2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - $69,900
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With the supercharged heart of the ZR1, a chassis specifically designed for track duty, and every technological trick General Motors knows, it is a high-performance machine with few equals.

For the moment, this C7 Z06 is the fastest Corvette you can buy. Yes, the C8 will surely have upgrades that will make it even faster, but for those of use who love the playfulness of a rear-wheel-drive platform with a V8 up front, this will forever be the most spectacular Corvette ever built. With the supercharged heart of the ZR1, a chassis specifically designed for track duty, and every technological trick General Motors knows, it is a high-performance machine with few equals. And at this price? There’s just nothing that can touch it. You’re going to need to be at the very top of your game to make this car sing and dance the way it was built to sing and dance.

I guess with a name like Racing Yellow, the bright yellow paint doesn’t need to be subtle; you will NOT be sneaking around in this Corvette. The C7’s aggressive look is turned up to 11 on the Z06, complete with a deeper air dam, lots of carbon fiber, and enough vents to cool a skyscraper. But as hyper-aggressive as that optional $995 paint job is, it looks awesome and isn’t over-done or cartoonish—this is a car built to do a job and everyone takes it very seriously. It has just 1857 miles from new and has never even been wet, never mind caught out in inclement weather. It is literally a brand new car. There are zero signs of use on the bodywork, even in the low-hanging areas prone to damage from usual road hazards, and those sticky Michelins haven’t spun enough times to do throw any gravel at the rockers. GM’s quality control on the Corvettes is extremely good and the Z06 fits together beautifully, with tight gaps a beautiful shine to the finish, and none of the issues that you’ve come to associate with Corvettes of the past. No, this is when they really got their act together and decided to beat the Italians at their own game. You’re going to have to spend several multitudes more cash to get a car more capable than this.

That upgraded sense of quality extends inside, where the Z06 outfits the cockpit with beautiful leather upholstery, French seams on the body-hugging sport seats, and that way-too-cool steering wheel with carbon fiber trim. In fact, all that carbon fiber on the dash was a $995 option that really dresses up the Corvette’s driver’s compartment. The instrument panel is an awesome combination of dials and a display screen that is configurable to match how you’re using the car and there’s a built-in heads-up display, a cool Corvette feature since the C5. That blue transparent roof was another $995 optionOf course, everything we expect in a modern supercar was standard: power everything, dual zone climate control, and a killer stereo system with a big touchscreen in the center of the dash. In fact the list of options and features is so extensive that you’ll probably need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the car and the manual. But there’s no denying that GM intended this to be a world-class performance car with an interior to match. And it goes without saying that it’s virtually as new throughout and everything is 100% functional.

Sure, it’s comfortable enough to drive every day, but the Z06 is built for the track. The supercharged LT4 V8 is a decendant of the killer powerplant in the C6 ZR1, augmented with all the Z06’s track tricks. That includes a dry sump oiling system, coolers for everything from the supercharger to the power steering fluid to the differential, and cold air induction from the hood vent itself. It’s not terribly exciting to look at with the big aluminum cover on top of the supercharger/intercooler assembly, but does 650 horsepower really need to look exciting? It’s obviously as new under the hood and has been properly maintained since it was new, getting service based on time rather than mileage to keep it in top health. It starts instantly with a fairly serious bark from the optional $1195 NPP dual-mode performance exhaust and idles smoothly despite having more horsepower than a race car from the ‘60s. We probably don’t have to warn you that a car like this can be intimidating, but thanks to GM’s state-of-the-art stability control systems, you can find its limits without being a pro driver (although it never hurts).

In the chassis department, the Z06 has serious upgrades as well. This car carries the optional $1725 8-speed paddle shift automatic, which snaps through the gears faster than you can and works with the electronically controlled differential that’s full of 2.41 gears so this is theoretically a 200 MPH car. Giant brakes with custom-painted yellow calipers ($595) look awesome and there’s obviously no rust or damage on a car like this—it’s virtually new throughout. Even the factory part number decals are still in place! The black wheels look awesome against the bright yellow paint, and carry fresh 285/35/19 front and 335/25/20 Michelin Pilot performance tires (just replaced @ $686 each!)

Documentation includes full factory owner’s manuals and service receipts.

This car was so fast that the only way Corvette engineers could go faster was to move the engine. It’s savage, it’s stunning how good it is, and the competence translates directly to the driver, who has all the electronic aids at his or her disposal to get the most out of it. This low-milage Z06 is pretty much as-new throughout and ready to enjoy. Call today!

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Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Price: $69,900
Stock Number: 117088
Mileage: 1857 (actual)
VIN: 1G1YS2D67G5603038
Engine: 6.2 liter supercharged LT4 V8
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 2.41
Wheelbase: 106.7 inches
Wheels: Front: 19x10, Rear: 20x12 aluminum
Tires: Front: 285/35/19, Rear: 335/25/20 Michelin Pilot
Exterior Color: Racing Yellow
Interior Color: Black leather
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