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Everything, is, of course brand new and has been only lightly used since it was completed, so it's ready to show, drive, and enjoy at just about any level.

The Model T Ford has been many things to a great many people and there are few things that are more American than the Tin Lizzie. After more than a century, they've become entrenched in our cultural history and there aren't many folks, car people or not, who don't recognize the venerable Model T. Perhaps that's why this 1924 Model T fire truck is so appealing, combining the T's earnest, hard-working mechanicals with beautifully crafted bodywork that serves as a tribute to firefighters all around the country.

This was a real Model T fire truck from new, but the bodywork is obviously all-new. Built in the mid-2000s in Wisconsin, this is one impressive little truck. According to the plaque on the dashboard, the custom C-cab design is by Paul Larson of Clear Lake, Iowa and it absolutely captures the early, open style of many commercial vehicles. The body is constructed almost entirely of oak and was carefully crafted by Steve Tanck, a carpenter who really knows his stuff. Expert joinery, beautiful radiused edges, and crisp finishing give this Model T a very high-quality look. Beyond the wood, there's a nicely restored Model T chassis, including the familiar grille, hood, and fenders, all of which were restored during the build. The paint is bright and shiny with gold pinstriping to give it a genuine fire truck look. Airbrushed graphics include the "Engine No. 1" on the hood as well as murals on the sides of the fabricated bed showcasing firefighters in action, including a tribute to the heroes of 9/11. Stainless Products of Kenosha, Wisconsin provided the custom stainless railings on the bed and sides of the cab, and with the filled welds and custom fitment, it couldn't have been an inexpensive project. The bed is outfitted for passengers, with two bench seats that can probably accommodate four people if they're friendly, making this the perfect parade vehicle. You also get a full complement of firefighting apparatus, including boots, pants, and coat, ladder, hook, axe, and a beautiful antique copper fire extinguisher affixed to the side of the cab. For a truck that never worked a day in its life, it sure looks ready for action.

Most Model T fire trucks were open vehicles, but the C-cab configuration offers a little protection from the elements while still being open and airy inside. There's a basic vinyl bench seat whose lower cushions are removable to access the fuel tank, electrical shut-off, and some storage space. The dash is more oak with the coil box and simple instrument panel in the center and the Model T's familiar three-pedal arrangement ahead of the driver. Everything, is, of course brand new and has been only lightly used since it was completed, so it's ready to show, drive, and enjoy at just about any level. Of note, the truck has been converted to 12 volts and features a modern battery stashed under an access panel in the bed. As a result, all the electrical accessories, from the headlights and large spotlight on the passenger's side to the siren and OOOOGAH! horn under the hood are all fully operational. Both halves of the windshield open for ventilation on warm days and you'll love the warm, glowing wood overhead in the delicately curving roof.

Mechanically, this truck is standard Model T, including the indestructible little 177 cubic inch four. With 12 volts running through it, the starter cranks with vigor and a new battery and alternator upgrade ensure that it remains a reliable starter. We've recently cleaned and rebuilt the carburetor so it runs like a Model T should, starting easily with the coils happily buzzing away in their box. The engine is nicely detailed and uses correct components like the heavy-duty ignition wires, carburetor, and a new radiator up front. Upgrades include a Texas T Parts water pump and manifold assembly and 4-blade fan that together help keep the fire truck cool during parades. New wiring throughout includes an original-style cloth-covered harnesses along with a master shut-off switch under the seat, and as I mentioned, everything works including the ammeter on the dash.

The driving dynamics are easy enough to master and if you're already a Model T fan, this one will feel quite familiar. The pedals require you to do a little practicing, but they're easy to understand and the 2-speed planetary transmission is easy to manage once you get the hang of it. It also makes this an ideal parade vehicle that's happy to creep along at low speeds yet is happy to cruise at 25-30 MPH. The hand brake is the one you probably want to use most of the time, since it works on the rear drums, with the foot pedal actuating the transmission brake. The chassis was restored when the rest of the truck was built, so it's quite clean and tidy, with lots of new parts underneath. It rides and drives like a Model T should and they were thoughtful enough to include a spare tire mount under the rear bed, just in case. Those are original Model T wheels, which you'll note are highlighted by their own gold pinstripes, and they carry Universal blackwall tires in the correct size.

Given the response this vehicle has generate in our showroom, I can't imagine anything being more effective at promoting a business or being a perennial parade favorite. It's also quite affordable, particularly relative to its build cost which must have been several times greater than the asking price. This Model T remains a fun, affordable route into the old car hobby and has a unique look that will stand out. And as a tribute to our firefighters, it will make friends everywhere it goes. Call today!

Vehicle: 1924 Ford Model T Fire Engine
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: 112006
Odometer Reading: N/A
VIN: 12014150
Engine: 177 cubic inch inline-4
Transmission: 2-speed planetary
Gear Ratio: 3.63
Wheelbase: 100 inches
Wheels: 21-inch wire wheels
Tires: 4.50/4.75-21 Universal blackwall
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black vinyl
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