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Using a professional marketing firm to help find a new home for your collector vehicle is the smartest decision you can make when it comes time to sell.

Our extensive network of clients, our world-class presentation, our bright, clean showroom, and our professional staff all eliminate the headaches that most hobbyists experience when putting a car up for sale: phone calls at unusual hours, strangers coming to your home, appointments that waste your time but never show up, photo collectors, and all the other issues that come with the territory are eliminated when you let Harwood Motors do the work for you. Letting Harwood Motors market your vehicle is the easiest thing you've ever done with an old car.

Our program is very simple:

$199 lists your car with Harwood Motors until it sells. We mark it up a reasonable amount over your bottom line to make our profit. And that's it.

The Why and How of the Harwood Motors Marketing Program:

We've worked at other collector car dealerships where there was a straight commission on sales, usually 10% of the final sale price of the vehicle. While that makes the math easier, it also tends to price the cars out of the proper range, as sellers are inclined to build that commission into the price. We also found that when an offer did come in, there was always a second round of negotiations with you, the seller, and it always came down to: What's your bottom-line price? How much do you want to put in your pocket?

With that in mind, Harwood Motors has taken a different approach to marketing cars for our clients. There is no commission. There is no percentage. There is no sliding scale. Instead, you know exactly how much you will receive when the car sells and we are negotiating with our own money. It's a win-win that delivers higher satisfaction rates for both sellers and buyers. No mysteries, no hidden fees, no surprises. And we put it all in writing in our simple, no-nonsense marketing agreement.

For that $199 listing fee, all Harwood Motors listings include:


We provide an industry-leading 1000+ word write-up of your car that covers every aspect, from paint and bodywork to the chassis condition, plus history and interesting details that all enhance buyer confidence. It will tell buyers why your car is special and will also tell them the truth about all the little things that you already know aren't perfect. Buyers deserve the full picture, and our detailed, interesting, professionally-written descriptions provide just that.


Lots and lots of photos. We take images of every part of your car: top, bottom, inside, and out. You've seen ads with two or three shots of a car in a dusty garage, and you have to wonder how anyone would take a chance on buying it—if the seller doesn't seem to care, why should a buyer? Harwood Motors typically takes 250-350 high-resolution digital images of each car we offer. In our online advertising, we present buyers with a minimum of 50 and often as many as 100 clear, well-lit photos of every aspect of your car and happily provide unedited, hi-resolution photos upon request should buyers wish to examine any details up close. After a photo shoot, it's likely that we've seen parts of your car that you haven't.


We buy in bulk and sell it to you through our marketing program. Doing it yourself, $199 will buy you a print ad in Hemmings Motor News and an eBay auction, then you're spending more money. With Harwood Motors, you get the benefit of our massive buying power. Your car may appear in more than a dozen different internet storefronts, ranging from Hemmings.com to ClassicCars.com to eBay Motors, and in print such as Hemmings Motor News, Autabuy magazine, and appropriate club publications. There are many others, but you get the idea. We sell hundreds of cars, we buy thousands of ads, and we can therefore do a lot more than a regular guy. If there's a buyer out there for your car, he will see it through our advertising program.


Your car will appear with dozens of other lovely vehicles on the HarwoodMotors.com website. Our visitor tracking shows us that we have regular readers who stop by frequently just to see what's new and hundreds of fresh viewers every day. We know internet message boards often spot one of our cars that is relevant to their interests and drive fellow participants to our site to learn more. Every single ad we run for every single car we represent drives people to our website where they will also see your car. That's thousands of ads around the world pushing people towards your car, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

E-mail Blasts

We've found this to be our #1 most effective marketing tool, and it's one that the average seller simply cannot access at any level. An E-mail blast is a mass-mailing to our clients and other car people who have specifically expressed an interest in seeing new additions to our inventory. When it first arrives, your car will be part of a New Arrivals E-mail that will go directly to thousands of hobbyists who have told us, "Yes, I am actively looking to buy an old car!" If there's a price change on your car, that will also be sent to the members of the list, and we will periodically have promotions and other "second chances" to generate maximum exposure. Your car may also be part of a "sneak preview" before it is even listed to pre-market the car to potential buyers.


It's hard to underestimate the importance of simply knowing people in the old car business. In our many years in this industry, we've amassed a long list of people we know to be buyers for specific cars. Our friends in the clubs, people around the world who have bought from us in the past, other dealers, and regular guys who have simply asked us at some point, "Do you know where I can find a 1937 Finster Fireburner?" are all part of our informal network. There's a chance that we already know someone actively looking for a car like yours who is ready, willing, and able to buy. In this business, it really is who you know.


Matt and Melanie Harwood are very actively involved in the old car hobby. They are members of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), Buick Club of America (BCA), Cadillac-LaSalle Club of America (CLC), Mustang Club of America (MCA), and many others. They are on the boards of directors of the local regions of these clubs and host frequent old car events at the Harwood Motors facility. In addition, Matt is an active participant in many internet message forums regarding old cars and when you see one of his posts, you also see that his participation dates back many years—he's not some newcomer trying to peddle a car to the locals for a quick buck, he's a trusted member of a tightly-knit community. He always uses his own name, not a fake screen name, so you can do a Google search for 'Matt Harwood' and see that he's a hobbyist to the core who genuinely cares about the cars and the people who love them. This kind of participation cannot be faked or rented and online reputations cannot be made overnight. Matt was a hobbyist long before he was a dealer, and he has credibility within the hobby that few other old car dealers enjoy. How do you put a price on that?

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