1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan - SOLD
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Thanks to expert care and what was surely an extremely high-quality restoration, the car presents beautifully and is ready to be driven and enjoyed as intended.

The Ford Model A was a worthy successor to the Model T. It retained all the T’s most virtuous qualities (low price, ease of use, durability, and practicality) while adding a massive amount of style and comfort to the equation. Much of that is thanks to Edsel Ford, who insisted that the A had to not only be tough but also beautiful, and there are few who will argue against its success. Today, the Ford Model A represents the ideal all-around hobby car, with bright performance, excellent parts and service availability, and bulletproof reliability that has carried millions of these cars millions of miles over the decades. In short, if you can have only one old car, a Ford Model A is the ideal choice.

This very attractive 1930 Ford Model A tudor sedan sports an AACA National Senior First Prize medallion from 1988, but the work looks far fresher than that. Thanks to expert care and what was surely an extremely high-quality restoration, the car presents beautifully and is ready to be driven and enjoyed as intended. The Kewanee and Elkpoint Green sedan looks exactly the way Model As are supposed to look: simple but elegant, and not over-dressed with accessories and add-ons. These were an everyman’s car and times were tough in the early ‘30s, so this is how most of them would have looked, not all dressed up with whitewalls and sidemounts and trunks and lights. It is a small car that has big car presence, an elegance and charm that comes from great design and appropriate choices during the restoration. The finish has a wonderful shine that’s very appropriate to the period and aside from some polishing marks on the top of the hood, it remains in great shape. No issues, no checking, no major scratches, just a high-quality Model A that looks like a million bucks. The black fenders are correct, there’s a green pinstripe as original, and with one taillight out back it looks just as it would have in 1930. The lone accessories are the Boyce moto-meter on the radiator (always a smart addition) and the radiator guard that’s great for touring.

The interior is simply spectacular. It’s just beautifully crafted and shows almost zero signs of use or age. Handsome tan fabrics give the humble tudor a very dressed-up look and as it was when it was new, it is surprisingly comfortable. Sedans are a great choice for touring with improved weather protection, but you’ll also note that the seats are adjustable, making this a good car for taller drivers—not the case with roadsters and phaetons. All the usual Model A features are here, from the big hard rubber steering wheel to the center-mounted instrument panel, whose round speedometer indicates that this car is a late 1930 production. There are no modifications, no add-on turn signals or gauges, and even the rubber mat on the floor is correct (Ford always used rubber up front and carpets in back). The controls are familiar and that’s part of why the Model A remains a great starter hobby car: it works like a real car. The pedals are arranged conventionally, the transmission is a standard 3-speed manual, and everything pretty much feels the way they have for decades. If you’re a newcomer, it won’t take you long to get comfortable behind the wheel and if you’re an old Model A fan, this car will be a real treat.

Mechanically, the Model As remain some of the most reliable machines ever created. The tough little four-cylinder engine has a distinctive soundtrack, a surprisingly big hit of torque at any speed, and an eagerness that won’t be reflected by its specifications on paper. In the lightweight tudor sedan, it feels energetic and pulls the car around with genuine enthusiasm, cruising easily at 45-50 MPH and keeping up with city traffic without working very hard at all. The engine shows a few light signs of use but nothing significant that couldn’t be erased with a weekend of detailing. A Zenith updraft carburetor handles the intake and it’s still lit off by flat copper leads to the correct black oxide spark plugs. The lone upgrades seem to be the master fuse for the electrical system (very smart!), a special harmonic balancer with timing marks (easy to tune), and a water pump with a sealed bearing that never needs to be serviced. It starts easily, idles easily at about 500 RPM (it’ll go even lower if you want!), and works just the way you’d expect. No hassles, no special instructions, just get in and start having fun immediately. This is the way Model As are supposed to be.

There are no surprises underneath where you’ll find a tough ladder frame, a non-synchronized 3-speed manual transmission (don’t worry, you’ll learn to double-clutch it in about 3 minutes), and the usual buggy-spring suspension. Remarkably, it all works beautifully, giving the Ford entertaining road manners, competent handling, and decent braking, although they’re still mechanical so plan accordingly. The floors are wood on Model As, so no worries about rust or rot, and the other structural components were obviously restored with the rest of the car and remain in excellent condition. The exhaust system offers that traditional Model A soundtrack and with 3.78 gears in the banjo-style rear end, it feels light on its feet and ready to go. Handsome black painted wire wheels are the right choice and carry 4.75/5.00-19 blackwall tires that are appropriate to the car.

Beautifully finished, a delight to drive, and very reasonably priced, this is one of our favorite Model As. If you’re looking for a good one, it would be a mistake to overlook it and it proves that things of quality have no fear of time. This is Model A done right!

Note that this car has an assigned serial number, likely due to an engine change at some point in the past (Model As were typically titled by engine number). This does not affect title status and the car is still titled as a 1930 Ford.

Vehicle: 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 116009
Odometer Reading: 17,124
VIN: 3576518
Engine: 200 cubic inch inline-4
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.78
Wheelbase: 103.5 inches
Wheels: 19-inch wire wheels
Tires: 4.75/5.00-19 blackwall
Exterior Color: Kewanee and Elkpoint Green
Interior Color: Tan cloth
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