2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible - SOLD
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This Corvette convertible might just be the biggest bang for the buck in the known universe.

The entire auto industry could take a lesson from the Corvette engineers when it comes to keeping a model relevant. More power, new options, and in the case of this 2010 Corvette Grand Sport convertible, a new model that delivers everything enthusiasts loved about the killer Z06 without the track-ready personality. Don’t get me wrong, we love the Z06 and it’s built-for-combat demeanor, but the Grand Sport takes everything great about the Corvette and just turns it up a few notches. Incredibly capable yet still very user-friendly, with a nasty look that works particularly well in convertible form. If you want one of the best all-around Corvettes ever built, this Grand Sport ragtop is worth careful consideration.

What did you get when you checked the Grand Sport box in 2010? A liberal dose of Z06 hardware without the big price tag. How about the wide-body fenders that look absolutely sinister? Gigantic Brembo vented and cross-drilled brakes? A do-anything suspension that glues itself to the pavement but doesn’t knock your fillings out? And large-by-huge chrome forged alloy wheels with Z06-sized rubber. Don’t get me wrong, this Grand Sport wasn’t cheap at $74,995, but it wasn’t six figures like the Z06 and the top goes down to boot. Like I said, this one does it all for a price that’s shockingly reasonable today. This Corvette convertible might just be the biggest bang for the buck in the known universe.

This car has just one owner and shows only 22,139 original miles, which, in Corvette years, is still quite fresh. The only owner was an older gentleman who didn’t have any interest in racing it or finding its limits, so you’ll see no evidence of hard use and if I had to wager, I’ll bet the engine has only seen more than 5000 RPM a handful of times. The color is called Jetstream Blue, which was an $850 option and surprisingly rare for Corvettes, with only 211 convertibles of any kind being treated to the iridescent hue. It’s just gorgeous in the sunlight, where it glows from within, but even under the harsh lights in the showroom, it has a wonderfully traditional look much like the familiar Nassau Blue of the past. Although the GS was distinctive in its own right, you could always dress it up with the hash marks on the fenders, which were part of a $1195 Heritage Package and I think you’d be crazy not to have them. Isn’t that what made the original Grand Sports so distinctive? Of course, with so few miles, it’s still in fantastic condition and shows very, very little wear in any of the critical places—the only real demerit is some minor scuffing to the low-hanging chin spoiler, but it’s just flexible plastic so if you want a new one, they’re cheap and easy to install. A few chrome emblems, a subtle decklid spoiler, and a bunch of extra vents give it an aggressive look that’s one of the best integrations of street and track you’ll find. This thing looks beautiful, yet predatory.

The two-tone gray leather seats were, like the hash marks, part of that Heritage Package and really brighten up the ‘Vette’s all-business interior. As you can see, there’s virtually zero wear on the seats, including the high-traffic outer bolsters, suggesting that someone was pretty careful getting in and out. This particular Grand Sport appears to be fitted with just about every single available option, including the 3LT package, heated seats, navigation, heads-up display, and a power convertible top. The dealer installed the windscreen behind the seats (another $490) as well as the aluminum pedal covers that are a cool way to make it look racy (another $270). Everything works, of course, and you’ll never get tired of settling in behind the wheel and watching the gauges do their dance as you power it up (there is no key to turn, just push the button with the fob in your pocket). As a Corvette, you know the hardware is robust and things like the A/C and stereo are truly effective, even at high speeds with the top down. And quite honestly, if you can’t get comfortable in this car, perhaps you should see your chiropractor, because this is one sports car built for real-sized humans. Press the button the dash and the black canvas power convertible top pulls itself into position and seals up rather well thanks to an insulated liner. And heck, you even get a good-sized trunk that’s perfect for a weekend getaway. What more do you want from a car? This one does everything well!

It would be a mistake to assume that the Grand Sport is a poser, because it whacks nearly two seconds off the Z51’s time on GM’s Milford Proving Grounds track and comes within about 1.5 seconds of the 70-hosepower-stronger, 130-pound lighter Z06. Yeah, this thing’s savage. The 6.2 liter LS3 V8 under the hood is the same as the standard Corvette, but 436 horsepower (with the 2-stage exhaust system) is nothing to sneeze at—just ask the guy who owns a 1967 L71 427/435. But I’ll wager that the guy who owns the ’67 would envy the gentle manners of the LS3, which starts instantly, idles smoothly, never overheats, never bucks, never complains, yet rips off consistent 12-second quarter mile times with your mom at the wheel. It even pulls down mid-20s fuel economy on the highway. Are you really going to complain about that? This one is, of course, totally stock, right down to the air filter and aforementioned 2-stage exhaust, and it runs like new. Get it above about 2500 RPM and the exhaust opens up so it really sings—this isn’t just a gimmick, you can feel it. And while acres of black plastic isn’t exactly exciting, it’s easy to maintain under the hood and will always look great.

Part of this car’s user-friendliness comes from the bulletproof 6-speed automatic gearbox, which has handy thumb paddles on the steering wheel for manual shifting. In truth, you probably won’t need them, because this transmission is almost as smart as you are, dropping a gear before you know you need it and jumping into overdrive when it’s time to relax. And it wasn’t available on the Z06, giving you another reason to love this Grand Sport. The suspension is transferred largely intact from the Z06, so it’s got an edge but is very usable on the street and those giant Brembo brakes will detach your retinas in a panic stop. You can see clearly that this car has never seen snow or salt or even much rain, and it retains all its factory-installed hardware, right down to the little heat-insulating tape patches on the floors. Nice! The chrome wheels were another expensive option ($1995) but they make the car and carry Z06-sized rubber, with 275/35/18s up front and giant 325/35/19s out back.

Documented with its original manuals, window sticker, and a few other period papers, this is a car with no secrets and no surprises. If kicking ass is your full-time job, well, maybe the Z06 is right for you. But if you only want to kick a little ass on weekends, then this Grand Sport will suit you far better. And at this price, you can afford to kick a little ass. Call today!

Vehicle: 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115019
Mileage: 22,139
VIN: 1G1YW3DW5A5104465
Engine: 6.2 liter LS3 V8
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 2.73
Wheelbase: 105.7 inches
Wheels: Front: 18x9.5, Rear: 19x12 polished aluminum
Tires: Front: 275/35/18, Rear: 325/35/19 performance radials
Exterior Color: Jetstream Blue
Interior Color: Black and gray leather
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