1995 Chevrolet Impala SS - $19,900
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Of course, the Impala you want to own is one that hasn’t been abused, modified, or simply treated like a used car, and this fantastic Black Cherry 1995 Impala SS certainly qualifies.

Big cars with big engines is nothing new, but somehow Chevrolet hit on exactly the right combination with the final Impala SS of the mid-1990s. Maybe it was because it was the last full-sized rear-wheel-drive car Chevy would build, or maybe it was the sweet final-generation small block V8, or maybe, just maybe, it was because it was big, bold, and needed no excuses. You wanted a big car that could kick ass and take names, the Impala SS was your machine. Others tried to duplicate the formula (Mercury Marauder), but there was obviously something more to it, because none enjoyed the success of the Impala. In fact, as a testament to the Impala’s enduring popularity, it’s one of the rare late-model cars that never depreciated—they’re worth about the same today as they were when they were new. That’s a real clue to the specialness of these cars: there was never a time when people didn’t want them, yesterday and today.

Of course, the Impala you want to own is one that hasn’t been abused, modified, or simply treated like a used car, and this fantastic Black Cherry 1995 Impala SS certainly qualifies. With just one elderly owner, it shows only 57,740 original miles and is completely stock except for some aftermarket mufflers just add a little rumble. It’s beautifully maintained and many fans would argue that Black Cherry is the best possible color—less common than black and not quite as odd as the blue/green. It has obviously never seen snow or salt and that’s 100% factory paint on its flanks, so you know rust and bondo are non-issues here. GM’s build quality on the full-sized B-bodies was well above average and it seems that the guys bolting the Impalas together took their time because this thing fits together beautifully. Good gaps all around, doors that close with remarkable precision, and no signs of the half-hearted workmanship that was a GM hallmark for so many years. Despite the fact that it’s approaching its 25th birthday, this SS shines up beautifully and looks wicked with its body-colored grille, small lip spoiler on the trunk, and no-nonsense demeanor. In fact, the SS’s radiused rear wheel arches and D-pillar cut line looked so good that they decided to do it for all the Caprices, neatly curing all that car’s styling woes. If there’s a better-looking big sedan than this, I’d like to see it.

All Impalas received a gray leather interior that was pure traditional American luxury. Big, wide seats, acres of legroom, and enough insulation to make the outside world seem very far away. Buckets and a console were standard, but the shifter was still on the column in 1995, so there’s useful storage space in the middle and it feels very familiar when you slide behind the wheel. Digital gauges were still a thing at GM, so you do get a digital speedometer flanked by simple analog gauges around its perimeter. Everything GM could imagine was standard equipment, including A/C (blows ice cold), power windows, locks, seats, and mirrors, a tilt steering column, rear defroster, cruise control, trip computer, and a decent-sounding AM/FM/cassette stereo system. With so few miles and great care over the years, the leather remains in first-class condition and the padding underneath is still firm and comfortable, making this the ultimate road trip machine. Carpets, headliner, and dash pad are likewise excellent and it looks like the back seat has never been used. Some subtle embroidery unique to the SS adds a custom look, but the moment you turn the key you know this isn’t your average luxury barge. Of course, something this big comes with a positively giant trunk, which is still outfitted with its original spare tire that’s never been used.

You couldn’t get the LT1-derived 5.7 liter V8 in anything other than the Impala SS, and that’s why these cars are special. Big V8 torque and a willingness to rev make the Impala feel smaller than it is and thanks to decades of development, they remain bulletproof reliable. They’re also insanely easy to modify for more performance, thanks to a booming aftermarket, but if you want one that hasn’t been screwed up by a backyard mechanic, look no further. From the air cleaner to the exhaust manifolds, this one remains 100% stock with only normal maintenance items replaced over the years. And like any late-model fuel-injected engine, it starts instantly, idles perfectly, and offers a big whack of low-end torque to get off the line. The engine bay is clean and well-dressed, showing no signs of use in winter weather and it retains all its original markings, decals and even OEM hose clamps. Someone cared bout keeping this one as correct as possible. It hustles the big sedan around without ever seeming to work very hard and it just loafs along on the highway, pulling down decent (if not amazing) fuel economy for such a big car. It just works like you want it to.

Some of the greatness of its performance is attributable to the 700R4 4-speed automatic transmission, which is durable and quick-witted enough to keep the V8 spinning in its sweet spot, but with a deep overdrive, it just loafs along on the highway. The SS also received a well-tuned suspension that’s almost an ideal blend of comfort and control, featuring expensive deCarbon shocks, which have been recently replaced on this car. You’ll note that the stock exhaust system is still intact, although the original mufflers have been replaced with Flowmasters that sound good without ever getting too noisy—it still cruises on the highway like a luxury car. 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS were standard equipment and you can see just by looking around underneath that this car has never seen any weather more severe than a spring rain shower. There’s the usual surface rust on the heavy metal pieces of the suspension, but floors, trunk, rockers, and other important areas are completely untouched. It starts, runs, stops, and steers like it did 24 years ago, and that’s the important thing. It also carries original 17-inch wheels, which were unique to the Impala SS and have been recently refinished, along with a set of new 255/50/17 performance radials.

Documentation includes the original window sticker, owner’s manual, warranty booklet, and wallet key.

These were cool cars in 1995 and they’re even cooler today where they have more presence than anything this side of a black dually pickup. It cruises through traffic like a great white shark, bigger and meaner than anything around it, and it’s awesome to see the way traffic scuttles out of your way when you’re hammering down the highway. Better yet, it’s supremely comfortable and serene inside in the best tradition of American luxury cars. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS
Price: $19,900
Stock Number: 116090
Odometer Reading: 57,734
VIN: 1G1BL52P2SR122924
Engine: 350 cubic inch LT1 V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.08
Wheelbase: 115.9 inches
Wheels: 17-inch aluminum wheels
Tires: 255/50/17 performance radials
Exterior Color: Black Cherry
Interior Color: Gray leather
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