1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 - SOLD
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For all-around Mustang goodness at a reasonable price, it’s pretty hard to beat the Mach 1.

1969 can probably be best described as “peak muscle.” Every automaker realized that performance sells and was in the process of rolling out some of the most awesome machinery of the era. Ford’s Mustang, already a huge success, offered a seemingly endless list of options to custom-tailor the original pony car to a buyer’s tastes, as well as a wide variety of distinct packages: GT, Mach 1, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT500, and, of course, the Boss brothers. If there wasn’t a Mustang that tickled your fancy, you weren’t looking hard enough. While the Boss siblings were built with competition in mind (homologation, more specifically), the Mach 1 kind of took the place of the defunct GT and GTA models—performance with a touch of luxury thrown in. The base engine was a burly 351, buckets and woodgraining were standard inside, and an extra 55 pounds of sound deadening made it feel more substantial than many of its peers. And boy did it look awesome! For all-around Mustang goodness at a reasonable price, it’s pretty hard to beat the Mach 1.

So how do you make a cool car even cooler? How about this one-owner (no joke) 1969 Mach 1 with just 53,568 original miles? It has been a toy car all its life, never a daily driver, and aside from a repaint in the mid-90s, it remains almost entirely original. This well-optioned sportsroof drives like a properly maintained original car, too, with minimal squeaks and rattles and a buttoned-down feeling that’s almost impossible to restore back into a car. The original owner bought it when he was 33 years old, so it was never subject to the punishment a younger owner might throw at such a car, and for most of its life it was simply saved for leisurely sunny day drives or stored in a heated garage. In short, if you want a vintage Mustang, this is the right one to buy.

Code T5 Candyapple Red is the car’s original color and after 25 years of fun, it was due for a freshening. Fortunately, despite being sold in Pittsburgh, PA and living its life in northeastern Ohio, it had never seen snowy weather—that meant good, clean sheetmetal with no issues. The refinish included the correct blackout hood treatment, rocker stripes, and Mach 1 callouts, and despite another 25 years of fun, it still looks great. Panel gaps are just the way the factory did it because the car was not completely blown apart, and the doors close with a surprising solidity that most Mustangs seem to lack. You’ll note this car carries a dealer-installed chin spoiler, but the hood pins and scoop were part of the Mach 1 package (and yes, the turn signals on the back of the scoop work properly!). And for my money, the 1969 Mustang is the best-looking pony ever built, from the quad headlights to the scoops in the quarters to the little ducktail on the rear deck. It’s aggressive, but not over-done and I like that a lot.

Aside from the carpets, the black “Comfort-Weave” interior is entirely original, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the mileage. Buckets and a console were part of the deal and all that woodgraining on the dash, console, and steering wheel were part of the upscale image Ford wanted for the Mach 1. The seat covers are in great shape and the foam underneath is still comfortable and firm, and the only real demerit is a small tear in the side of the driver’s seat back. The dash pad hasn’t been cooked by the sun, the woodgrained appliques aren’t faded, and the headliner is still taut—the car has obviously been loved. The rim-blow steering wheel is in great shape, too, and the original owner had the foresight to order a 4-speed manual with his Mach 1, making this car a ton of fun to drive on the street. Of course, the Hurst shifter and cue ball knob are aftermarket, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way. A full complement of gauges monitor all the car’s vitals and they all work like they should, although the unique clock on the passenger’s side is sadly not operational. A glance at the Marti Report says this car was originally equipped with just an AM radio, but somewhere along the line they added a correct AM/FM stereo head unit that looks right and sounds decent using a pair of speakers in the rear quarters. Mustang-logo floor mats protect those replacement carpets and the Mustang fastback is one of the more practical muscle cars thanks to the fold-down rear seat. The trunk is correctly outfitted with what appears to be the original mat and perhaps even the original spare Goodyear Polyglas tire that doesn’t appear to have ever been used.

The standard engine in the Mach 1 was a 2-barrel equipped 351 Windsor, but this bright red Mach carries the optional M-code 4-barrel version, which is this car’s original, numbers-matching engine. Rated at 290 horsepower and a rather stout 385 pounds of torque, the 4V 351W is entertaining on the road—that’s as much horsepower power as a Boss 302 but a whopping 95 extra lb-ft. of torque in a package that weighs only about 120 pounds more. Given the legendary durability of the Windsor family of V8s, the light usage, and only 53,568 original miles this one is healthy and strong and ready to have fun with you. The engine has been lightly detailed at some point, mostly with fresh Ford Blue paint, but if you look closely you’ll see a lot of originality and factory-correct parts. The inner fenders and firewall are in great shape, so you know it’s never been rusty or wrecked, and it’s always reassuring to see OEM ignition components and correct cast iron exhaust manifolds. In fact, we suspect that even the alternator and exhaust system are original to the car, although it’s hard to be sure. It starts easily, idles well, and does indeed pull the Mach 1 around with enthusiasm. It doesn’t mind revving a bit, so the 4-speed is an asset, yet it’s docile enough to sit in traffic without getting fussy. Add in power steering and power front disc brakes and you have a fast, fun Mustang that’s easy for anyone to manage in today’s world.

The undercarriage has a light dusting of undercoating that has probably been there since 1969, but absolutely no signs of rust or accident damage. The critical areas like the rockers and torque boxes are excellent and the sheetmetal is 100% OEM. The wide-ratio Toploader 4-speed manual was the single most expensive option in this Mach 1, a rather substantial $204.64, but it transforms the car’s personality—would you want it any other way? As we said, the exhaust system might be original, but there’s plenty of evidence of recent maintenance, including power steering components, newer shocks, a fuel pump, belts and hoses, starter, and upper ball joints, all of which make this car ready to drive. Yes, there’s some road grime, some seepage at a few of the seals, but absolutely nothing that suggests that this is anything other than a well-maintained 51-year-old Mustang. Original styled steel wheels were standard equipment, and they’re wrapped in 205/70/14 Goodyear radials that are probably only the third set of tires this car has ever worn.

Documentation includes a framed Deluxe Marti Report that verifies everything I’ve just told you.

This is one of those special cars that gets all the important stuff right, and the price is still within reach. It has a great history, low mileage, and a list of desirable options, all wrapped in what is arguably the most attractive sheetmetal ever applied to a Mustang. It’s turn-key, ready to enjoy and it’s not so perfect that you’ll worry every time you take it out—believe me, that can be very liberating. Just as it was in 1969, the Mach 1 offers a great combination of looks, performance, and style all out of proportion to its price. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 117005
Mileage: 53,568
VIN: 9T02M173952
Engine: 351 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.25
Wheelbase: 108 inches
Wheels: 14-inch styled steel wheels
Tires: 205/70/14 Goodyear radial
Exterior Color: Candyapple Red
Interior Color: Black vinyl
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