1930 Ford Model A Roadster - SOLD
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It shows just over 500 miles since it was finished and remains in outstanding condition.

It’s almost like the old car hobby was born because of the Model A Ford. Forever popular, the stylish, reliable, and fun-to-drive Model A has been the quintessential hobby car almost since it was new. Today they remain one of the very best ways to get into the old car hobby for not a lot of cash, and with outstanding club support and parts supplies, you don’t have to be intimidated by their age. In fact, they’ll teach you everything you need to know about owning and maintaining any old car: carburetors, points ignition, double-clutching, mechanical brakes, all that stuff that scares people turns out to be really simple on a Model A. And then there’s the fact that they’re just plain fun to drive, with an eager personality, agile handling, and reasonable performance that even works in today’s world. Why not give this handsome 1930 Model A roadster a try?

The simplicity of the Model A is no joke, and my father taught me to drive when I was 14 years old in a Model A identical to this one. So easy, even a kid can do it. This one comes from long-term ownership—purchased in 1969 and treated to two restorations along the way, the most recent of which was completed about five years ago. It shows just over 500 miles since it was finished and remains in outstanding condition. The lovely Kewaneee Green-over-black combination is elegant and sophisticated, and 100% correct for 1930. Black fenders and Apple Green wheels and pinstripes make it pop. For such an affordable car, it’s very pretty. Workmanship is quite good, with a bright shine to the finish, no signs of botched panel work, and everything fits together nicely with the only demerit being that the passenger’s door sometimes needs a little extra care to latch securely. Don’t worry, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Ford pioneered the use of stainless steel in 1930, so the grille shell, headlights, and other bright trim remains in fantastic condition and the bumpers were re-chromed to look their best. Accessories include a set of etched wind wings, dual taillights for safety, and a grille guard up front to protect the radiator. It’s a well-dressed little car.

Standard brown leatherette looks great against the dark green paint and the roadster’s interior is a welcoming place to spend some time. Nothing complicated, just basic controls, but the details make it seem upscale. There’s reasonable space even for 6-footers, and with insulation under the carpet, it stays comfortable on warm days. The gauges—covering speed, fuel level, and amps—are all fully operational. The big rubber steering wheel makes the A feel nimble and easy to handle and this particular roadster has one of the best-shifting Model A transmissions I’ve ever experienced; you still need a quick double-clutch, but action is crisp and smooth. Seat belts and turn signals have been added for safety, with the signals using the cowl lights up front and a set of red LED lamps tucked into the bumpers out back. The upholstery is by the late, great Lebaron-Bonney, so it’s quite correct and nicely finished, and the tan canvas top fits beautifully. The rumble seat provides space for two passengers, best if they’re kids, and seat belts back there are not a bad idea.

The Model A uses a 200 cubic inch inline-4, and you’d be making a mistake judging it by its specs. 40 horsepower doesn’t seem like much, but it’s the torque of this little engine that makes the Model A so much fun. It fires quickly with just a quick pull of the choke and idles neatly with that distinctive Model A exhaust note. Run it through the gears and the roadster feels almost fast and it cruises easily at 45 MPH on the open road so you’ll never feel like a rolling roadblock. The engine itself is nicely detailed with Ford Green on the engine, a correct Zenith updraft carburetor, and proper generator making 6 volts, just as it should. It has an accessory Air Maze air filter, which isn’t a bad idea (and a spare filter element is included), and there’s a fuse on the ignition system, which is a smart safety modification. Otherwise, it’s as Henry intended—simple and reliable.

This was a frame-off restoration, so the chassis is nicely detailed with only a few minor signs of use. As I mentioned, the 3-speed manual gearbox shifts beautifully with light clutch action, and with 3.54 gears out back, it’s pretty zippy. Brakes are still mechanical, but please don’t let that scare you—they work extremely well and can lock up all four wheels without much effort. You don’t need “juice brakes” or discs to be safe in a Model A. There’s also a stainless still exhaust system that sounds right and you can see how clean the floors are—no issues there. Ride quality is typical Model A, but it feels sturdy going down the road and this particular Model A tracks extremely well so it’s easy on a longer tour. Bright Apple Green wire wheels carry 5.25/5.50-19 whitewall tires that add a bit of flash.

Extras include restoration receipts, some spare parts, manuals, catalogs, and a car cover.

Model As are easy to love, easy to drive, easy to maintain, and do all the things that you want an old car to do. If you’re a long-time Model A fan, perhaps this roadster is already talking to you, and if you’re looing for a place to start, this is an excellent way to do it. Sometimes it’s about the journey rather than the destination, and the Model A will make you love the ride. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1930 Ford Model A Roadster
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 117097
Mileage: 519 since restoration
VIN: DPS30FORD52144010
Engine: 200 cubic inch inline-4
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.54
Wheelbase: 103.5 inches
Wheels: 19-inch wire wheels
Tires: 5.25/5.50-19 whitewall
Exterior Color: Kewanee Green
Interior Color: Tan leatherette
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