1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL Hardtop - SOLD
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...the fact of the matter is that this particular Galaxie 500XL came from the factory with the P-code 6V engine already in place, because it’s right there on the original window sticker.

One of 42 P-code Galaxies built in 1964. 390 cubic inch V8 with 3x2 barrel carburetors (documented). 4-speed. Heavy-duty police-spec suspension, upgraded disc brakes, ultra-rare Kelsey-Hayes wheels. An incredible performance Ford for the discerning collector.

It’s quite possible that you’re unfamiliar with the P-code Galaxies, which is understandable since most sources believe that Ford only built 42 of them. See, the P-code was for police cars and usually ended up on base model sedans. It included a heavy-duty 390 cubic inch V8 that was rated at 330 horsepower, up 30 over the standard Z-code’s 300. The package also included a heavy-duty suspension and larger brakes, which were housed in unique steel wheels made by Kelsey-Hayes. The P-code option was so rare that it wasn’t even mentioned in any sales literature—the only place it appears is in the actual owner’s manual with an admonishment that the warranty was only good for 90 days or 4000 miles unless the car was owned by a municipality. Additionally, you could add the 6V induction system to any 390 or 427 cubic inch V8, which boosted horsepower by a reported 10 horsepower but that was certainly an understatement. The 6V induction setup was available both by factory order or from the parts department, with the standard line being that on factory orders the carburetors and camshaft were stashed in the trunk for installation before delivery.

Whether that’s true remains unknown, but the fact of the matter is that this particular Galaxie 500XL came from the factory with the P-code 6V engine already in place, because it’s right there on the original window sticker.

With the P-code option being primarily for police cars, the fact that it ended up in a top-of-the-line Galaxie 500XL hardtop seems rather remarkable—someone knew what he was doing when he filled out the order form. In reviewing the original window sticker, we see that in addition to the aforementioned Hi Performance 6V 390 cubic inch V8, the original buyer also selected a 4-speed manual transmission with center console, fender skirts, left and right mirrors, an AM radio, rocker panel moldings, and rear bumper guards. It was finished in stunning Guardsman Blue, the same color that Shelby Cobras wore into combat in the early days of 1964. This has always been a known car, with a “Car Review Magazine” article published in 1985 highlighting not only this car’s history, but it’s incredible preservation. At that time it was still wearing original paint, but in the intervening 35 years, it has undoubtedly been repainted because it’s just spectacular today. The finish is deep and lustrous with a gloss that just can’t be 60-year-old enamel. In 1985 it showed just over 52,000 original miles and today the number is 64,740, a number we have no problem believing is authentic. You’ll note that the car is still pretty much as-delivered, with the only addition being a set of ultra-rare front bumper guards to match those that were delivered new on the rear. The chrome and stainless trim is in excellent condition throughout, again probably restored not original but just superb, and that accessory hood ornament is probably worth a small fortune all by itself. There has been a huge amount of money spent on this car over the years.

The Galaxie 500XL came with one notable upgrade over its more pedestrian siblings: the interior. With bucket seats flanking a wide console and luxurious two-tone blue upholstery, this was unquestionably Ford’s top-of-the-line machine. The cream-colored instrument faces are elegant and cover the basics, and there’s an accessory Ford tach mounted on top of the dash—not a bad idea with this engine. The big steering wheel is color matched to the rest of the interior and it makes the big coupe easy to handle even without power steering (which apparently wasn’t available with the P-code engine). You’ll note the original AM radio has been upgraded to a correct AM/FM unit and everything works, more evidence of the quality of the restoration work. We believe the seats and door panels are original and in fantastic condition, further evidence of the car’s mileage and care over the years. The carpets have surely been replaced at some point, but that’s probably the original headliner overhead. Sliding behind the wheel, you can’t help but feel like someone important—this is a very special car. The Galaxie also includes a massive trunk, which is correctly outfitted with a plaid mat, cardboard bulkheads, and what very well may be the original spare tire.

Under the hood you’ll find the burly 390 cubic inch P-code V8. Designed for police applications, the engine had beefier internals, special header-style cast iron exhaust manifolds, and an upgraded valvetrain. It added up to 330 horsepower and 427 lb-ft. of torque. Thanks to the original window sticker, we know this car also came with three two-barrel carburetors, which official numbers said only added 10 horsepower but just a few years earlier this exact combination was making 401 horsepower, so you be the judge. Regardless of the number, it’s a fantastic sight to see the big oval air cleaner on top, the special aluminum intake with three Holley carbs on top, and all the other go-fast hardware. This one is beautifully tuned so it starts easily every time, idles nicely on the center carb, and is happy to trundle through traffic without complaint. Lean on it, however, and the outer carbs come on line with the most wonderful intake moan and a pretty substantial thrust of torque. The engine bay is beautifully detailed with correct hardware, fittings, finishes, and markings and shows very little evidence of use over the years. This car has always been loved.

Finding a 4-speed manual transmission in a full-sized luxury car like this is a fantastic surprise, but it’s really the ideal choice behind the performance-oriented 390. It also includes 3.50 gears in back, so this sucker is still punchy off the line and pulls hard on the roll—exactly what you’d expect in a police cruiser. Fortunately, this Galaxie has been augmented with modern power disc brakes up front, which really adds confidence when you’re running it hard. You’ll note the chassis is clean and nicely finished but not quite detailed for show—we believe it’s mostly original. There’s a reproduction exhaust system that sounds muted but powerful, a beefy front sway bar, and ultra-clean floors that have never been rusty or cut. A newer gas tank hangs out back and the wheels are special 15-inch Kelsey-Hayes steel rims designed for heavy-duty applications—just try to find a set of those today! Even the tires are accurate 7.10-15 whitewalls for a period-perfect look.

Documentation is EXTENSIVE, with two large binders full of information. We have the original owner’s manual, original window sticker, thousands of dollars’ worth of restoration receipts, magazine articles, appraisals, and period advertising literature.

This is a remarkable car. One, it probably shouldn’t exist, given the unusual collection of options. Two, it’s a blast to drive. And three, it has a bulletproof pedigree, awesome history, and presents in absolutely spectacular condition. Don’t compare this stunning Galaxie 500XL to the garden-variety Galaxies at $30,000. This is a special car. Look at the history, the specifications, and the condition, then give us a call today!

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Vehicle: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL Hardtop
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 119102
Odometer Reading: 64,740
VIN: 4A68P130861
Engine: 390 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.5
Wheelbase: 119 inches
Wheels: 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 7.10-15 whitewall
Exterior Color: Guardsman Blue
Interior Color: Blue vinyl
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