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This 1994 Corvette coupe surely represents one of the biggest bangs for the buck anywhere in the automotive universe.

America’s perennial favorite sports car, the Corvette has survived for more than 60 years and seven generations, proving that evolution is very real indeed. No other vehicle demonstrates survival of the fittest better than the Corvette, coming from humble beginnings with six-cylinder power to being one of the most powerful and competent sports machines on the planet, regardless of price. In between all that, the ‘Vette has been a mainstay of the car hobby, a machine that is special the day it rolls out of the showroom and almost without exception, they find homes with passionate owners who treat them all as something special. And few cars are better all-around than Chevy’s plastic fantastic, with impressive performance and handling, decent fuel economy, every luxury feature you can imagine, and, shockingly, reasonable prices.

Yes, Corvettes can be very reasonably priced! This 1994 Corvette coupe surely represents one of the biggest bangs for the buck anywhere in the automotive universe. A car that originally cost nearly $50,000 (and those were 1994 dollars!) and provided a robust 300 horsepower is now available for the price of an 8-year-old Honda. Better still, it’s been one of those many Corvettes that has always been treated as something special by a caring owner and never used as daily transportation, so it shows just over 78,000 original miles (remember this is a 21-year-old car) and virtually unmarked factory Torch Red paint. And yes, I’ll argue long and loud that bright red is the best possible color for a Corvette—after all, you don’t buy one of these to remain anonymous, do you? Of course not. Thanks to a lifetime in a warm garage and Saturdays spent being waxed and detailed, the smooth C4 bodywork is almost entirely blemish-free and shines up wonderfully without a lot of effort. By 1994, fit and finish were quite good and every panel on this car is where it was installed by the guys on the Bowling Green assembly line. It’s possible that the nose has been repainted simply because it’s really, really nice, but we can’t say for certain. What we do know is that this car looks like it should cost far more than it does (don’t worry, we won’t tell your neighbors).

Demerits? A few. The emblem on the nose is a little faded, some of the weather-stripping is a little stiff, the chin spoiler has a few scrapes, and, well, that’s about it. This is a seriously clean car!

The black leather interior is equally well-preserved and if anything, the “comfort marks” on the upholstery only make it more appealing. Car magazines of the period would criticize the Corvette’s sterile driver’s compartment, but somehow the lightly used and creased leather humanizes this ‘Vette and gives it some personality, inviting you to hit the road and have some fun. There are no splits, tears, or even major scuff marks, even on the high-wear outer bolsters, and the carpets are equally nice. You have to develop your technique for getting into a C4, but it’s obvious that the previous owner knew his stuff, because the usual wear on the sill is notably absent. The leather wheel feels great in your hands and hasn’t been baked by the sun and for a car with a removable roof, this one is remarkably devoid of UV damage. The dashboard’s combination of digital and analog instruments actually works quite well as a visual reference and all the electronics, gauges, and systems are 100% functional. Corvettes, being GM’s flagship model, always come loaded, and this one includes things like automatic climate control, power windows, locks, and seats, keyless entry, heated mirrors, a trip computer, cruise control, and a great-sounding Delco/Bose AM/FM/CD stereo system. The optional transparent roof makes it feel airy inside and there’s decent storage behind the seats. You could certainly do worse than choosing a Corvette as your cross-country touring partner.

Mechanically, the C4 is legendary. It sports the last of the first-generation small block V8s, the LT1, which was rated at a nice, round 300 horsepower, a heady figure in 1994. Innovative tech has always been the Corvette’s calling card, and this one didn’t disappoint when it hit the streets: reverse-flow cooling system, aluminum heads, sequential fuel injection, and an internally-driven water pump to name but a few innovations. The past two decades have also proven that this is among the most reliable powerplants ever devised by man, bulletproof under almost any conditions and always willing to play. It’s also insanely easy to modify with a vast aftermarket at its service, but this one remains almost entirely stock save for a high-flow air filter, a modest computer tune, and a pair of Borla stainless mufflers that make it sound spectacular. Obviously it was never raced or abused and the tidy engine bay reflects conscientious maintenance throughout its life.

Backed by a 700R4 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission, the LT1 always seems on its toes. Stab the throttle and it jumps down two gears and rockets forward like it’s on the deck of the USS Nimitz, but in overdrive, it loafs along at 1700 RPM on the highway, pulling down mid-20s fuel economy. The suspension is athletic without being abusive, unlike earlier C4s, so it really is friendly enough to drive every day but potent enough to have fun when the road starts to turn. Just be aware that despite being 20 years old, this car still has insanely high limits, although the ‘Vette is a lot more user-friendly than many cars with equal performance. Massive disc brakes have been standard on the Corvette for decades and stand up to high-speed use without complaint. This car also wears staggered 17-inch alloy wheels which are not only directional, but offer 17x8.5s up front and 17x9.5s out back with relatively recent 255/45/17 performance radials.

Nicely maintained, beautiful, and still a lot of fun, this Corvette offers a ton of performance at an entry-level price. Complete with owner’s manual and a few other books, it offers entry into one of the best enthusiast clubs in the automotive kingdom and everyone will think you’ve won the lottery when they see this bright red ‘Vette in your garage. So let them think whatever they want, because this is the performance bargain of the century.

Vehicle: 1994 Chevrolet Corvette
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 111125
Mileage: 78,306
VIN: 1G1YY22P4R5100953
Engine: 350 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Gear Ratio: 2.59
Wheelbase: 96.2 inches
Wheels: 17-inch cast aluminum
Tires: 255/45/17 performance radial
Exterior Color: Torch Red
Interior Color: Black leather
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