1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan - $32,900
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But the real reason this car is special is up front, where you’ll find a vintage 354 cubic inch HEMI V8, built to run and tuned for the street.

If you were there (or just wish you were) at the dawn of hot-rodding, then cars like this slick little 1931 Ford tudor sedan should feel right. In a world awash in cookie-cutter rods built from catalogs, the core ingenuity of hot-rodding remains 100% intact in cars like this. There’s no recipe, no formula, just a car built to suit one guy’s tastes from parts that he could find, trade, or buy, almost all of which are genuine old parts, not fresh stuff from Summit Racing. It’s chopped, channeled, and shaved, it’s stuffed full of vintage HEMI V8, and it’s got a fully finished interior that makes it a lot of fun to drive without feeling like you’re being punished. That’s old school done right!

From the satin paint to the chopped top to the ’32 Ford grille shell, this Model A has a decidedly vintage look. Workmanship is better than you’d expect at this price, with an invisible top chop that fits together beautifully and doors that latch with precision. Up close, you’ll find other trick details like the unique scallops around the taillights and fuel filler that are actually molded into the steel to add some contrast. The windshield visor was drilled just because it looks cool and the recessed firewall was painted off-white to offer a traditional look that should seem familiar. The top is properly finished with long-grain vinyl the way Henry did it and even the Model A’s cowl-mounted gas cap is still in place, although obviously no longer connected to the gas tank. Big commercial-style headlights are a great look, and you’ll note neat custom stanchions for the front shocks that look like flames—just one of many neat little details throughout this car. Traditional pinstripe work highlights the Model A’s beltline trim, as well as a number of other details throughout. This car looks like it just drove out of 1958!

Unlike many other rods designed to emulate the past, this one has a completely finished interior that looks great and provides better than average comfort for cruising. A low-slung bench seat provides decent head room even in the chopped body, although you’ll have a legs-forward driving position that’s more MG than Model A. Handsome two-tone vinyl upholstery keeps the chopped bodywork from making it feel too dark inside and contrasting tan carpets look great and are nicely finished. A 1962 Oldsmobile steering wheel looks almost futuristic and the dash has been completely reworked now that there’s no gas tank to worry about. Primary controls are on the left with Stewart-Warner gauges in a center panel—and you’re seeing it correctly, there is no speedometer so we don’t know how many miles are on it. There’s more cool custom metal work on the pedals, which feature a skull-and-crossbones motif and the ultra-tall shifter handle is perfect for hanging your hand while you cruise. There is no back seat, but it’s upholstered to match and nicely finished, with an access panel for the hidden battery (there’s also an external pigtail for your battery tender).

But the real reason this car is special is up front, where you’ll find a vintage 354 cubic inch HEMI V8, built to run and tuned for the street. Topped with rare (and valuable) polished Mickey Thompson Hemi aluminum valve covers and cool copper paint that contrasts nicely with the green bodywork. On top there is a pair of vintage Strombergs on an equally vintage intake manifold of unknown origin, but it sure looks cool. A modified GM distributor lights it up and a tiny modern alternator provides plenty of juice for the minimalist Tudor. Beautiful chrome headers from Sanderson have baffles inside, so it’s not painfully loud but it’s certainly aggressive; fortunately there are provisions for a full exhaust system built right in, so if it’s more than you can handle that’s an easy option. A massive aluminum radiator has no problems keeping the great-running HEMI nice and cool and thanks to expert tuning, it starts easily, idles nicely, and drives like you’d hope it would. Who says you need a Chevy crate motor to drive your rod? You could take this one cross-country tomorrow! In a sea of garden-variety hot rods and rat rods, this beautifully sorted engine makes this car stand out in a big way!

For the transmission, the builders chose a Hot Head adapter system so they could use a bulletproof GM TH350 3-speed automatic, and that’s probably a smart choice behind the warmed-over HEMI. Service is easy, parts are plentiful, and its reliability is legendary so it’s good that it’s in there. The original Model A frame has been reinforced and upgraded with custom cross-members and gussets for the new transmission, so it feels sturdy going down the road, not flimsy like a lot of these rods. The front suspension is a familiar dropped I-beam with a transverse leaf spring with the GM 10-bolt rear end hanging on trailing arms and another transverse spring. Very cool Buick finned aluminum drums up front add to the vintage rod look (have you priced those lately?) and there’s a transmission cooler built into the frame, which is kind of clever. Modest 3.50 gears mean it’s a decent cruiser even at highway speeds, although obviously you’re not going to drive this thing coast-to-coast (or are you just that kind of madman?). Fresh Rocket Racing polished aluminum wheels have a definite old-school look and sit on ultra-traditional wide whites, 5.56-15s in front and big 8.90-15s in back.

This is not your average hot rod. It wasn’t built with parts from a catalog and it isn’t for doughy old guys who need power steering and A/C to feel at home. No, this is a rod built the way they were done when the hobby was still young and full of guys who were just making it up as they went along. It’s also proof that there’s a lot of fun to be had in a car that doesn’t play by the rules, because it’s just a blast to drive. If all that sounds like your cup of tea, give us a call because this rockabilly little Ford is ready to go! Call today!

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Vehicle: 1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan
Price: $32,900
Stock Number: 116047
Mileage: N/A
VIN: A4549497
Engine: 354 cubic inch HEMI V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.5
Wheelbase: 103.5 inches
Wheels: 15-inch Budnik billet aluminum
Tires: Front: 5.60-15, Rear: 8.90-15 Firestone whitewall
Exterior Color: Satin Green
Interior Color: Tan cloth and vinyl
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