1929 Pontiac 6-29 Two Door Sedan - SOLD
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If you want a car that doesn’t cost much to buy, is easy to maintain, and which will stand out among all the Fords at local shows, this handsome Pontiac is a great choice.

When GM killed the Pontiac Division, an entire generation of enthusiasts cried out in horror. From its earliest iteration as a companion car for Oakland (and was so successful that it killed its parent) to the later years as the performance car for grown-ups, the Excitement Division was always doing something innovative. Customers were hard to find in 1929, but Pontiac was already ahead of the game, building a line of high-quality cars that were both affordable and extremely well made. There was a time when cars like this 1929 Pontiac 6-29 2-door sedan formed the foundation of the hobby, and perhaps its time for those days to return. If you want a car that doesn’t cost much to buy, is easy to maintain, and which will stand out among all the Fords at local shows, this handsome Pontiac is a great choice.

Finished in its original color of Seminole Blue, this Pontiac looks substantial without being massive. These were the days before Alfred Sloan’s stepped hierarchy at GM, with most divisions acting as independent auto maters at the time. As a result, it’s not like anything else GM was making and has a look that’s 100% Pontiac, not shared with Chevy or Oldsmobile. Pontiacs received a fairly extensive redesign for 1929, including the first split grille—a Pontiac trademark look that would last until the very end. The restoration is probably 20 years old at this point, but it’s nicely maintained and comes out of a very high-quality collection where it has spent much of that time. The restoration was extremely well done—all out of proportion to the car’s value—and it retains an impressive shine on the paint and nice attention to detail throughout. There are signs of use and age, but nothing that needs attention for using this as intended and even the chrome is in great shape. This handsome Pontiac needs no excuses.

The interior was likely restored at the same time as the rest of the car, so there are signs of age in here but it looks quite nice nevertheless. The blue wool broadcloth has an appropriately luxurious look and feel and the simple front buckets and pleated rear bench is how this car was delivered new in 1929. The plush blue carpets are perhaps a little thicker than they were back then, but the look is right and the extra insulation certainly can’t hurt. The front seat is dominated by the big wood-rimmed steering wheel that’s just beautiful to look at, and all the gauges and knobs are spread across the flat dashboard. All the gauges work save for the hydrostatic fuel gauge, which is typical, and there’s an accessory heater under the dash. The crank above the windshield is for ventilation—the windshield itself actually cranks up to channel air through a duct down onto your feet like a cowl vent. Clever! There’s some light staining on the passenger’s seat that might come out with some more vigorous cleaning than we’re prepared to do, while the rear seat upholstery looks hardly used. The headliner is in excellent condition and all the wood garnish moldings glow with a soft shine. This car looks and feels more luxurious than you would have expected from GM’s second most affordable division.

Pontiac called their 200 cubic inch inline-6 the “Big Six” and with 60 horsepower on tap, it was definitely a performer in the low-price field (that’s about 50% more horsepower from the same displacement as a comparable Model A Ford). Using a unique “split head” design that practically eliminates warpage and head gasket failures, it’s instantly recognizable as a Pontiac engine. An updraft carburetor is typical of the era, although the mechanical fuel pump was real cutting-edge tech (most cars still used vacuum tanks). The engine was presumably rebuilt when the car was restored, although we have no records of it, and it runs quite well today. A little choke to fire it and it spins easily to life and idles smoothly once it’s warmed up. Out on the road, it pulls enthusiastically, making the rather lightweight Pontiac 2-door sedan feel surprisingly quick out on the road. There’s a nice 6-cylinder grumble from the new stainless steel exhaust system and it works just like you’d want an old car to work. No fussing, no special tricks to make it run, just get in and start having fun.

The underside isn’t detailed, but there are no issues to speak of. The floors are wooden, so obviously no issues there, but the steel pieces are all in good condition and there’s no sign of structural rust or rot, now or in the past. The 3-speed manual transmission shifts well, although Pontiac did not yet offer synchromesh (1929 was the first year and only for Cadillac) so you’ll need to give it a quick double-clutch when moving through the gears. Brakes are mechanical drums at all four corners, effective enough given the car’s modest performance but you’ll want to pay attention as you drive. Ride quality is excellent and well-controlled thanks to leaf springs and shock absorbers at all four corners and the steering is light enough for anyone to manage. This is an old car that feels old but has very few vices. Wooden artillery wheels were standard equipment, and they look quite good with no signs of distress and a matching white pinstripe like the one on the belt moldings. The Goodyear tires are probably as old as the restoration, and if you plan any significant motoring, it might be wise to replace them as a safety precaution.

Entry-level hobby cars don’t have to be boring or common, as the Pontiac proves. For the price of a 4-cylinder Ford, you can have this larger, more comfortable, and more powerful Pontiac and the difference is quite noticeable. A great way to join the best hobby on Earth. Call today!

Vehicle: 1929 Pontiac 6-29 Two Door Sedan
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115067
Odometer Reading: 6179
VIN: P551048
Engine: 200 cubic inch inline-6
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 4.42
Wheelbase: 110 inches
Wheels: 19-inch wood spoke wheels
Tires: 5.25/5.50-19 Goodyear
Exterior Color: Seminole Blue
Interior Color: Gray broadcloth
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