1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle Coupe - SOLD
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How long has it been since you’ve seen on of these that hasn’t been chopped, lowered, and stuffed full of late-model running gear?

This 1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle 3-window coupe is remarkable for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it still exists. How long has it been since you’ve seen on of these that hasn’t been chopped, lowered, and stuffed full of late-model running gear? Far less common than the Ford 3-window coupes, the 1933 Chevrolet remains a triumph of affordable car design, a car that was inexpensive to buy but looked like it should have cost hundreds more than its modest $535 original sticker price would suggest. It’s just beautiful to look at and offers wonderful road manners that are all out of proportion to its affordability, then and now. Wearing a high-quality older restoration to original specifications, it’s guaranteed to attract attention simply by virtue of being true to itself.

It’s obvious that the same stylists who designed the 1932 Cadillac were hard at work on the 1933 Chevrolet, and the familial resemblance is impossible to ignore. Looking far sleeker and more sporting than the still-upright 1932 models, this is an absolutely beautiful car. Sweeping skirted fenders were new, the painted radiator shell features a bright mesh insert, and the low roof line makes the 3-window Sport Coupe look especially, ah, sporting. The restoration was finished perhaps 10 years ago, and it offers a period-correct color combination of Medium Cream with black fenders and belt moldings, all accented by red wheels and pinstripe. Finish quality was excellent and it is holding up extremely well, which is quite an achievement for a car that has proven itself on dozens of tours since then. There’s a brilliant gloss to the finish that probably wasn’t there in 1933 and everything fits together so well that you know it was never a rust bucket or wreck. Deluxe models like this carried such niceties as dual sidemounts, cowl lights, twin horns under the headlights, and a trunk rack out back. The hood ornament was optional, and we have both versions so you can dress it to suit your tastes. Simply chrome bumpers accentuate the smooth shape and the running board rubber is in fine condition.

The olive mohair interior is quite correct and in fact, is the same material used in my personal 1929 Cadillac. It wears like iron, looks upscale, and has a simple honesty that works rather well in the cozy coupe. Correct patterns were used throughout, so it looks like 1933 inside, and with the proper materials, it even smells right when you climb behind the wheel. There’s a simple black rubber mat on the floor, which is the right call for a Chevy, but the handsome woodgrained garnish moldings and color-matched instrument panel add warmth. You’ll note that the all-new instrument panel mirrors the shape of the rear window and includes a full set of fully operational gauges with bright markings and clear lenses. Controls are simple: lights, choke, throttle, and an ignition key, and the shifter uses the familiar 3-speed pattern that is still in use today. Getting into this vintage car doesn’t exactly feel vintage. This car offers an accessory under-dash heater and a set of aftermarket turn signals on the steering column, both added for touring. The rear window rolls down so you can talk to the folks in the rumble seat, who get comfortable brown leatherette upholstery and a surprising amount of leg room (or trunk space if there are just the two of you).

Chevy’s bulletproof “Stovebolt” six-cylinder engine really needs no introductions, with this being a correct 207 cubic inch version. This same engine family was powering vehicles into the 1980s, which speaks to the design and its durability. Fully rebuilt and nicely detailed, it’s a wonderful runner with good torque and surprising smoothness that belies its price range. You’ll note that by 1933, Chevy had switched to a proper mechanical fuel pump, as well as a distributor with vacuum advance and a downdraft carburetor, all recent innovations that really make a difference. It remains completely stock, including the 6-volt electrical system which still uses the original 3-brush generator to make electricity. It works like it should. There’s an accessory three-note horn that plays a familiar tune, and someone has cleverly installed a cut-off switch on the firewall that can be switched by reaching through the rear-most hood vent instead of opening the hood. Nice thinking! It starts easily with the help of an electric fuel pump, but once it’s underway, you don’t need it and the mechanical pump takes over. There’s plenty of power at any speed and a nice hit of torque off the line.

The 3-speed manual transmission has synchromesh on 2nd and 3rd, so it feels modern and needs no special instructions to operate. Ratios are well-chosen for its mission, which was cruising around town with minimal shifting required, and that’s why it was fitted with 4.10 gears out back—it’s almost impossible to stall this car! There’s nothing exotic on the chassis: rigid axles, leaf springs, mechanical drum brakes, but it all works like it should to provide a genuine 1933 driving experience that’s far more competent and comfortable than you’d expect—those guys who think that installing modern hardware is necessary to have a car you can drive are dead wrong. This car is a joy on the road! There’s a brand new exhaust system with a nice 6-cylinder grumble and an expensive new stainless steel gas tank hanging out back. Jaunty red wire wheels carry right-sized 5.25/5.50-17 Lester wide whitewall tires that really help with the upscale image.

This car includes a factory Owner’s Manual.

One of the most handsome cars of the period, this Chevrolet stands out in more ways than one. You will likely have the only one at any event (well, the only stock one that isn’t made of plastic, anyway) and you will probably find that the drive is better than the show. These are very nice road cars and this particular Master Eagle coupe is properly sorted and ready to enjoy. Call today!

Vehicle: 1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle Coupe
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115072
Mileage: 66,245
VIN: 5201V604913
Engine: 207 cubic inch inline-6
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 4.0999999999999996
Wheelbase: 110 inches
Wheels: 17-inch wire wheels
Tires: 5.25/5.50-17 Lester whitewall
Exterior Color: Medium Cream
Interior Color: Olive mohair
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