2002 Jaguar XK8 Cabriolet - SOLD
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Showing just 34,157 original miles and equipped with every available option, it is a spectacular car that will stop people in their tracks and make the driver’s heart race.

Lightly used European luxury cars are perhaps the biggest bang for the buck in the entire universe. Cars like this stunning 2002 Jaguar XK8 convertible were shockingly expensive when they were new (base price was about $75,000) yet are available today for pennies on the dollar. Better yet, because they were so expensive and purchased by wealthy owners, they were typically well-maintained, stored indoors, and driven gently, all of which is the case with this gorgeous triple black Jaguar convertible. Showing just 34,157 original miles and equipped with every available option (which pretty much amounts to a navigation system), it is a spectacular car that will stop people in their tracks and make the driver’s heart race. Better still, nobody will know that it cost less than a three-year-old Toyota Camry. THAT is one heck of a bang for your buck!

There was a lot of trepidation and hand-wringing about the XK8 when it rolled into showrooms around the world. The heir-apparent to the legendary E-Type, it more than lived up to the hype. First and most importantly, it looks like a Jaguar should look. Sinuous and graceful, aggressive and sporty, elegant and refined, all wrapped around a luxurious but driver-oriented interior. I mean, the sucker is just GORGEOUS. There’s not a bad line anywhere on the car and if you’re like me, you’ll probably find yourself turning to admire it as you walk away after parking it each time. The oval grille opening is clearly reminiscent of the early Series I XKE, as is the power dome running down the center of the hood. Beautifully integrated headlights are also akin to those early E-Types with covered headlights, although these are modern HID units that light up the road like flamethrowers. Gracefully bulging quarters suggest great speed being held in check and there’s just enough chrome on the car to suggest that it’s expensive, not ordinary. With so few miles, it remains in exemplary condition with almost no signs of use and nothing that anybody will notice without getting down on their hands and knees. It has spent its life in Florida, so rust-belt issues are nonexistent, and thanks to proper care, the paint looks deep enough to swim in. Black is especially difficult to maintain, but we see few polishing marks or light scratches that black cars inevitably get, suggesting that there were professionals taking care of this one throughout its life. It has obviously never been hit or wrecked and for $75,000 of those 2002 dollars, you got some exquisite build quality. You can’t help but feel like a millionaire whenever you slide behind the wheel of this incredible ragtop.

Jaguar’s reputation for spectacular interiors doesn’t come by accident—the materials used throughout this convertible are of the highest quality and everything that you can see or touch is natural, not synthetic. That means the wood veneers you see are actual walnut, not a plastic facsimile. The leather hides feel so soft you might be accused of cheating on your wife. The plush carpets are deep enough to lose a shoe. OK, not quite, but if you have been driving ordinary cars, be prepared for an experience like none other. You don’t sit on the seat, you sit in it and it cradles you. The gauges leap to life when you turn the key and remain totally legible night or day. The fat steering wheel rim feels substantial in your hands. The notorious Jaguar J-gate shifter takes some getting used to, but after a few drives it won’t be any big deal and it actually works rather well for manual shifting. Everything was standard equipment, from a powerful climate control system to power windows, seats, locks, and mirrors, cruise control, tilt steering column, a powerful AM/FM/cassette/CD stereo with changer, and heated seats. The navigation system is beautifully integrated into the dashboard and works properly today, which is a nice find. The black canvas convertible top is insulated and lined with a wool headliner so it seals up and keeps things quiet, but disappears (along with the rear quarter windows) with the touch of a button on the console. Small rear seats are probably best saved for children or your briefcase, but they are no less beautifully crafted than the rest of the interior. And unexpectedly, the trunk is surprisingly large and well-shaped, so it’ll carry all your luggage for a long vacation.

But you don’t really buy a Jaguar because it has great trunk space. No, the reason you own a Jaguar lives under the hood, where this one features a 4.0-liter DOHC V8 that cranks out a rather substantial 290 horsepower. Thanks to Ford ownership, the reliability issues you may be worried about are long banished from this Jag, and it runs and drives beautifully. It starts instantly every time, settling into an even idle with just the slightest murmur from the twin tailpipes out back. Speed is effortless and pressing the throttle at any speed results in a big push in the back as the car lunges ahead. The engine bay is extremely clean and well-maintained, with signs of proper maintenance throughout. Everything works as it should and the car has no deferred maintenance—just get in and enjoy. In fact, this might just be one of the most maintenance-free cars you’ll ever own. The engine is flexible and powerful, but offers reasonable fuel economy on the open road. There are faster cars and more efficient cars, but few that feel this good just driving around town.

The engine is backed by a 5-speed automatic transmission that has quick reflexes and a tall overdrive gear so it’s a remarkable high-speed cruiser. The torquey V8 makes the most of every gear and you’ll love the sound of it at full bore, a combination of ripping silk and American muscle car that you have to hear to believe. But it’s never unruly or inelegant, and it never loses its composure, with powerful ABS-assisted disc brakes and a sophisticated traction control system that keeps you out of trouble. The undercarriage shows life in a warm climate, some surface scale on the usual heavy metal parts but no critical issues that should worry a new owner. The exhaust is almost like new, the suspension is wonderfully supple yet competent, and the car just never puts a tire wrong, even when you’re hustling. I would suggest that there are exactly 0 other $15,000 cars that can do so many things so well as this Jaguar. The original alloy wheels show a few light scuffs but nothing major, and they’re wrapped in recent 245/45/18 front and 255/45/18 rear Continental performance radials.

Fast, comfortable, and exclusive, this is an extraordinary car at this price. With a fantastic color combination, low mileage, a clean CarFax, and no winters, it’s ready to enjoy for many years to come. And we promise we won’t tell your friends and neighbors just how inexpensive it really is. Call today!

Vehicle: 2002 Jaguar XK8 Cabriolet
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 114083
Mileage: 34,157
VIN: SAJDA42C22NA30611
Engine: 4.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.06
Wheelbase: 101.9 inches
Wheels: 18-inch aluminum wheels
Tires: Front: 245/45/18, Rear: 255/45/18 Continental radial
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black leather
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