2007 Saturn Sky Roadster - SOLD
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It shows just about 2500 original miles (not a typo), has just one owner, and offers a fantastic color combination.

You might not see it today, but GM was a company known for taking chances. 16-cylinder engines. The automatic transmission. Tail fins. 2-door station wagons. Air-cooled rear-engine cars. Fiberglass bodies. Many of the greatest cars ever built by GM were leaps of faith that they were willing to gamble would succeed. Today the market has changed so much that even a company like GM can’t afford to take chances, and that means cars like the affordable 2-seat roadster twins, Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice, were likely the last of their kind from an American auto maker. That’s sad news for auto enthusiasts in general, but perhaps it’s good news for collectors, because it turns out that this Saturn Sky roadster is one hell of a car.

For all intents and purposes, this is a brand new 2007 Saturn Sky. It shows just about 2500 original miles (not a typo), has just one owner, and offers a fantastic color combination. Being “as new” is about the highest praise we can offer any car, and the meticulous care this Sky has received over the past 11 years has preserved it in showroom-fresh condition—this car has never even been wet! The shiny Black Onyx paint is unmarked and shines up beautifully because GM’s quality control has come a long way since the dark days you’re thinking of. The look is more ¾-scale Corvette than cute (I’m looking at you, Mazda Miata) and to my eye, the Saturn is the more attractive of the Solstice/Sky twins. Angles and aggressive cut lines on the hood and sides give it a bit of an edge and it looks bigger than it actually is. Gaping air intakes, chrome vents in the hood, and familiar scoops on the trailing edges of the fenders all make it seem familiar without looking ordinary. The twin fairings behind the headrests are just flat-out awesome and the car carries an optional rear spoiler that adds a bit of an edge. And check out the cool center-mounted back-up light below the license plate—too cool! No stripes, no other add-ons, just a clean, aggressive look that really works. This is a great-looking sports car.

This car also carries the optional premium trim package which includes the red inserts that contrast beautifully with the black paint. Red stitching, a red steering wheel, and matching inserts on the door panels add some interest without it becoming overwhelming, and along with a few bits of brushed aluminum and even some well-placed chrome, it looks far more expensive than it is. GM engineers should be given a lot of credit for getting these cars right, and since they started from scratch things like the pedal arrangement, the seating position, and the sight lines are dead-on. You’ll feel comfortable the moment you slide behind the wheel and the controls act exactly the way you’d expect. Steering is hard-wired to your hypothalamus, the stubby shifter clicks through the gears like a light switch, and the pedals are arranged just right for quick heel-and-toe downshifts. This is not a poser, but a performance car built to dance with you at almost any level. Almost everything was standard in the Sky, including ice cold A/C, power windows, mirrors, and locks, cruise control, keyless entry, tilt wheel, a rear window defroster, and a great-sounding AM/FM/CD/satellite stereo system. Overhead there’s a fully insulated black canvas top (quieter than the Solstice!) that stows under the deck lid to give it a very sleek, clean look. Storage space is modest, but then again, you’re not buying this because you’re helping your kids move. With a little practice, you’ll be able to stow the top in seconds at a red light, which might be the ultimate luxury.

The Sky wasn’t built by the old GM, either. The engine is a 2.4-liter DOHC inline-4 with variable valve timing and s scorching 7000 RPM redline. 177 horsepower is on tap, which doesn’t seem like much until you realize the Sky weighs less than almost any other convertible this side of a Miata. With just 2500 miles on the clock, it’s barely broken in and while it has been properly maintained (with receipts to prove it) it has never been abused or even pushed to its limits. It starts instantly, idles perfectly, and goes about its business the way you’d expect a new car from the world’s largest auto maker to behave. There’s a nice four-cylinder blatt from the exhaust, not obtrusive but certainly sporting, and it cruises effortlessly at any speed you’d risk your license to achieve. No modifications, no alterations, no questionable service, and if you’re concerned about getting it fixed, don’t worry—any GM dealer can handle repairs, even today.

The 5-speed manual transmission snaps through the gears with ease and the gears are well-spaced so the engine never feels like it is off its game. The Sky’s suspension is more supple than the Solstice, so it’s easier to live with even though you might give up a point or two of ultimate grip (you weren’t going to probe its outer limits anyway, we both know that). 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS, traction control, and stability assist mean that it always feel confident and you’d have to do something extremely foolhardy to get in trouble with this car. Corvette-grade suspension components look new and even the factory paper decals on things like the axles and sway bars are still in place. Seriously, this is a NEW car. Even the exhaust system is still a lovely gold color and hasn’t started to rust or tarnish. There’s also an optional limited slip differential in back, which really makes a notable difference in how the car digs out of corners. It’s pretty impressive. Those beautiful 18-inch chrome alloy wheels were a $795 option and carry giant 245/45/18 Goodyears that still look factory fresh.

Documentation includes the original window sticker, purchase orders, invoice, manuals, brochures, and service receipts. Buying this car in 2018 will be very much akin to buying it new in 2007. You can almost start from 0.

You’ll never see GM (or any American manufacturer) build a car like this again. Even though 2-seat sports cars are the backbone of the hobby, it takes a real enthusiast to appreciate them. The Saturn Sky was a fantastic product whose timing wasn’t quite right and in typical GM fashion, they killed it before it really had a chance. That means future collectors might find them alluring, but in the meantime, you get a comfortable, fast, reliable, and extremely attractive sports car that does everything right. If you need a top-down summertime toy at a bargain price, not many can compete with this. Call today!

Vehicle: 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115140
Mileage: 2495 (actual)
VIN: 1G8MB35B57Y107302
Engine: 2.4 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.91
Wheelbase: 95.1 inches
Wheels: 18-inch aluminum
Tires: 245/45/18 Goodyear radial
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black and red leather
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