1962 Chevrolet Corvair 900 Monza Convertible - $29,900
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This is a very early production turbocharged Spyder and it spent most of its life in Hawaii, which explains its exemplary condition, particularly the interior.

Very nice older restoration of a very early 900 Monza Spyder. Turbocharged flat-6 with 4-speed manual transmission. Great color combination. Exceptional original interior. Full gauges. A desirable early Corvair that drives as great as it looks!

It’s kind of a mystery to us why Corvairs aren’t bringing stronger money, although that’s starting to change. Chevy’s air-cooled icon has long stood in the shadows of Mustangs, Camaros, and other pony cars, but we think it deserves a better spot. Cars like this beautiful 1962 Corvair 900 Monza Spyder are just brilliant to drive—smooth, torquey, and with a ride that will rival a Cadillac, it’s the kind of car where once you drive it, you’ll understand. This is a very early production turbocharged Spyder and it spent most of its life in Hawaii, which explains its exemplary condition, particularly the interior. Code 900 is Tuxedo Black, so during the restoration it was completely disassembled and repainted Ermine White, which was obviously more friendly in the hot sun. The sheetmetal underneath is in fantastic shape and the car fits together as well as any Corvair we’ve seen. The body lines are crisp and there are only a few signs of use and age—this car presents really well. Much of the chrome and stainless trim is original, so some of it is showing some age, but given the overall condition of the car it seems to fit together quite nicely. This is easily the nicest Corvair we’ve featured.

The code 781 red vinyl interior is largely original and it’s a testament to the life this car has led. There’s a higher level of detail in the soft parts than most reproduction parts can manage and that really makes a difference when you see them side-by-side. The door panels, seats, and dash pad survived the bright Hawaiian sun without any notable fading and the seating surfaces are still supple. Even the carpets might just be original, although it’s hard to be certain. Once you’re behind the wheel, you’ll find a dash full of gauges, including an unusual factory tach, and the handsome steering wheel looks as great here as it does in the upscale Impala. There’s also a 4-speed shifter with white cue ball knob that moves through the gears easily and clutch action is light, so this car is easy for anyone to handle. There’s also a factory AM radio, a surprisingly spacious back seat, and a well-fitted convertible top that folds easily and hides under a matching red boot. The front trunk is positively huge and includes a correct jack assembly and glass washer refill bottle. Nice!

The 140 cubic inch flat-6 is one of the earliest turbocharged models and makes 150 somewhat under-rated horsepower. Our butt-dyno suggests it’s a bit stronger than that, but the real story is the surprising amount of torque that’s available at almost any speed. Despite the modest numbers on paper, this Corvair is quite lively on the street and remains an entertaining car to drive—we like it a lot more than, say, a 6-cylinder Mustang. The engine bay is also nicely detailed with correct finishes and decals to show off the turbocharged engine. And yes, the spare tire is correctly mounted. You can tell from the inner fenders and other tinwork that this has never been a rusty car and that the color change was incredibly thorough. The 4-speed is a great companion to the turbocharged six, allowing you to keep it in the fat part of the torque curve, and the Corvair’s suspension is shockingly supple—even big bumps don’t upset it. And you can forget about all that Nader nonsense, because this car is stable at speed and energetic in the corners. The floors are in excellent condition, the brakes and suspension have been rebuilt, there’s a fresh gas tank, new wiring harness, and, well, the car is 100% ready to enjoy. The single exhaust has a nice 6-cylinder snarl and it looks great with factory wire wheelcovers and 185/80/13 whitewall radials that will always be reasonably priced.

Documentation includes a custom features booklet and price schedule for dealers.

Corvairs are wonderful cars, but they’ve lived on the edge of the hobby for so long that many people overlook them. That’s a mistake. Every time we drive one of these handsome machines, we come away impressed with their performance, comfort, and practicality, and you can’t argue with their handsome good looks. Give this beautiful Corvair convertible a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much fun you’re having. Call today!

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Vehicle: 1962 Chevrolet Corvair 900 Monza Convertible
Price: $29,900
Stock Number: 120077
Odometer Reading: 248 (since restoration)
VIN: 20967W315834
Engine: 140 cubic inch turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Gear Ratio: 3.55
Wheelbase: 108 inches
Wheels: 13-inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Tires: 185/80/13 whitewall radials
Exterior Color: Ermine White
Interior Color: Red vinyl
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