1963 Plymouth Savoy - $10,900
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There’s a refreshing simplicity to this Savoy that we find very appealing.

The ultimate little old lady special! 70,000 original miles, slant-6 engine, manual transmission, very basic. But it’s also ultra-clean, nicely maintained, and fun to drive. If you like no-frills motoring, this Savoy delivers fun without worries!

There’s definitely some appeal to a car that covers only the basics—as my father was fond of saying, that means there’s less to go wrong. And having dealt with dozens of ‘60s and ‘70s luxury cars full of electric motors, vacuum-powered climate control systems, and complex but primitive electronics, we have to say that this Savoy is incredibly refreshing. It was indeed purchased new by an elderly lady and stayed in her family until the 1990s, so it was obviously considered an object of value. There’s evidence of good maintenance over the years, and the second and most recent owners seem to have continued that tradition of care. The light blue paint is exactly what you’d expect on a price-leader Plymouth, neither flashy nor plain, but just bright enough to be pleasing without attracting too much attention. The bodywork underneath remains in great condition and it doesn’t look like this car ever spent much time in harsh weather. All four doors close with a final-sounding THUD and even the rubber gaskets and weather seals close it up reasonably well. The bumpers and other chrome pieces are in good order, the anodized grille is in great shape, and all the glass is clear. And from the outside, it certainly doesn’t look all that basic at all! It’s just a clean, honest old car.

The interior continues that theme, with original upholstery throughout. There’s a little dirt and wear on the driver’s seat, but nothing to note and certainly no damage, and the back seat looks almost new. Rubber mats were standard equipment and there’s a refreshing low-maintenance vibe there, too. The door panels are excellent with only some slight discoloration on the armrest where someone might have placed their elbow while cruising. The steering wheel shows a bit of wear, but it’s just paint that could be refinished in an afternoon if you wanted it perfect, but we like the no-nonsense originality that it represents. Big, round gauges cover the basics and how cool is that neo-western font they used? That’s just plain cool. Options include a heater/defroster and an AM radio, to which someone has added an FM converter under the dash, but that’s’ about it. Heater controls are just to the right of the gauges and yes, that’s 3-on-the-tree shifting and a clutch pedal on the floor, which makes it entertaining to drive. Even the headliner is in great shape. And, of course, there’s a massive trunk out back which carries the original mat, jack assembly, and a spare tire assembly with a tire that’s never been used.

Chrysler’s 225 cubic inch “slant-6” engine is about as close as you can get to indestructible. We’ve all heard stories of legendary abuse and mistreatment, and yet they keep on ticking year after year. With just 70,000 miles on it, this one is barely broken in and you can see that it’s been nicely maintained—we did not paint the engine, we merely cleaned it up. The original air cleaner and carburetor handle intake duties and it starts easily and idles smoothly without any special procedures or attention. There’s good torque on tap, which combines with the right gearing to make the Savoy feel energetic, if not fast. You’ll note the engine bay is quite clean, more evidence that it didn’t suffer through winter weather, and it sure is refreshing to see an engine that’s this easy to work on. The 3-speed manual has light clutch action and shifts nicely, and the car is perfectly happy on the highway at 65 MPH without any issues. Brakes and steering are manual, so plan ahead, but control efforts are light once you’re out on the road. The undercarriage is a little dirty but there’s no structural rust and all the floors are clearly visible, so no surprises there. Chrysler’s torsion bar front suspension provides a great luxury car ride and somewhere along the line the shocks were replaced. The exhaust offers a nice 6-cylinder burble and basic steel wheels with hubcaps carry 225/75/14 whitewall radials with lots of life left in them.

Documentation includes the original owner’s manual, service certificate and booklet, marketing materials, and a shop manual.

There’s a refreshing simplicity to this Savoy that we find very appealing. Not only is it less stuff that can go wrong, but it’s a reminder that even in the 1960s, basic transportation was what most people wanted. This car has obviously led an easy life, both because of its extended ownership and because of its modest specifications, making it a great entry-level hobby car that will surely attract attention simply due to its honest look. And we have to admit that slant-6 does make some pretty cool noises. If back-to-basics is your thing, this Savoy is a great choice. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1963 Plymouth Savoy
Price: $10,900
Stock Number: 119107
Odometer Reading: 70,601
VIN: 2131241270
Engine: 225 cubic inch "slant 6"
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.31
Wheelbase: 116 inches
Wheels: 14-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 225/75/14 whitewall radials
Exterior Color: Light Blue
Interior Color: Blue vinyl
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