1988 Pontiac Fiero GT - SOLD
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By the time this 1988 Fiero GT was built, the Fiero had matured into a fantastic real-deal sports car that did a lot of things right.

15,314 original miles. Nicely optioned GT in good colors. Very good original paint, beautiful cloth interior, tidy engine bay. Super clean throughout, no winters, very solid. New tires. The last of the Fieros is also the best!

GM had a habit of introducing great new ideas but executing them poorly at first. Then they’d spend several years perfecting the product, only to kill it, claiming “low demand.” The Fiero is a great example of this backwards thinking. Introduced in 1984 as a low-cost “commuter” car with 4-cylinder power and the front-wheel-drive hardware from a Citation moved to the back, GM inadvertently reinvented the affordable mid-engined sports car. By the time this 1988 Fiero GT was built, the Fiero had matured into a fantastic real-deal sports car that did a lot of things right. And with V6 power, it was genuinely entertaining to drive. The updated bodywork on this 1988 Fiero GT certainly helped, eliminating the angular original roofline for a fastback profile that was more Ferrari than commuter car. With bright White paint, this one is the perfect ‘80s throwback with a great look that will feel very familiar to those of us of a certain age. Black accents add interest, and the design has aged rather well—it doesn’t look as dated as a lot of other ‘80s GM products. That’s original paint, which is in very good condition, and since the Fiero’s bodywork was plastic, rust is a non-issue. Panel fit is typical GM: pretty good but not perfect, but that’s also how you know this car has never been apart. Glass is excellent, the lenses are all completely intact, and the folding headlights work like they should, snapping to attention when you hit the switch. The only deviation from stock spec is a small Holley air intake behind the driver’s door, replacing the original—a modification that was probably done when the car was new.

The gray cloth interior is better than you remember, offering fairly aggressive bucket seats and a sporting driving position. There’s great foot room thanks to the engine moving behind your shoulder blades, and the matching carpets are in excellent condition. The dash is 1980s GM plasticy, but it gets the important stuff right—there are big, round gauges ahead of the driver with auxiliary gauges atop the center stack, the tilt steering wheel feels great in your hands, and visibility is excellent. This car is nicely optioned, including working factory A/C, power windows, locks, and mirrors, a tilt steering column, cruise control, and a decent-sounding Delco AM/FM/cassette stereo. If you’ve been in a GM car of the period, you’ll recognize all the hardware. What you won’t recognize is the grin on your face when you’re flinging the Fiero around and it’s happily dancing with you. The mid-engine design doesn’t leave much room for storage, although there’s a little space in the forward trunk, which is mostly full with the original spare and jack assembly. There’s a little extra space behind the engine, as well. But this isn’t the right car for a long family vacation, you already knew that. What it is, is a very clean late production Fiero that’s ready to have fun.

We might scoff at the 2.8-liter V6 today, but it’s one of GM’s better powerplants and in the lightweight Fiero, even its modest specs deliver great results. Thanks to modern EFI, it fires easily and idles properly, even when cold, and it makes a nice V6 bark while doing it. The hardware is robust and parts are still very widely available, so service is inexpensive and easy. It’s kind of tucked in back there, but GM did the right thing and made it appealing with a red intake manifold and finned valve covers—they knew car guys would be looking. The familiar 3-speed automatic is a good choice with the torquey V6 and with a lockup torque converter, the Fiero is pretty good in the fuel economy department, too. It serves up crisp shifts and a snappy downshift if you prod it, all backed by a great exhaust note that was purely intentional. The underside is super clean—no winters here—and you can see the coolant lines running from the front-mounted radiator to the mid-mounted engine are in great shape. Floors, rockers, and other structural members are excellent. The suspension is fully independent and by 1988, GM got the handling right—this car is still a blast to drive a 9/10ths. 4-wheel disc brakes were remarkably part of the GT package, with this car sporting fresh front calipers and hoses. But this car is so clean that we believe even the exhaust system is original—it’s really clean! Factory alloy wheels are in excellent condition and wear recent 215/60/15 Bridgestone radials.

Documentation is extensive, with the original manuals, warranty booklets, window sticker, delivery tags, original purchase documents, and more.

Like many things, the passage of time tends to make us focus on what’s good rather than what’s bad. The Fiero wasn’t perfect, but we can’t remember another low-cost car that was this much fun to drive. And with an enthusiastic fan base, these are easy cars to own even though this one is approaching its 40th birthday. Nice Fieros are none-too-easy to find, so take a closer look and then give us a call!

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Vehicle: 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 120128
Odometer Reading: 15,314 (authentic)
VIN: 1G2PG1195JP214993
Engine: 2.8 liter V6
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 2.84
Wheelbase: 93.4 inches
Wheels: 15-inch aluminum wheels
Tires: 215/60/15 Bridgestone radials
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Gray cloth
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