1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop - SOLD
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It’s a handsome car, no doubt about that, and it’s easy to understand why these cars remain popular year after year.

The 1964 Chevrolet Impala is one of those cars that makes people from all walks of life fall in love. Whether it’s a childhood memory, something you saw in a magazine years ago, a music video on MTV, or even just the quest for a car that does everything well, the 1964 Impala SS remains at the very top of a great many enthusiasts’ wish list. Clean looks, a wide variety of engines, spacious interiors, and generally awesome road manners make these cars real winners. And yet they remain affordable today despite all the enthusiasm they generate. When they’re as attractive as this Palomar Red SS, and packing a 4-speed manual gearbox, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they don’t hang around very long.

We know this is a real SS because it has a code 815 black bucket seat interior and buckets were only available on the SS. Super straight sheetmetal wears the SS engine-turned trim beautifully, and it strings from panel to panel in an unbroken, laser-straight line, so someone spent some time getting this one right. It’s a color change (it was originally yellow) and that means it was fully disassembled and taken down to bare metal so that there’s no trace of the original finish anywhere—not in the door jambs, not hidden in the trunk, not even under the rockers. We can find no evidence of panel replacement or patching, and the deep red finish gleams with a highly-buffed shine that makes crisp, clear reflections. All the trim was likewise restored, with bright bumpers, polished stainless, and those lovely emblems on the quarters that make sure everyone know this is a top-of-the-line Impala SS. Three taillights were always an Impala trademark, from the first one in 1958, and there’s more engine-turned trim across the trunk lid that makes this car recognizable from any angle. It’s a handsome car, no doubt about that, and it’s easy to understand why these cars remain popular year after year.

This car was delivered new with a black bucket seat interior, which was the only choice with yellow paint. It has been restored to new condition with fresh seat covers, carpets, door panels, and headliner, all of which faithfully re-create the factory look. There’s more engine-turned trim on the dashboard, which is maybe the most interesting part of an otherwise simple, plain design. The wide speedometer dominates the view, and warning lights monitor the rest. It all works properly, including the lights that tell you when the engine is too cool or too hot. Chrome knobs manage the secondary controls along with familiar sliders for the heater/defroster. There’s also a Delco AM radio in the dash, but once you stir the 4-speed gearbox, you won’t worry about the radio very much. Ordering an SS was the only way to get a console, too, and the 4-speed has a towering chrome handle like the Corvette’s, suggesting the Impala is serious about performance as well. In a big, upright semi-luxury car like this, rowing the gears feels like you’re getting away with something and it sure is fun! The Imp also includes a giant back seat for friends and family, and an even more enormous trunk that is outfitted with proper mats and a full-sized spare with jack assembly up on its own little shelf.

Technically, you could get a six-cylinder in your SS, but not many lunatics did that. Instead, they chose one of the six available V8s, with our personal favorite being the 327 found in this hardtop. No, it’s not the high-strung 409, but it’s smooth, competent, torquey, and doesn’t mind revving a little bit when you’re having fun. Topped by a 4-barrel carburetor and fitted with a hydraulic cam, it’s low-maintenance, asking for little more than gas and oil in return for blasting through the gears. Bright Chevy Orange paint stands out in the satin black engine bay, and it’s topped by a dual snorkel air cleaner that isn’t quite correct but sure looks cool. The little stuff is right, too, including correct decals on the valve covers, reproduction GM-stamped hoses and tower hose clamps, and the big drum-shaped fan shroud. You’ll also note this car comes with power steering and power brakes, so it’s incredibly easy to drive. There’s even a solvent bottle clipped to the inner fender. Nice!

The underside is extremely clean with no evidence of rust or rot, and certainly no accident repairs. 1964 was the final year for GM’s X-frame, which is easy to spot thanks to the brand new shiny exhaust system. The 4-speed shifts cleanly and clutch take-up is light and smooth. Out back, it offers 3.36 gears for easy cruising and the 327 pulls it along without much effort at all. The suspension is certainly tuned for a luxurious ride, but there’s no denying that the SS doesn’t mind hustling a bit. Note that the factory spotwelds are still clearly evident on the rockers and quarter panel seam, and the floors aren’t hidden by undercoating so you can see just how solid they really are. Newer shocks help improve the ride quality and there’s a brand new gas tank out back. Factory steel wheels with SS hubcaps are the right look, and they’re wrapped with period-correct 8.50-14 BFGoodrich Silvertown whitewall tires.

Easy to love, the SS has iconic status in the hobby. The good news is that it’s actually a great car to drive and inexpensive to own, too. If you want to own a car that is universally respected and admired, you can’t do much better than this. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 117101
Odometer Reading: 72,552
VIN: 41447C184651
Engine: 327 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.36
Wheelbase: 119 inches
Wheels: 14-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 8.50-14 BFGoodrich whitewall
Exterior Color: Palomar Red
Interior Color: Black vinyl
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