1929 Ford Model A Phaeton - SOLD
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Finish quality is exemplary, likely better than new, with a fabulous gloss to the paint, excellent panel alignment, and a lot of attention to detail.

Sometimes you just need a reminder about how things are supposed to be. The Model A has been a staple of the old car hobby since, well, pretty much when the hobby started. Lately it seems that the people who love these charming little cars are getting as old as the machines themselves and popularity is waning. But if you have the chance, go drive a Model A, because they represent something truly unique in the history of old cars: an everyman’s car that doesn’t act ordinary. I’ve long argued that the Model A Ford is the ideal place to start a collection because they teach you everything you need to know about driving and caring for an old car, and they come complete with excellent parts availability, widespread knowledge, and outstanding club support. And if you’re already an old car fan, then you already know that a collection just isn’t complete without a Model A Ford in it.

Which brings me to this pretty 1929 Ford Model A phaeton. It comes to us from the daughter of the fellow who restored it about ten years ago; she showed me some photos of his collection and it was impressive to say the least, representing Fords from about 1910 to 1931 with a variety models and body styles. He restored the cars himself and it was obviously a labor of love, because they all look just as crisp and correct as this lovely phaeton. He was also a purist, because you won't find any of the usual upgrades on any of his cars, preferring to keep them pretty much as Henry intended. His family sold off most of the collection a few years ago but held on to this phaeton hoping that one of the kids would want it, but that's sadly not the case, so here it is. And it's just about the best Model A I’ve seen in years.

First, it looks right. The green bodywork with black fenders and wheels is elegant and simple, just as it should be. The darker belt molding holds a cream-colored stripe, just enough to make it look dressed up but not over-done. Finish quality is exemplary, likely better than new, with a fabulous gloss to the paint, excellent panel alignment, and a lot of attention to detail. This was a guy who not only knew what he was doing, but took the time to get it right. There are some very, very minor signs of age and use, but I can't tell you what they are because none is obvious enough to stand out in my memory. All I can remember is how pretty it is. Our photo studio always has trouble with green cars, so it's a little more gray in photos than in real life, and I'm sure you'd recognize the color if you saw it in the flesh—it's right for a Model A. I'm pretty sure that the brightwork is chrome, not nickel, and that might offend the most pure of the purists, but it's low maintenance and most folks won't know the difference. The fluted headlight lenses are in exceptional condition (I do not believe they are reproduced) and there’s a single drum-style taillight out back. This car just looks right.

Inside, there's correct black leatherette upholstery that's as simple and durable as the car itself. There's some minor wear in the driver's seat, but otherwise it's unmarked. The rubber mats fore and aft are in excellent condition and the big hard rubber steering wheel feels substantial in your hands. The center-mounted instrument panel is a little scuffed, but it includes a pop-out ignition switch, which was standard equipment but few restorers bother with them these days. Wind wings, a Boyce moto-meter out on the radiator, and an electric wiper motor are useful accessories that make touring more pleasurable. The convertible top is in excellent condition and folds for open-air motoring, although it is easier with a friend, and we think the car looks best with the top up. Sporting, don’t you think?

The car hadn't run for about a year when it came to us, so we flushed out the gas tank, installed all-new ignition components, including coil, condenser, points, and plugs, plus a new battery, and voila! it was running. And boy does it run! Judging by the quality of the work during the restoration and the obvious purist intent, I'm disinclined to believe that it's modified, but this little guy sure wants to GO! There's a big whack of low-end torque off the line and it zips along at 50 MPH without seeming to work very hard, leading me to believe that there are at least some high-speed gears out back. The engine block is wearing correct Ford Green enamel and it uses all the right parts, from the Zenith updraft carburetor to the two-blade fan to the original 6V generator. The only modification I can find on the entire car is the fuse on the starter, but that's just smart so no penalty there. Correct hose clamps, a leather wrap on the water pump, and proper cloth wiring make it look very authentic. If there are any demerits, it might be some discoloration on the exhaust manifold and a few signs of shelf wear from storage, but nothing that would keep you from enjoying this car right away and perhaps even picking up a trophy or two along the way.

The three-speed manual transmission will teach a new old car driver how to double clutch, and with light pedal action and easy shifting, they'll figure it out quickly. The mechanical brakes are reasonably effective for what they are, and again, they'll teach a rookie how to manage an old car with limited abilities. Nevertheless, it feels nimble on the road and have I mentioned how quick it feels? I love driving this car! The chassis is nicely detailed with mostly black painted hardware, just the way it was in 1929, and yes, those are wooden floor boards, which were original equipment. A standard exhaust system gives it that great Model A sound and even at start-up, there’s no smoke or other signs of trouble. I also love the black painted wire wheels and proper 21-inch Lester blackwall tires, which is how a Model A should look—simple but not plain.

Look at the car, the collection from which it comes, and believe me when I tell you that this is a wonderful little A with no vices. It's also crazy affordable because there's no way you could duplicate a restoration of this caliber for the asking price. So reignite your love of the small end of the hobby or get someone new involved, because this is a flat-out awesome place to start. Call today!

Vehicle: 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 114028
Odometer Reading: 31,194
VIN: A108900
Engine: 200 cubic inch inline-4
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.54
Wheelbase: 103.5 inches
Wheels: 21-inch welded wire wheels
Tires: 4.75-21 Lester
Exterior Color: Green
Interior Color: Black leatherette
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