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Depending on who you ask, 906 or 914 Hurst/Olds were built, with this car being serial number 1, the first one built.

The best cars aren’t just the rarest or most valuable, but also cars with a great story behind them. This stunning 1969 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds qualifies in every possible way. Most importantly it is serial number 1, the very first 1969 Hurst/Olds built and yes, it’s documented. This brute wears a very high-quality frame-off restoration and it’s loaded with virtually every option you could get on your new Hurst/Olds, including cold A/C, power windows, and Rocket Rally Gauges. It runs and drives superbly, with a big fat whack of big block torque at any speed, but as an Oldsmobile there’s still enough luxury to make this a grown-up’s muscle car. Yeah, you could say we really like this car.

The Hurst/Olds story is fascinating and is a big part of why these cars are special. The first-year ’68 Hurst/Olds was a big success and they sold every one they could build, but for 1969 they wanted to do something bigger and better. That meant more power—a lot more—but with GM’s rules against more than 400 cubic inches in a mid-sized car, the 400 was all they could offer.

Or was it?

The myth says that Hurst Performance Research installed the 455 cubic inch V8s in the 1969 Hurst/Olds, but the truth is GM did most of the work for them—that story was intended to get management to look the other way while they did it. Primarily for certification and VIN purposes, the W-46 455 cubic inch V8 was installed on the Lansing assembly line, then the completed cars were taken across the street to Demmer Engineering where they were converted to Hurst specifications. The conversion included the Frostfire Gold stripes, the rear wing, and that big honkin’ hood scoop, which was bolted to the factory steel hood and fed the carburetor through a crude hole cut with a hacksaw. The 455 got a different camshaft that was actually tamer than the one used in the ’68 400, but with more cubes it still grunted out 380 horsepower and a towering 500 pounds of torque with impeccable smoothness. The only transmission available was a bulletproof TH400 3-speed automatic topped by a Hurst Dual Gate shifter. Add in some special SSII wheels, some badges, and gold stripes on the headrests, and you have one of the most iconic GM muscle cars ever built. I mean, just look at the thing!

Depending on who you ask, 906 or 914 Hurst/Olds (Oldses?) were built, with this car being serial number 1, the first one built. Even George Hurst’s personal car was serial number 3. VINs are not sequential, however—the guys at Demmer just went out in the parking lot and grabbed a car to keep the line moving. It was sold originally to Ronald M. Martin of Decatur, Georgia, who placed a $50 deposit to get one as soon as he saw the first ad for it in “Popular Mechanics.” We don’t have any history for the ‘70s and ‘80s, but in the early ‘90s it was purchased by Monte Costolo, who was responsible for the spectacular restoration it currently wears. The car was purchased by its most current caretaker in 2001 and has been used sparingly enough to keep it in excellent condition but often enough to be quite healthy. It’s just gorgeous in person and man, this sucker has some SWAGGER! It makes the Plymouth Superbird parked next to it look like a rental.

Paint and bodywork are quite good, showing almost no signs of use or age beyond some very minor checking on the deck lid—so minor we can’t eve photograph it. The rest is exceptional with great panel fit, a fantastic gloss to the code 50 Cameo White paint, and the distinctive Firefrost Gold stripes are surrounded by black pinstripes, which were painted just like they were at the factory. The hood scoop and spoiler are original components, the chrome and stainless trim has been fully restored, and it even carries authentic T3 headlights up front and NOS exhaust tips out back. If it wasn’t so nasty, I’d almost say it’s pretty.

The only way you could get your Hurst/Olds was with code 930 black bucket seats, and most of the equipment inside is standard Oldsmobile Cutlass. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it includes the three instrument pods with the U21 Rocket Rally Pac gauges, including a functional tick-tock-tach. The window sticker that accompanies this car also identifies factory A/C (only about 300 of the cars were equipped with A/C), power windows, the M34 3-spoke sport steering wheel, AM/FM radio with Bi-Phonic rear speaker, and an unusual remote trunk release. Everything inside the car is new and still in fantastic condition with almost no signs of use. Everything works, too, including the A/C and radio, and since it’s an Oldsmobile, it’s a bit quieter inside than your garden-variety Chevelle. Some burled walnut appliques warm it up inside and a mini console features the famous Dual Gate shifter, which, interestingly enough, Mr. Gasket still warranties. The trunk is likewise correctly detailed with a reproduction mat, full-sized spare on an SSII wheel, and factory jack assembly.

But it’s the hardware that makes this car special. The moment you key up that W-46 455 cubic inch V8 you know this car isn’t your father’s Oldsmobile. Actually, the W-46 option was the SSII wheels and Goodyear Polyglas tires with no mention of the 455 engine on any of the paperwork, another little trick they played to stay off the radar. At any rate, it was fully rebuilt and has about 2000 miles on the restoration today, so it’s ready to rock. The correct air cleaner assembly uses a flapper valve that Demmer borrowed from a Cobra Jet Mustang and feeds a 4-barrel carburetor on top of a unique cast iron intake that was Hurst/Olds only. The heads are proper “D” castings, although the exhaust manifolds are from a big block 442 (we’re guessing the car wore headers from an early date). Bright Rocket Red paint makes the engine stand out in the engine bay and it is highly detailed with correct hose clamps, decals, and other hardware. It starts easily, idles smoothly, and pulls the A-body around with genuine enthusiasm. It’s been a long time since you’ve had this much fun in a 50-year-old car.

Underneath it’s sparkling clean and thanks to a lifetime in sunny Georgia, it wears original floors and quarters. The TH400 3-speed automatic transmission is correctly tagged as an OH-69, also unique the Hurst/Olds and cars with A/C had mandatory 3.23 gears on a Posi inside the 12-bolt rear end. Oddly enough, power steering and brakes were optional, but this car has them both, along with a reproduction dual exhaust system that has that distinctive Oldsmobile sound. The front end was rebuilt, lowering springs were installed for a killer stance, the gas tank is fresh, and it feels pretty darned awesome going down the road, even when you’re not running hard. It’s currently sitting on a set of period Cragar Super Sport wheels with staggered F60-15 front and G60-15 rear Goodyear Polyglas tires, but the original SSII wheels are included with the sale.

Also be sure to check out our ride and drive video here: https://youtu.be/-0zz4ymW8PU

Documentation is VERY extensive: we have the original dealer invoice, a copy of the original window sticker, original loan documents, titles, and paperwork from both Demmer Engineering and Hurst Performance Research Corp. verifying this as serial number 1. Noted Hurst/Olds expert Kurt Karch has verified this as serial number 1 and it is listed in the 1969 Hurst/Olds registry. A full set of factory manuals are included as well as period promotional literature, photographs, specifications, press releases, and other Hurst-specific paperwork. The restoration is documented with a large pile of receipts, time sheets, and photographs showing the entire restoration start-to-finish. The list of spare parts include the aforementioned SSII wheels, original springs (it has been lowered a bit), a spare distributor, and a variety of service items.

This is one hell of a car. Performance, quality, comfort, and awesome documentation make it an A-list collectable, and not just for the Oldsmobile enthusiast. It drives superbly, it’s comfortable enough to drive every day, and offers performance that remains quite exciting even in today’s world of 700 horsepower Dodges. And no matter where you go, this sucker is going to make everything else look soft. Take a close look at the photos, then come take it for a drive. We guarantee you’ll fall in love like we did. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1969 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 117012
Mileage: 93,312
VIN: 344879M330745
Engine: 455 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.23
Wheelbase: 112 inches
Wheels: 15-inch Cragar SS
Tires: Front: F60-15, Rear G60-15 Goodyear Polyglas
Exterior Color: White and Gold
Interior Color: Black vinyl
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