1967 Ford Mustang Convertible - SOLD
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The red is just right, bold and rich, and given today’s modern paint technology, it should look great for years to come with only modest maintenance.

Everyone has their favorite Mustang, and it’s hard to argue against the ‘67s as being some of the best of the bunch. Clean, uncluttered lines like the early cars, but enlarged just enough to handle any engine in the Ford arsenal. All the familiar styling cues are there: big grille with running horse, three-element taillights, vents in the quarter panels, and the iconic long nose/short deck profile. The ‘67s are a bit bigger, yes, but they’re more comfortable inside and there were significant upgrades under the skin to make them even better to drive. What are we getting at? If you like the look of this 1967 Ford Mustang convertible, you’ll love the way it drives.

A quick glance at the door tag confirms that this car was ordered new with the right look: code T Candyapple Red paint. It has been recently repainted and they did a pretty darned good job of it, since it shows a fantastic shine, decent gaps, and straight bodywork underneath. It isn’t perfect, of course, but it’s an above-average driver-grade car that’s quite attractive from any angle. And while there are a few floor patches on the undercarriage, we see no evidence of wholesale panel replacement or botched bodywork, making this a Mustang you can own and enjoy with pride. The red is just right, bold and rich, and given today’s modern paint technology, it should look great for years to come with only modest maintenance. There’s also good chrome on this car—the bumpers look new, the bright trim on the taillights and trunk is quite nice, and even the grille remains in nice shape. If you want a vintage Mustang that you can drive without worries while still gathering those appreciative looks, this might be it.

The black interior is also how this car was originally ordered and it was likely replaced when the paint was refinished. Bucket seats, a center console with “garage” storage, and a familiar twin cockpit look that defines Mustangs to this day. The carpets, seat covers, and probably the dash pad were replaced, and the handsome door panels with their bright aluminized inserts look quite fresh, so they’re likely recent as well. The gauges appear to be original and show some age, so you’ll have to find the center button for the right-hand gauge pod, but the gauges themselves are operational. Unfortunately, both the radio and the clock are not working, but an upgrade in the entertainment department wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Experts will also spot that this is a factory A/C car, and while it’s not hooked up, most of the original components are included and getting it operational should not be terribly challenging (we might even recommend using modern hardware for improved performance). There’s a black convertible top that’s in decent condition, although the rear window’s zipper has a popped seam so it doesn’t quite seal up properly. However, if you’re using your Mustang convertible properly, the top will be for emergencies only and it does keep the rain out. There’s also a nicely finished trunk with no signs of critical rust or damage and a reproduction plaid mat.

Check the VIN and you’ll see a ‘C’ in the fifth spot, which means a 289 cubic inch V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor and 200 horsepower. It’s a great choice for your cruiser: reliable, smooth, and torquey with no special needs. Get in, turn the key, and go! We don’t have any history on rebuilds, but it starts easily, idles smoothly, and drives quite well. There’s plenty of oil pressure, no smoke or strange noises, and even when it’s cold, throttle response is snappy. We can see that the carburetor has been recently rebuilt, there’s a Pertronix ignition system hidden inside the original distributor, and a fresh water pump was installed just a few weeks ago. A chrome air cleaner adds a little dress-up to the otherwise pretty OEM-looking engine bay, with Ford Blue being the dominant theme. Power steering and power disc brakes are welcome additions as well, making this Mustang extremely easy to drive for just about anyone.

Underneath, it’s driver grade, so don’t start thinking you’re going to display it with mirrors under it. However, the C4 3-speed automatic transmission shifts crisply and the 8-inch rear end is full of 2.79 gears, so it’s a relaxed cruiser that keeps up with traffic effortlessly. The brakes have been recently serviced, there are some new front end pieces, and the Flowmaster exhaust system sounds fantastic, with just the right V8 growl. There are a few of the usual patches in the floor, with about a 12x12 section under the passenger’s feet being replaced, but we see no signs of trouble today. The original reinforcements are still in place, the rocker panels and pinch welds are in great shape, and the torque boxes (very important on an early Mustang) are completely solid. Not perfect, but ideal for driving where you don’t have to worry about road grime ruining your day. The ride is supple enough to handle the roughest roads and those handsome Torque Thrust wheels are an excellent choice, with these carrying fat 225/60/15 BFGoodrich radials with very few miles on them.

This is one of those Mustangs that’s easy to like. It’s always ready to go, it’s very user-friendly, and the colors can’t be beat. If you’re confused about pedigrees and prices and all the other things that get in the way of having a good time, spend some time looking this one over and maybe it’ll start to make sense. It asks for very little, it will always be the center of attention, and it drives so well you’ll want to take it to work every single day. There are a few little details to upgrade, all of which will add value, and you’ll never have to worry about getting your money out of it—Mustangs like this are always in demand. Give us a call today!

Vehicle: 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115143
Mileage: 91,627
VIN: 7T03C226507
Engine: 289 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 2.79
Wheelbase: 108 inches
Wheels: 15-inch Torque Thrust
Tires: 225/60/15 BFGoodrich T/A radial
Exterior Color: Candyapple Red
Interior Color: Black vinyl
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