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The earlier cars were nice, but with 50% more horsepower, the Northstar completely transformed the Allante.

In the 1980s, the Mercedes-Benz SL became so ubiquitous that it would be easier to list the celebrities who DIDN’T own one rather than those who did. It was about that time that Cadillac decided they were through being the punchline of jokes and wanted to capture a piece of that high-end pie. The all-new Seville was still a few years away, and a sedan wasn’t the right way to kick in the door and announce that you were back with a vengeance, so Cadillac set their sights on the SL with a V8-powered 2-seat roadster, the Allante. At a glance, the formula was a great one: bodywork by legendary Italian design house Pininfarina, bulletproof American V8 power, and a sumptuous leather interior that had every trick GM could imagine stuffed inside. Better yet, in 1993, the final year of production, the Allante got the mighty Northstar V8, a 4.6-liter DOHC wundermotor that cranked out 300 horsepower. Suddenly the Allante was more than just pretty, it was fast, too!

Truthfully, the 1993 Allante is really the only one you want to own. The earlier cars were nice, but with 50% more horsepower, the Northstar completely transformed the Allante. This beautiful Pearl Red Allante has been expertly maintained from new by an enthusiast and it was never just transportation. It shows only 37,695 original miles and looks spectacular for being nearly 25 years old (it’s actually eligible for the AACA next year). Pearl Red was the catalog color and showed up in all the ads, and that’s for a good reason: it exactly right on the angular Allante bodywork. The shape hadn’t changed since the introduction, although the Northstar cars got a slightly deeper chin spoiler that made it look a bit more aggressive. The Pininfarina-penned shape has aged well and still looks crisp and contemporary, so nobody will think you’re driving some primitive antique and most folks will think it cost thousands more than it does. The finish is still brilliant, shiny, and incredibly attractive (no wonder it was on the cover of all the catalogs) and you can count on strangers asking you what color it is. There’s just enough chrome to remind everyone it’s a Cadillac and the little Cadillac symbol on the trunk also being the CHMSL is a neat touch.

The luxurious interior was state-of-the-art in the early 1990s, and like the exterior, it has aged well. The handsome tan leather buckets are extremely comfortable and supportive and show almost no wear thanks to high-quality materials. Yes, there’s a little scuffing on the outer bolster but it’s quite minor and certainly in line with the car’s age and mileage. Otherwise the interior appears to be as new and everything works, which is important in a car this complex. You’ll note that it has the optional digital gauges (a very reasonable $495 on the window sticker), which remain bright and crisp and fully operational—pretty rare in the world of Allantes. Everything else was standard, including automatic climate control with ice cold A/C, power windows, locks, seats, and mirrors, cruise control, and an information center that monitors everything from coolant level to ambient light where it recommends that you turn on the headlights (or it’ll do it for you). The AM/FM/cassette/CD stereo sounds great, even today and even with the top down and there’s a lovely carpeted package shelf behind the seats. One other reason to own a 1993 Allante is the improved convertible top, which uses power header latches and a motorized pull-down to make folding and securing the top a lot easier, although it’s still best to practice a few times before you really need it. And, of course, there’s a fully lined trunk that’s big enough to be useful for road trips.

It would be a mistake to dismiss the Allante as a poser, because the 300 horsepower Northstar V8 is potent as hell. It’ll chase down a Mustang GT and take you to the symphony on the same day and has the most wonderful V8 exhaust note this side of a Corvette Z06. Take it easy and it’s smooth and unobtrusive but let it run and you’ll be more than pleased with the acceleration—take it easy because it’ll spin the tires pretty easily. It looks handsome under the hood thanks to a special engine cover (one of the first of its kind) and the distributorless ignition was also a first for GM. With proper maintenance over the years, it runs superbly, starting quickly and idling smoothly even when it’s cold and it pulls the roadster around without ever seeming to work very hard. There’s absolutely no sign that it has ever seen winter weather and all the factory decals are still in place. I’ll leave it to the experts to determine whether it’s worthy of showing, but the sucker sure does run beautifully.

You also get a snappy 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission that always seems to find the right gear and doesn’t mind dropping down to give you the acceleration your right foot is calling up. The suspension is fully independent and quite athletic, unlike any Cadillac except maybe the Corvette-based XLR. It’s not a sports car, don’t make that mistake, but it doesn’t mind hustling and it always feels confident, which is the ultimate luxury. The chassis shows well, with zero evidence that it has ever seen winter weather and even the stock exhaust looks like it’s got plenty of life left in it. Four-wheel disc brakes with ABS are powerful and it sits on beautiful chrome wheels with fresh 225/60/16 blackwall radials, as original.

Documentation includes the original window sticker, showing a whopping $62,870 MSRP, and those are 1993 dollars!

We’ve sold a number of these and we always forget what great cars they are. Fast, comfortable, and surprisingly fun, it’s still a great Cadillac. We love this color combination and with low mileage and great maintenance, it’s a great car to own. But don’t just take our word for it, come drive it and see for yourself. The Allante is an awesome convertible to own. Call now!

Vehicle: 1993 Cadillac Allante
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 114060
Mileage: 37,690
VIN: 1G6VS3398PU125667
Engine: 4.6 liter DOHC V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.71
Wheelbase: 99.4 inches
Wheels: 16-inch aluminm wheels
Tires: 225/60/16 blackwall radial
Exterior Color: Pearl Red Metallic
Interior Color: Tan leather

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