1946 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible - SOLD
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The reflections show that it's super straight and as a California car, it never needed any major reconstructive surgery during the restoration, so it feels tight and solid.

V8 Fords are simply great cars. If you look at them on paper you just won’t get it, and that would be a mistake. They’re quick, agile, fun-to-drive cars that have been at the top of many collectors’ wish lists for decades for a very good reason. 1946 Fords like this Super Deluxe convertible coupe have always held a special appeal for Ford aficionados simply because they’re somewhat rarer than their later siblings and have a number of unique features that, depending on who you ask, make them more attractive. If you’re looking to add a car to your collection or just starting out, please come take a look at this beautiful black convertible because you’ll probably find that there’s a lot to love here.

This handsome black ragtop was restored in the late 1990s out in California, where it spent most of its life. The restorer was a former president of the V8 Ford Club, which suggests that he knew his stuff and how to get the right parts. The results certainly bear this out, with beautiful bodywork and chrome that still look great twenty years later. Black is a somewhat unusual color for these cars but you can’t say it doesn’t look great on the fat fenders and curvaceous sheetmetal. The design was all-new in 1942, so it still looked fresh in ’46 when production resumed, and you’ll note the unique details include the rectangular parking lights above the grille, red accents on the grille itself, side trim with a wonderful stamped relief that adds some interest, and the long fender spears that make the car look long and low. The reflections show that it’s super straight and as a California car, it never needed any major reconstructive surgery during the restoration, so it feels tight and solid. Yes, there are signs of use here and there, but nothing you’ll spot easily or that needs attention, and even the chrome trim still looks fantastic. It’s also loaded up with accessories such as a grille guard, fog lights, twin spotlights, and bumper ends in back.

The gray interior is a nice change from the usual red or tan, and it was quite accurately restored with the rest of the car. The patterns are correct and the Bedford cord used on the seating surfaces is comfortable enough for a convertible, which obviously sees a lot of sun. There are gray carpets under a correct rubber mat and the steering wheel was beautifully re-cast in two-tone gray to match, a feature we’ve never seen before. You’ll note that the instruments have correct red lettering and all the knobs are correctly labeled and made of the proper cream-colored plastic. All the gauges work, the clock ticks away, the accessory heater is a nice addition for cool nights, and the original AM radio powers up and makes noise—we can’t tune anything inside our showroom but it should work outside. Both spotlights work, too. Fresh weather seals were installed when the car was restored, so it seals up reasonably well for a vintage convertible, and the tan canvas top powers itself up and down quite nicely and stows under a matching tan canvas boot. The trunk is correctly detailed with a rubber mat and a matching spare wheel and whitewall tire. The springs on the trunk lid are a little weak, but that’s an easy fix.

But the real reason you want to own a V8 Ford is that 239 cubic inch flathead V8 living under the hood. As I said, the numbers on paper don’t tell the whole story: the sound, the torque, the eagerness, none of it shows up in what you’re reading. Hit the switch and push the button and this well-tuned flatty fires up quickly (there’s an electric fuel pump for priming, but we’ve never had to use it) and instantly idles well with just a little choke. It’s silky smooth, eager to rev, and makes the most wonderful mechanical sounds. It’s completely stock under the hood and was correctly finished when it was restored, including Ford Blue on the engine itself, a proper oil bath air cleaner, a 2-barrel carburetor, and generator up there on top still putting out six volts. You can forget about the rumors of overheating that you’ve undoubtedly heard about, they’re a non-issue in this Ford (and most others, by the way—it’s mostly a myth) and with fresh wiring throughout, it’s a reliable runner. The only think you’ll note is missing is the glass washer fluid bottle on the firewall, we don’t know what happened, but it would be easy enough to replace and get that system working (the button is still on the dash).

On the road, the 3-speed manual transmission shifts cleanly and with 3.55 gears in back, it’s a comfortable 55-60 MPH cruiser, so forget about that nonsense regarding slow old cars. More importantly, the flathead V8 feels energetic and loves to zip around town where you can enjoy the sound of the dual exhaust system and old-school glasspack mufflers, a sound that’s been cultivated over the past 60 years. It’s joyous in operation. The suspension feels durable and it doesn’t exactly ignore bumps, but the car feels so tough that you just don’t mind them. 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes are plenty powerful for the car’s performance and it stops straight without any drama. You can see plenty of evidence of clean California living underneath, with floors that are in exemplary condition and aren’t hiding under layers of paint or undercoating. It isn’t detailed for show, but it’s also obvious that this has never, ever been a rusty car. The exhaust system is new, the frame is undamaged, and you’ll note that the springs are still wrapped, an important part of keeping the ride supple and quiet. A new gas tank hangs out back. Color-matched steel wheels are beautifully finished with red pinstripes and correct 1946 hubcaps and trim rings, and it rides on reproduction 6.00-16 Firestone wide whites, Henry’s favorite tires (mostly because Harvey Firestone was a good friend).

If this is one of those times where you have to take a drive to be convinced, then please do. This lovely Ford is a delight to drive in every way. It’s also gorgeous to look at and while not perfect, still presents as a very high-grade V8 Ford. It’s also quite affordable given the quality of the workmanship and the fun it represents. Look around a bit, then take a closer look at this handsome black ragtop. We think you’ll catch flathead fever, and there are not many better cars to use as the cure. Call today!

Vehicle: 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115171
Mileage: 71,588
VIN: 99A898389
Engine: 239 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.55
Wheelbase: 114 inches
Wheels: 16-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 6.00-16 Firestone wide whitewall
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Gray cloth
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