1993 GMC Typhoon - SOLD
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This one, fortunately, remains completely stock and unmodified, so the future is up to you—stock or… not stock.

The Syclone was amazing and pretty much invented the muscle truck, but while it was insanely fast, it was strictly a 2-seater and even with a bed, it was limited to 550 pounds of cargo. So it didn’t take some smart guy at GM very long to realize that all that awesome high-performance hardware would bolt right into a GMC Jimmy SUV just as easily. The result? This 1993 GMC Typhoon, the ‘90’s fastest SUV.

GM engineers took everything they learned from the Syclone and poured it into the Typhoon. It was a little heavier, but they found an extra 10 pounds of torque in the turbocharged V6, so it’s just as fast and just as thrilling on the street. We like the bright white on this one, no two-tone (which was optional), which not only gives it a purposeful look, but makes an awesome contrast to the all-black Syclone (we happen to have one of those for sale so you can buy them as a set!). The paint is in good condition thanks to just 61,421 miles of driving—enough to keep it healthy but you know it was never anyone’s daily driver. It’s clean and that’s all original paint, so it hasn’t been hit or damaged. The plastic ground effects are likewise in excellent condition, giving the blocky little Jimmy a leaner, meaner look. Blacked-out quarter windows certainly help, and as with the Syclone, there is no chrome. The hatch and tailgate make it practical for actually carrying gear, although like the Syclone, you can’t pull a trailer with it. Original decals might get a few folks to ask what it is, but those who know will also understand that this is one truck that you don’t mess with.

Inside you can quickly see the argument for an SUV version: a back seat. The Typhoon is considerably more spacious inside than the Syclone and can handle real-sized people. In fact, when I was working for a major Corvette tuner, our shop was near an NFL training facility. Pro football players would come in looking for a cool high-performance vehicle, and we’d build them upgraded Typhoons to have fun with. If they can fit, you know you can, and that’s the big plus of owning a Typhoon. The black leather buckets are comfortable and attractive, with only minor signs of use that are certainly in line with the truck’s age and mileage, and the back seat looks completely unused. The rest is more or less the same as the Syclone, including the leather-wrapped wheel, center console, and full array of analog instruments that include a boost gauge. Standard equipment was just about everything GM had to offer, including A/C, power windows, locks, and mirrors, rear window release, tilt steering column, cruise control, and a decent AM/FM/CD stereo with graphic equalizer. There’s a decent-sized cargo bay in back and if that’s not enough, the rear seats fold down for extra space. It’s neatly carpeted throughout and shows no fading, so you know the truck hasn’t been sitting outside. And as far as we can tell, that’s the original spare inside the cover.

GM’s 4.3 liter V6 was essentially a 350 with two cylinders cut off, and that robust bottom end made it ideal for forced induction. A big Mitsubishi turbocharger combines with an air/water intercooler, special intake manifold, bigger fuel injectors, a reinforced rotating assembly, and a host of other durability improvements to make 280 horsepower and 360 pounds of torque. That’s enough to make the Typhoon still feel quite quick, and I’ll speak from experience building them for athletes that more power isn’t hard to find. That power we used to add (and the abuse that those trucks suffered at the hands of guys who didn’t care what things cost) also suggests that the hardware in the Typhoon is virtually indestructible, because we couldn’t break them no matter how hard we tried. More boost, bigger turbos, bigger intercoolers, more fuel, whatever—the Typhoon shrugged it off and kept on being awesome. This one, fortunately, remains completely stock and unmodified, so the future is up to you—stock or… not stock. It’s quite tidy under the hood, showing evidence of having been driven and enjoyed, but all the factory hardware is in place, plus a brand new A/C compressor, which is a nice bonus. It’s still GMC reliable and tough, which should make buying it and having fun a low-stress affair.

In 1993, GM changed the name of the transmission to a 4L60, but it’s still a 700R4, which means crisp shifts and a deep overdrive for easy cruising. It’s also quite tough, having to live behind the LT1 in the Corvette as well as any number of trucks that worked for a living. 3.42 gears in the pumpkins gives it snappy acceleration that lets boost build quickly, but for best results you should shift manually. I don’t recommend brake-torqueing it for a launch, but if you want to know what it feels like to be launched off an aircraft carrier using the steam catapult, well… The suspension is reinforced, although not quite as radically as the Syclone, so it’s a bit more civilized and can carry a little bit more cargo (which includes two people in the back seat, which would probably eat up all of the Syclone’s capacity). The undercarriage is reasonably tidy and it hasn’t been used in winter weather, although there’s surface scale on the usual heavy metal parts as well as road grime that’s to be expected on any vehicle that’s been driven in the real world. Brakes are ABS assisted at all four corners, so it’s confident, and it sits on original alloys with a bit of scale in the clearcoat that would be easy to fix, as well as some recent 245/50/16 Kumho performance radials.

If you were there, you know what cool trucks these were. And if you missed it, here’s another chance to own something that’s rare, fast, and affordable. How often do you get a combination like that at a price that’s within reach? Call today!

Note that we also have a 1991 GMC Syclone pickup available and the two trucks are available as a set—call for details!

Vehicle: 1993 GMC Typhoon
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 115095
Mileage: 61,421
VIN: 1GDCT18Z1P0810885
Engine: 4.3 liter turbocharged V6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 3.42
Wheelbase: 108.3 inches
Wheels: 16-inch aluminum wheels
Tires: 245/50/16 Kumho radial
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Black leather
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