1967 Dodge Monaco - SOLD
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It runs and drives superbly with no issues, no hiccups, and no reason not to embark on another cross-country drive.

Why are the best survivors always low-key cars? Maybe because the best owners who maintain their hardware are likewise low-key people. Whatever the case, this spiffy 1967 Dodge Monaco hardtop sedan is exactly the kind of car we like best--mostly original, beautifully maintained, and a pleasure to drive. It was ordered by Willard Trefrew of Vallejo, California on June 16, 1967, but an interesting note on the original order form says "Factory Drive" which indicates Mr. Trefrew went to Hamtramck to pick it up and drove it home himself. The list of options on his new Monaco included the big, honkin' 440 cubic inch mill up front, to which he also added dual exhaust to give it 375 horsepower. Sure, it's got four doors, but this thing can only be defined as a muscle car. Maybe think of it as a 4-door GTX instead.

Other goodies on the original dealer order form include factory A/C (still cold), power windows, power front seat, an AM radio with rear speaker, power steering and power front disc brakes (proudly advertised on the hubcaps), Rallye suspension, bumper guards, tinted glass, and a driver’s remote mirror. All those options added up to $4213.84—a pretty good chunk of money in 1967 and about what a Chrysler New Yorker 4-door hardtop would have cost. Clearly Mr. Trefrew knew what he wanted: he wanted a Monaco and didn’t mind paying for it.

Gold is a great period color and it appears that the paint on this Monaco has been touched up here and there but we don’t believe the car has ever been fully repainted. Thanks to a lifetime in California (Mr. Trefrew kept it until 1991, when the second owner bought it and took it to San Francisco, where it remained until 2017), the vinyl top is in great shape with no visible issues underneath. There's no evidence of previous accidents or rust, and all four doors fit well and close with a fantastic kerCHUNK sound. There are, of course, a few signs of use and a slightly amateurish touch-up on the right rear quarter where it probably grazed the side of a garage door opening, but like all good survivors, it has weathered the past 53 years and 51,000 miles rather well. I mean, there aren’t even any door dings on those vast, unprotected flanks. The chrome is in fantastic shape without even a parking ding on a bumper and those giant taillights are probably Chrysler’s best variation on that particular theme. Experts will note that this 1967 car has side marker lights, which weren't mandated until 1968, but apparently the first owner—a professional mechanic—added them after seeing them on later cars simply because he liked the look.

The black vinyl interior is positively cavernous and in great condition. It's possible that the carpets have been replaced simply because they look so good, but it also has factory floor mats front and rear so perhaps they're just very well-preserved. The dash has two big squarish pods with a full set of gauges, all of which are working correctly. You also get Chrysler's unique AM radio with vertical thumb knobs and a working rear speaker, as well as factory A/C that works extremely well thanks to correct R12 refrigerant inside. At some point, someone installed cruise control with a switch on the turn signal stalk, but that's the only non-stock modification and it almost looks OEM under the hood. The back seat is big enough for the Lakers’ starting front line and looks almost completely unused, right down to the tags on the original seat belts. And I think it’s important to note that there’s not a squeak or rattle anywhere in this car when you’re going down the road—it’s tomb-silent and feels incredibly tight, a hallmark of the best survivors. I'm not entirely positive that black carpets in the gigantic trunk are correct, but it fits quite well and adds a luxurious touch. There's also a full-sized spare with a jack assembly, plus beautiful unmarked floors and trunk extensions underneath.

The 440 cubic inch Magnum V8 is the same one that delivered legendary performance in Chrysler's most potent muscle cars, delivering 375 horsepower and 480 pounds of torque, all with hardly a vibration. There's a newer Edelbrock carburetor on top, but otherwise the engine is unmodified and runs beautifully. Quick starts, a nice idle, and plenty of grunt at virtually any speed make this big sedan feel far more expensive than it is. The engine bay is nicely detailed and shows plenty of evidence of conscientious maintenance--we have one receipt dating from just a few years ago adding up to more than $2000, which included things like a new radiator core, water pump, the aforementioned carburetor, a full brake job, master cylinder, and new mufflers. It runs and drives superbly with no issues, no hiccups, and no reason not to embark on another cross-country drive.

The original invoice shows undercoating was part of the deal in 1967 and it's still clinging to the bottom of the car, so rust is obviously a non-issue. The TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic transmission spins 3.23 gears out back and thanks to new shocks the ride is like most American luxury cars of the period: smooth and effortless. The new-for-1967 power front disc brakes are quite effective and while steering feel is best described as over-boosted, it tracks down the road without any drama making this an excellent road trip vehicle. The exhaust note is muscular without being aggressive, which is just right for a low-key sedan like this, although we do find the two big pipes poking out from under the rear bumper a bit menacing. There’s also a newer gas tank hanging out back. Factory wheels wear special hubcaps advertising the newly-available disc brakes and carry recent 235/75/15 whitewall radials.

Documentation is extensive: we have the original owner's manual, service manual, and warranty booklet, plus the dealer invoice. There are also receipts for more than 40 years' worth of maintenance, title history documenting three owners (1967-1991, 1991-2015, 2015-2020), and a cool Dodge Monaco press release packet with photos.

It’s not flashy, but we’ve seldom driven a more polished-feeling 53-year-old car. It’s easy to forget just how good cars were back in the ‘60s, but this Monaco is a direct reminder that if you spend good money, you got a good car. The big engine certainly helps and Chrysler had a justifiable reputation for building cars that were entertaining to drive, and this is no exception. Extremely well maintained and with a California history, it’s just about as good as a car like this can be, which is why we like it as much as we do. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1967 Dodge Monaco
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 117018
Mileage: 51,548
VIN: DH43L74261601
Engine: 440 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.23
Wheelbase: 122 inches
Wheels: 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 235/75/15 whitewall radial
Exterior Color: Gold
Interior Color: Black vinyl
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