1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible - SOLD
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To sum up: it’s a big block, it’s matching-numbers, it’s documented, it’s loaded with options, and it’s been vetted by the best to be the best.

In this business, we’ve heard all the excuses people use to not buy a car. My wife won’t let me buy it, I wanted a different color, I really wanted a 4-speed, I need it to be matching-numbers. Whatever. Nothing about this hobby is logical or practical and it isn’t supposed to be—it’s about fun. Still, people are always looking for a way to save a buck or skip the process entirely and just keep their money in their pockets. We get it. Nevertheless, this 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible is exciting because it should eliminate all the usual excuses (except the wife one, which is always embarrassing for everyone involved). The important stuff is this: matching-numbers L36 427/390, matching-numbers 4-speed manual transmission, original color combination, factory A/C, power windows, telescoping steering column, AM/FM radio, power brakes, power steering, leather seats, side pipes, and aluminum wheels. Oh, and it’s a Triple Crown winner too (NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold, and Vettefest Gold Spinner). To sum up: it’s a big block, it’s matching-numbers, it’s documented, it’s loaded with options, and it’s been vetted by the best to be the best. So if you have complaints and excuses, just stop here. This car deserves better.

When faced with a car of this caliber it’s tough to know where to start, so we’ll just start with the obvious: it’s GORGEOUS! Code 986 Silver Pearl is the car’s original color and it was a reasonably popular choice in 1967 with 1952 Corvettes painted this way. With the correct big block hood and black stinger, it certainly looks purposeful, but the silver paint also makes it look timeless so it’ll never seem dated like many of its siblings. Obviously to win all those awards it has to be nice, and you’d better believe it’s beautiful. The restoration was finished in the early 2000s so there’s some age on it, but with only 633 miles since then, there are virtually zero signs of use. Panel gaps are excellent, the finish is deep and shiny, and I have to admit that I’ve never experienced a Mid-Year Corvette that feels as solid and well-assembled as this one. The doors click closed, the hood pops without any effort, and given how it drives, my guess is that it is probably better than new in every way (I wasn’t there, but I can’t imagine any Corvette being better than this one on the road). Chrome is excellent, the emblems and lenses are new, and even the side mirror is correct not a low-grade repro. Come see and touch this thing in person and you’ll get it.

Code 402 is black leather, and again, that’s how the car was originally spec’d and that’s what is in it today. Aside from a few minor wrinkles in the usual spots on the driver’s lower seat cushion, it remains in exceptional condition and everything was new at the time of restoration. EVERYTHING. Carpets, door panels, dash pad, gauges, chrome, emblems, and that lovely woodgrained steering wheel, all new. Everything works, too, including all the gauges, the clock, and the AM/FM radio, which even has a correct operation tag hanging from its knob. Factory A/C was exceedingly rare on a Corvette convertible (only 3788 1967 Corvettes total were so equipped, with only a relative handful being ragtops), and the unique dashboard vents are testament that this was a factory-installed system not an aftermarket add-on. The system works like it should, too, so no excuses there. Power windows zip up and down and the switchgear all feels precise, not sloppy so someone was sweating the details here. Aftermarket floor mats protect the carpets, but those are the lone non-stock items inside. There’s also a correct black convertible top with the all-important tag still on the seam and it folds up or down easily and without a fight. Getting the picture?

OK, the important stuff is under the hood. That is the original, numbers-matching L36 427 cubic inch V8 with a correct IL suffix code denoting a 427/390 with a manual transmission. It has an assembly date about a month before the car’s build date and there’s a partial matching VIN stamped there, too. It isn’t a restamp or a fake, so don’t start that nonsense because it has already been checked and certified by the proper authorities on the matter. And as long as we’re checking numbers, the block is a correct 3904351 casting, the carburetor is a correct Holley R3811A #3906633-EO, the alternator is a 11007750 (unique to A/C cars with transistorized ignition like this one), and the distributor is a 1111294. Everything is in order.

The L36 uses a hydraulic cam, which is why it’s able to carry A/C, power brakes, and power steering, and with a 4-barrel carburetor it’s very user-friendly. It starts quickly and easily, idles well without any fussiness even when it’s cold, and with a mountain of torque available at any speed, well, there’s almost no hurdle you can’t clear in this car. Just want to idle around in traffic? No problem, it stays nice and cool. Want to dance and sing with your foot on the floor? It does that even better. As far as I have been able to ascertain, this car has no vices, no bad habits, and is so beautifully sorted that I had to drive it twice just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. As I said, I suspect this car might be better than new in every way. The detailing is certainly correct, from the chrome air cleaner with reproduction decals to the shielding on the ignition components to the Frigidaire A/C compressor to the aluminum pulley on the alternator—this car won all those awards for a reason. And with only 633 miles since then, it remains quite crisp and beautifully preserved.

We have also verified that the Muncie M20 underneath is the original, numbers-matching transmission and the rear end is date-coded 4-10-67, about two months before the car was built, which is as close to “numbers matching” as you can get with a rear end. It feels like there are 3.36 gears inside and there’s a limited slip so go ahead and do some 4000 RPM clutch drops—you won’t hurt it. You’ll note that the supporting components are exceptionally well detailed with assembly markings and satin black paint as needed. The side pipes sure make a lot of room underneath, and you can see that the floors are immaculate and unmarked and even the critical areas of the frame just ahead of the rear wheels are as-new. Yeah, OK, there’s a little seepage on the power steering setup, but there’s no avoiding that, and maybe there are a few dried water drops here and there left over from the last time it had a water bath. There’s a matching spare in the well and as with everything else on this car, it’s correct and it’s new. Side pipes are always awesome on a big block Corvette, however they can get tiresome. But not on this car, which uses correct factory side pipes, not the aftermarket junk, the sound—while still epic—is not the ear-splitting roar you’re used to on garden-variety cars. Just about the only item on the entire car that will get you a downvote from the judges are those 205/75/15 redline radials, which were recently installed and ride great.

Documentation is extensive, including a rather significant pile of awards from all the big judging organizations (Bloomington Gold, NCRS, AACA, Vettefest, etc.). It also comes with a reproduction owner’s manual, Owner Protection Plan booklet, and radio instructions.

We’ve heard all the excuses, so let’s not waste anyone’s time here. If you want the best Corvette we’ve ever seen (by a mile!) and what is quite likely one of the best of its kind anywhere, this ’67 convertible is flat-out amazing. It has a bulletproof pedigree, it looks fantastic, it’s fully functional, it drives extremely well, and it has the awards to back it up. Bring your big boy pants but leave your excuses at home, because this is the big block Corvette you’ve been waiting for. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 116130
Mileage: 633 (since restoration)
VIN: 194677S122422
Engine: 427 cubic inch L36 V8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.36
Wheelbase: 98 inches
Wheels: 15-inch aluminum wheels
Tires: 205/75/15 redline radial
Exterior Color: Silver Pearl
Interior Color: Black leather
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