1930 Ford Tudor Sedan - SOLD
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You will note that it wears not one, but TWO Touring Class Awards of Excellence from the Model A Restorers Club, which means it's a Model A that runs and drives like it should.

One of the most exciting things we see doing this job is that young people are still interested in old cars. Believe it or not, there's a strong interest in early cars among 20-something and 30-something hobbyist, even though they have no direct connection to cars like this Ford 1930 Model A. In fact, it's unlikely that even their grandparents would have had such a car, so the interest is purely in the machine for its own sake and we like that quite a bit. Model As are an excellent choice as a first hobby car and we've long argued that they teach you all you need to know about driving and maintain and ancient motorcar. But at the same time, they're quite easy to drive, they're quick enough to keep up with today's traffic, and parts and knowledge are plentiful. You simply can't go wrong with a Model A Ford, which perhaps explains their enduring popularity, generation after generation.

This affordable 1930 Ford tudor sedan isn't a show car and you have already divined that from the photos and the price. However, you will note that it wears not one, but TWO Touring Class Awards of Excellence from the Model A Restorers Club, which means it's a Model A that runs and drives like it should. And driving is what you should be doing in a Model A. The tudor sedan is a great blend of practicality and reasonable sportiness, which is why it was perennially the most popular body style in Ford's lineup. The paint is pretty close to the factory's Chicle and Copra drab combination and it's accented by a proper straw pinstripe to match the wheels. It's not perfect, of course, but it's appropriate and gives the A the right look going down the road. There's some texture to the final finish, so a professional could probably give it a color sand and buff to really bring out a shine, but that might also make it less likely to be driven, and that would be a shame. It does, however, have some nice brightwork, including the stainless grille shell with guard, correct bumpers, and as a deluxe model, a set of cowl lights. There's also a Boyce moto-meter up front, a great accessory for those of you who love to drive, and a trunk out back that really frees up space inside, critical when you're touring. For safety, it has also been fitted with dual taillights and a high-mounted LED stop light in the rear window. This car was ideally built for touring.

The interior is quite nicely done in period-correct fabrics and patterns. The tudor offers a pair of front bucket seats that are comfortable enough for all-day touring and they pivot forward to allow access to the surprisingly spacious back seat. The upholstery is entirely new and expertly done, with nice welting along the seams, correct map pockets in the doors, and a taut headliner that makes it feel upscale inside. The controls should be familiar to anyone who has driven a Model A in the past: big rubber steering wheel with headlight controls in the center, simple instrumentation, and a long-handled shifter for the 3-speed manual transmission. As was Ford's tradition, the front seat gets a rubber floor mat for durability, while rear seat accommodations are first-class with carpets and a silk privacy shade for the rear window. Turn signals have been added for safety on the road, but that seems to be the lone modification, so sitting behind the wheel will feel appropriately vintage.

The engine is the same 200 cubic inch inline-4 that has powered millions of Model As for decades. Durable, torquey, and easy to maintain, it's still a great choice that over-performs on the street. Specifications are modest, but it feels energetic under all circumstances and thanks to proper tuning and plenty of sorting, this one runs extremely well (it didn't win those driving awards for nothing!). For the most part it's still quite stock, from the Zenith updraft carburetor and original-style distributor feeding the plugs with flat brass leads. For reliability on the road, there is a 6-volt alternator and a sealed bearing on the water pump, both common upgrades that make the Model A virtually indestructible. There's also an interesting log-style heater manifold designed to channel warm air into the cabin, and I suppose there's a chance it could take the edge off on a cool autumn evening. It's correctly detailed in Ford green paint and the rebuild has a few thousand miles on it, so it has been seasoned but not worn out. The transmission shifts easily and clutch action is light, and with a little practice on your double-clutching, you'll be driving this Model A like a pro. Mechanical brakes are still part of the package, so be sure to keep a safe distance, but the brakes are quite effective for a Model A and inspire confidence out on the road. There's a correct exhaust system that gives it the distinctive Model A sound that's so beloved, and with factory gearing, it's happy cruising at about 45 MPH in high gear. Restored wire wheels look great and carry recent 4.75/5.00-19 blackwall tires that look exactly right on the modest Ford.

This car also includes a rather extensive tool set and lots of spares so you can tour with confidence.

Starter collector cars don't get much more versatile than this. It's welcome at almost any event, it teaches you everything you need to know about running an old car, and this one has a proven track record so you can actually use it as intended. Get in, fire it up, and go have some fun!

Vehicle: 1930 Ford Tudor Sedan
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 114123
Mileage: 21,517
VIN: A92600
Engine: 200 cubic inch inline-4
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.55
Wheelbase: 103.5 inches
Wheels: 19-inch welded wire wheels
Tires: 4.75/5.00-19 blackwall
Exterior Color: Chicle and Copra Drab
Interior Color: Tan cloth

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