967, it was an all-new powerplant that grunts out a rather impressive 360 horsepower and a towering 475 pounds of torque, enough to move the massive Electra coupe without any effort at all. It's virtually indestructible, too, with a nodular iron crank and steel rods, as well as oversized main bearings. This is the engine that would grow into the legendary 1970 GS455 Stage 2 beast that would be the king of torque production (510 lb-ft.) in the muscle car era. In the Electra, it feels muscular, so don't expect a Lexus-like isolation chamber. Instead, it feels like a very big machine going about its business in a professional way, from the slightly lopey idle to the muscular hum from the twin tailpipes out back. It certainly does not appear that the engine has been out of the car, although it has more recently had a top-end rebuild so it's happy on modern pump gas. That also appears to be original Dante Red paint on the block, a factory air cleaner, and plenty of evidence of proper maintenance over the years. Power steering and power brakes (with a new master cylinder) were standard equipment, of course, and parts are still readily available so this one will always be easy to keep in top shape.

The ancient DynaFlow slushbox was gone, replaced by GM's indestructible TH400 3-speed automatic transmission in 1965. It snaps through the gears with authority and feeds ultra-tall 2.78 gears, making the "Deuce-and-a-Quarter" a fantastic high-speed cruiser. The chassis is unquestionably original, but thanks to a lifetime in the warm climate of Charlotte, North Carolina, there's nothing but surface scale on the heavy metal parts. The floors are unmarked, the frame is solid, and the rockers show no signs of distress. Of note, the brakes have been recently serviced with new shoes, cylinders, and hoses, and the giant Buick finned aluminum drums remain as effective as any other brakes of the period, so forget that nonsense about needing a disc brake "upgrade" to drive it. Steering is light and easy in the traditional fashion, and the ride is pillowy-soft but not sloppy, more evidence of a car that has been maintained and never fully disassembled. The dual exhaust system is older but in good order, with just the right muscular hum that never gets annoying at speed. 15-inch steel wheels with wire hubcaps are a good choice on any luxury car, with these carrying relatively recent 225/75/15 tires whose whitewalls are exactly the right width for 1968.

This is not an expensive car, but you can see that it represents a great deal of luxury, performance, and style for the money. Without any critical rust, wearing awesome colors, and with a surprising amount of performance on tap, it is a fantastic Buick that will stand out at local events and even at the Buick Nationals, where these are seldom seen. Come have a look and we promise you'll love the way this big 225 gets the job done. Call now!

Vehicle: 1968 Buick Electra 225 Coupe
Price: $15,900
Stock Number: 115070
Mileage: 2631
VIN: 484578H312322
Engine: 430 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 2.78
Wheelbase: 126 inches
Wheels: 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 225/75/15 whitewall radial
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black vinyl
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