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There might be faster Corvettes, but none that work as well as a C6 Z06 when you take your driving seriously.

Designed for the driving purist, the 2009 Corvette CSR or Competition Sport package was all about the drive. Lighter, faster, and outfitted only with features that make them faster and no options, it was all about making the connection between man and machine as direct as possible. Ultimately, 71 CSR Corvettes were built: 51 Z51 coupes and 20 Z06 coupes. Blade Silver was the signature color, with Competition Gray stripes, wheels, and headlight inserts, and custom “gumball” graphics related to each car’s production number. 10 black and 10 silver Z06 CSR Corvettes were built, with this particular example being production number 07. Showing just 8914 original miles, this gorgeous Z06 is in virtually new condition and is one of the few late-model Corvettes that can legitimately be called a future collectable.

For many Corvette enthusiasts, the Z06 represents the pinnacle of the breed. The ZR1 was faster, but the single-minded purposefulness of the Z06 is impossible to ignore. Dry-sump oiling, carbon fiber bodywork, coolers for oil, transmission, and differential, and much more, all powered by a 505 horsepower naturally-aspirated 7.0 liter LS7 engine. No supercharger to get hot, no bulky add-ons to drag around, just a finely-honed weapon that carves your favorite pavement like a scalpel. The CSR package only enhances everything that’s already awesome about the Z06, not the least of which is finally giving it a stronger visual presence. In short, the Z06 CSR looks like a weapon. With stripes, dark wheels, and the “Jake” mascot from the C6R racing team on the B-pillar, it’s closer to race than any of its siblings. Of course, as a future collectable, very few of these cars were ever used as intended and this one shows just 8914 miles, all of which were done on city streets and not the track, so it remains in outstanding condition throughout. Obviously no accidents, no damage, no paint work, and thanks to the uniformly high build quality of the C6 Corvettes it fits together superbly. Good gaps, doors that close with a reassuring THUNK, and we have to admit the stripes and other graphics look pretty awesome. The gumball numbers are still in their original box in the trunk, and we’d seriously consider installing them, if only to make the look complete. This is a great-looking Corvette.

Inside, the Z06’s hardcore nature is effectively camouflaged by leather sport seats and a long list of standard features—this is no stripped down COPO. The standard equipment list is lengthy, including dual zone climate control, power everything, heads-up display, cruise control, an AM/FM/CD/satellite stereo system, and more. The dash is wrapped in real carbon-fiber and the CSR received special aluminum pedals designed to facilitate heel-and-toe shifting at the track. CSR emblems are embroidered into the headrests and center arm rest, reminding you that this is no garden-variety Corvette and the contrasting red stitching is just plain beautiful. If you haven’t driven a Corvette lately, you’ll be pleased with the effective ergonomics and there aren’t many better tools for going fast than a late-model Z06. The roof is non-removable on the Z06 to improve rigidity and reduce weight, but the trunk remains huge, so plan your weekend getaways around a trip to the track. And, of course, it goes without saying that just about everything is in virtually new condition.

The heart of the Z06 is a 7.0 liter V8 (coincidentally adding up to 427 cubic inches). Making 505 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque, this is one of the more remarkable variations on the LS theme. It starts instantly and idles smoothly and is always happy to trundle around town without complaint. Without putting your foot on the floor, you’d never realize what’s living under the hood. But given enough space to play, the LS7’s ferocious performance becomes thrilling and challenging even for experienced drivers, and the Z06 is built to take advantage of it. Dry sump oiling keeps it safe in high-g turns, heavy-duty cooling makes it immune to overheating or cool-down laps, and thanks to titanium connecting rods and valves it rips to its 7000 RPM redline like an engine half its size. There might be faster Corvettes, but none that work as well as a C6 Z06 when you take your driving seriously.

The chassis is heavily fortified for track use, starting with an aluminum frame that weighs a third less than the standard Corvette’s steel unit. The 6-speed manual transmission, the clutch, and the rear end were all strengthened for use in the Z06 and brakes were enlarged to 14 inches in front and 13.4 inches in back, clamped by six- and four-piston calipers, respectively. The front engine cradle is magnesium instead of aluminum, and the net result is a car that weighs 143 pounds less than a standard Corvette despite all the extra go-fast hardware. Of course, it’s all emissions legal, the exhaust is modest, and ride quality is firm but not abusive, making this a supercar you could drive every day without complaint. It looks like this car has seen rain maybe once or twice but is otherwise as-new underneath with no signs of abuse or neglect. The unique Competition Gray forged aluminum wheels are unmarked and designed to hide brake dust, and they carry brand new 275/35/18 front and 325/30/19 rear Michelin Pilot radials installed in August 2020.

Documentation includes all the original manuals and books, the CSR decal box and instructions, paperwork from the optional Museum Delivery, and a few other goodies.

The C6 Z06 is a special Corvette and the CSR version adds rarity (one of 10!) and a competition pedigree to an already very desirable package. Ready to race, easy to drive, and shockingly affordable today, this might just be the smartest late-model Corvette buy in our showroom. Call now!

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Vehicle: 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 CSR
Price: $49,900
Stock Number: 118004
Odometer Reading: 8914 (authentic)
VIN: 1G1YZ25E495114097
Engine: 7.0 liter LS7 V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.42
Wheelbase: 105.7 inches
Wheels: Front: 18x10, Rear: 19x12 forged aluminum
Tires: Front: 275/35/18, Rear: 325/30/19 Michelin Pilot radials
Exterior Color: Blade Silver Metallic
Interior Color: Ebony leather
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